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When I first started this blog I wanted to discuss everything I am passionate about, from fashion to food, beauty and home. In the five years I have been running it, it has sort of started to develop in a different way, completely unintentionally. As I have grown and developed, it has followed me through these changes, shaping the way it is today. I think fashion will always be at the forefront of what I talk about, however in the last year, skincare has become a very prominent topic that I love to share. It is something I never thought I would ever be discussing, but in fact has become something that I am extremely passionate about. So, without further ado, I would like to welcome a new brand to my skin care collection, as well as reviews on this blog. This post is all about Clarins, and in particular, the new My Clarins range.

I have always viewed Clarins as a very traditional brand that uses and sells products aimed at a much older age range than my skin. The products are very high end, and have always seemed to promote results that my skin simply does not yet need. The new My Clarins range is the first items I have ever used, as they are designed for my skin type and have really shown that Clarins is starting to adopt new ways of doing things.

This entry level skincare range is like nothing else that Clarins has on the market. It is the first range from the brand that is vegan, containing natural ingredients, whilst also being paraben and sulphate free. All the packaging is recyclable, as it should be, and is ideal for anyone looking to start using a good and healthy skincare routine. The products also boast an incredible In&Out theory, which means they work to get all the bad things out of your skin, and then putting all the good back in. This all together is what can transform young skin, from what can usually be very problem prone skin, to glowing and healthy results every single day. Most importantly, the range is designed to work on all skin types, making the process of choosing the right products a lot easier. I have found in the past that this is something that can very much put me off a brand, when I am daunted by the amount of different things on offer.

From the range I have tried and tested the milk based cleanser, hydrating mist and dry formula moisturiser. These are the products that I use in my skin care regime every single day, so it was nice to just change them up and see how the My Clarins worked for me. I am going to review each product individually, as I think getting into a skincare regime is a lot easier to do if you introduce one at a time. I personally also think it is better for the skin as it gives it time to adjust.

So, let’s start with the cleanser. I have been cleansing my skin morning and night now for around four years. I have always enjoyed simply cleaning my face, particularly as I do like to wear quite a lot of coverage on my face during the day. I have never really suffered from massive breakouts of problematic skin, and I do really believe that it is because I have always cleansed my skin. When I see what comes off my skin after doing a double cleanse, it is incredible. To think that if you don’t cleanse, that just stays on your face all night long. So yes, cleansing is great. I personally enjoy using a milk/ cream based cleanser, just purely for the experience. I like the way I feel like I am adding hydration to my skin whilst also cleaning it. Although, for those who prefer a gel based, My Clarins have also brought out one of those in the range. So there really is something for everyone. The milk based cleanser is very gentle on the skin, with a wonderful scent from the floral extracts within it, and an instant freshness that you can feel when you first use it. It is a lovely light weight product, making it easy to use twice a day.

The hydrating mist is a product that I really believe in. I have been using another mist from a different brand for about a year now, and absolutely swear by it. I believe they are a very under rated product, as I can always feel the instant boost of hydration that they add to the skin. I use a squirt in the morning and a few at night, as well as a little throughout the day that just completely melts through my makeup. The My Clarins mist is very easy to use, as it is soft on the skin, melts in instantly and is the perfect touch of freshness that you need to really wake you up. I love it.

Going back on what I said before about the skin types, the moisturiser on offer from this range actually does have three variations. One for normal skin, one for oily skin and one for dry skin. I have been using the one for normal skin, and am really enjoying it. As with the cleanser, it is a very light weight product that nourishes the skin without it being left greasy. I love using this product in the morning as it is fresh and silky smooth in texture, and adds the perfect base ahead of my makeup.

Overall I am very impressed with the products, and as I mentioned at the beginning, I have already repurchased ahead of them running out! Without a doubt, my favourite is the milk based cleanser!


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