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When in London I feel totally inspired by the style. It really is like nowhere else in the UK. Everywhere you turn there is another beautiful outfit to admire, as well as a designer handbag catching my eye. In my eyes, it is very much on par with Paris, Palma and pretty much everywhere in Italy. I don’t necessarily like London, I am just very much a country girl who loves living in a slightly small town in my flat with the cat. I am definitely not one for that big city life, however I can very much appreciate that it is a magical place, and as I said, I will go for the day just to admire what people are wearing. Small doses! So today I wanted to talk about what makes up this style and why it is so different to pretty much everywhere else in the UK.

Ironically, ‘Made in Chelsea’ for me is the show that totally pin points the London style. The show is very true to what the city is actually like, in the richer parts obviously, but the fashion can be seen throughout the city. In the show you can see the style transformed from day to night, following the stars fashion looks throughout different occasions and places in the world.

Firstly, the biggest point to make is that I personally feel that the London style has completely transformed in the last five years, with a much more relaxed and casual vibe being adopted. However, obviously it isn’t quite as simple as a matching tracksuit being sported through Covent Garden. Trainers have really started to come into play now, as there are now so many different options available. Paired with jeans, a structured top and a trench, this for me is a statement day time London look. Cool and chic, whilst also giving off a very effortlessly put together effect. Even more so with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull flung over the shoulder. This is a look I have seen time and time again when wondering the streets of the big smoke, and naturally it is a look that I have very much started to implement myself.

The designer handbag has always been a staple piece of many Londoners looks, but in recent years they seem to have been worn in a very different way. When I think of a designer handbag look in London, I instantly think 90’s glamourous granny with pearls, wearing a straight cut dress and a very bold handbag on the crease of her arm. This for me is what I aspire to be like when I hit my 80s. Now, designer handbags seem to be bought and worn by a much younger generation, worn in a more relaxed way than before. You may see someone with a causal-jeans look with the Gucci Marmot over their shoulder, then you can see someone in their Sweaty Betty gym wear, leaving yoga, holding a smoothie and a Classic Flap Chanel on their arm. They are no longer a special occasion accessory or ‘to match an outfit’ item, they are a staple piece with any look worn on a day to day basis.

Lastly, the evening look. What I love about London is that you can really dress up in the evening. Wherever you go, it is normal to dress exactly how you want and be as glam as you desire. Here in Bristol, that just really isn’t the case. I love the simple looks worn in the evening in London, most of which seem to come from our trusty friend, Zara. Silk and lace are very much the new texture of 2019, with sexy camisoles, midi skirts and rock stud heels to complete the look. All put together with an oversized coat, or soft leather biker jacket. I absolutely adore this style and really enjoy how individual pieces from an evening look are then transformed into a wearable day piece. The style in my words would be described simply as ‘effortless’ and ‘chic’. A few of my favourite Londoners for their looks include Millie Macintosh, Vogue Matthews and Victoria McGrath.


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Coat – Zara

Jeans – H&M

Trainers – Mint Velvet

Bag – Gucci




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