AD – this blog post contains gifted products from Dermalogica and Tropic Skincare. I was gifted these products. However, all other products were paid for by me and of course, all opinions are my own.

I feel as if in the last year I have become a lot more adventurous with my skincare. I am trying a lot more brands, and from a blogging point of view, starting to work with some more brands. I absolutely love it and am seeing a big different with my skin. There are a lot of skincare brands on the market, however a lot of them do offer a variety of products and they do very much all have their own identity. The four brands featured in this blog post are ones that I have been using and loving for a long time now and have very much become staple pieces in my skincare regime. That being said, I am known to mix things up a little, and I do automatically reach for different products depending on how my skin is feeling/ looking at the time of use. Our skin changes a lot, due to many reasons, therefore the same products are not going to work all the time.

My favourite thing about all these products together is how easy they are to use. Not one of them is stressful, and they all make the experience of doing my skincare a lot more enjoyable. They all smell incredible and are most importantly kind to the skin, whilst also delivering on results.

In this range there are two products from Guinot, that I really couldn’t live without. They are probably the longest standing brand in my collection, as they are amazing for my skin. The Gommage Biologique is my favourite product ever. It is a gel-based exfoliator that I use twice a week. You massage a pea size amount into the skin for around 4-5 minutes until it is smooth and even. I then leave it on for another 5 minutes as a mini mask. Once removed with warm water, the results are breath-taking. My skin is baby smooth and feels so hydrated. As I always cleanse and tone before exfoliating, the next step is moisturising, which is another product from Guinot. I now have a lot of moisturisers in my collection that I love, but this one always takes the edge. It is light and soft on the skin, whilst also completely hydrating the skin. Honestly it is the most incredible product and my skin absolutely adores it. I do however only use it in the evening, as I prefer to use something a lot lighter in the day.

The next product that is a massive favourite of mine is the Dermalogica multi-active toner. I was saying to Kelly who owns the Barn a few weeks ago that I cannot believe how incredible this product is. I have been lucky to be gifted a lot of products from Dermalogica, but none of them stand out for me like this one. I spritz a few layers on my face morning and night and it just instantly freshens and revitalises my skin. It is also a very clever product that can be used in the day. It can be put on top of makeup and will just make its way down to the skin without ruining your makeup look. Unlike other toners I have used, it doesn’t sting, nor dry out the skin. An absolute must have in any skin collection.

In terms of masks, I don’t use them that much, mostly because I forget. However, when I do remember, the one I reach for is the white brightening mask from Rodial. You may remember my Rodial review a few months ago. In all honesty I wasn’t that impressed with the products, apart from this one. It is a clear mask, that you only use a very thin layer for around 10 minutes. It definitely brightens my skin, and when used with the other products, my skin is amazingly radiant. To add, it is also very sensitive on the skin, so unlike other masks, should not tingle or sting.

The last product in this review is the Tropic Skincare Cleanser. I have been loving this, and if you want to read the full review of this brand, click the link here. This cleanser stood out for me a lot as it is so easy to use. I am definitely more of a cream/ milk-based cleanser kind of girl, and this one definitely worked for me. A double cleanse in the evening and one in the morning leaves my skin feeling completely fresh and clean, with the perfect base being created for the rest of my products. These just work so much better for me compared to gel-based ones, and my skin always feels so much more hydrated.

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