This spring I am feeling ready to have a complete clear out of my home. Not in terms of interiors, but stuff. I just feel like I am constantly battling a pile of things in the house all the time, particularly at this time of year for me with all my Christmas and birthday gifts still very much lingering, looking for a place within my home. Luckily, I am someone who feels very inspired and motivated at this time of year, with the slightly warmer weather and much lighter evenings. Also, like many of us, to add to this I have also become completely obsessed with Mrs Hinch on Instagram… I don’t think my flat has ever been cleaned so much! So, I wanted to write everything down. I have been really clearing out and changing up things in my home, appropriate for the season.

Spring for me is probably my favourite time of year, apart from Christmas. I love the lighter days and evenings, the slightly warmer weather temperatures and the general excitement gathering for the impending Summer season.



In terms of interiors, I think we have all very much become a generation who love to change up our homes depending on how we feel and what is going on outside. Spring seems to be the time where we all want to adopt the lighter colours and textures, putting away the fluffy blankets and fur cushions, giving our homes a much-needed new lease of life after a long Winter. I am definitely one of these people, and luckily, with the general grey colour tone I have running through my home, I find it very easy to mix and match my style depending on the season. I am going to put together a little guide to the Spring trends we all seem to be lusting after on social media, as well as some easy ways to change up your home this Spring.

Flowers & Greenery

I absolutely love having fresh flowers in the house – in fact, I don’t think there is ever really a time where I don’t have flowers on the dining table. Not only does it add a beautiful amount of colour to the space constantly, but I personally think flowers make me feel very calm. They are something so beautiful, yet simple, that nowadays we often take for granted. I love taking care of a bunch of flowers, especially when they come out a little more in my home. This is why during the Spring season, I cannot get enough of Daffodils. I generally am not really a yellow or orange person when it comes to flowers, but there is something about daffodils that is different. They change so much when you bring them into your home, and to me they just scream Spring over and over again. I look at them and they make me happy, simple as that.

In terms of greenery, I think my new-found obsession for plants has come from Instagram and Pinterest. I absolutely love the contrast in colour and texture that plants offer, however for me there are two problems. Firstly, from experience, Nelson eats them. Secondly, if Nelson happens to not eat them, I kill them by failing to water them. I just cannot help myself – I have tried and tried, it just doesn’t work. Luckily, I have searched high and low and gradually have managed to collect some very good fakes. The most recent of which is a faux olive tree that I have placed in my living room. I absolutely love it – it adds colour and contrast to the room and does not look fake. Even with this though, Nelson has managed to rip off the majority of fake olives on the tree!

Soft Pastel Tones

If I’m being honest, this point applies to my home all year round, but that is just because soft tones are much more my style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bold statement room, wallpaper, coloured sofa or even bright feature, but it just isn’t something I would choose for my home. I absolutely love the soft pastel tones that seem to be happening at the moment, and the trend definitely inspired me to up my game, particularly in my living room. As my living room is also my kitchen and office, I can get very bored of the space, which is why I have always collected bits to change it up often to cure my boredom. Enter, the new pastel cushions. It is not secret by now that I buy most of my home items from Biggie Best, and these cushions are no exception. I wanted some soft pink toned cushions to add a little colour to my very grey sofa. I think they work perfectly, particularly with the new added greenery. They are very Spring and add the perfect touch of the season to my living space.

Spring Accessories

It takes a long time to make a house a home, no matter what your budget. It is the small and personal accessories that really bring it to life and truly make it feel like yours. I have gradually started to add minor details to my home over the last few years and can really say that it feels like my own little space now. In the Spring, I love to add a few seasonal accessories to celebrate the season and bring the florals inside. For me, in 2019, this includes a small faux flower garland on the front door. It may be fake, but blimey it looks real! I am really impressed, and it was such a bargain! My bedroom faces the front door, as well as the bathroom to the left of it, so I see the back of the front door a lot. To me, the entrance hall to the flat is really important, as it is the first area you see as you walk in, and as I said, for me it is a space that I see a lot through the day and night. The flowers on the door have really brightened up the space and added the perfect colour contrast.

Fresh Foliage

To add even more life to the flat, and a little more colour, I bought a huge bulk of eucalyptus and popped it in a giant pot on the floor. This for me is such a French thing to do and looks so beautiful in my home. Perfect for Spring!

Neutral Tones

One of the biggest trends of Spring interiors in 2018 was neutral tones. I very much believe that this has carried on through to this season. We all love our neutral colours in our home, even if just in one room. I have been adding a few bits here and there, in particular storage boxes and baskets. They are all neutral in tone, and I must say, very practical! I can’t believe how much more storage I have got since starting to buy more of these. The overall look is very Scandi, which I absolutely adore, and just think it makes my home look and feel a lot neater and organised.

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