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I have had this urge recently to really start introducing a work section to my blog. Not in terms of a job itself, but in terms of career choices, personal and work balance in life and changing your path. So today I thought I would start with how to nail a job interview. This isn’t so much going to be aimed at a specific career, but just the simple tricks I have learnt to help you feel less anxious about an interview and give yourself the best possible opportunity of being considered for the job. Most of the advice I am giving is based on what I learnt during my business A-level, as well as the interview process. Subsequently, I have also been on a few interviews and luckily managed to get the jobs. However, I think a lot of my advice also stems from running my own business and what I would look for if I decided to interview and take someone on.

I like to think of an interview that can be broken up into sections by your potential employer, giving you the opportunity to prepare for the questions and give the best possible answers.

A positive attitude

The most important part of helping your nerves or anxiety with regard to an interview is by simply pushing yourself to have a positive attitude. If you go in expecting the worst and generally feeling negative about the situation, the likelihood is that this will be picked up by your interviewer. Start by taking a deep breath every time you think about the interview and ensure that you prepare as much as possible. If you are prepared you will feel a lot more at ease about the situation, and it will be much easier to feel happy and positive.

Dress Code

First things first, your appearance really does matter. I am not saying that you cannot be yourself and let your clothes reflect your personality, but you do have to be the most professional version of yourself. Wear the smartest look in your wardrobe, obviously dependant on the job you are applying for. Keep your face makeup and hair clean and fresh looking, as well as your nails trim. Remember, that you don’t want to look overdone, but at the same time you need to look respectful. For example, if you are applying for a job in hospitality or retail, you are more likely to adopt the smart casual look, whereas a job in marketing or medicine, you would probably be more prone to wear a smart dress or suit.

Being Yourself/ Being Professional

The biggest thing about impressing during an interview is by being able to hold the conversation and keep your interviewer engaged with you. It isn’t just about having the grades for the job, nor the experience. It is also about showing that you are a friendly fun person, and someone that can fit into a team swiftly in order to make the transition easy for you and the rest of your potential colleagues. Don’t be afraid to share details about yourself and be very open minded when answering questions, whilst also keeping it professional. For example, relate an answer to when you chose to help a friend move to a new house, but never discuss getting drunk with said friend.

Asking Question

The biggest thing I like to do during an interview is ask questions myself. Ultimately, the interview isn’t just for the interviewer to see if you are right for the job, but also for you to see if the job is really right for you. Never forget to ask the essentials such as hours, pay, holiday, sick pay, place of work etc… as well as anything else you think is relevant. Also, I like to ask the interviewer questions too, such as how long they have worked for the company etc… Usually, this person is going to be your boss or someone you look up to within the role, so it is important to make sure you have a good relationship with them from the get-go. As many of us are aware, there is nothing worse than working a job where you cannot get on with your superior.


My last biggest point is to always be honest in an interview, as if you lie or exaggerate the truth, it is going to catch up with you eventually. If they ask if you are good with a computer, and you say you are when you struggle, it is only going to make your life hard when it comes to working the job.


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