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I think if I had to describe my style in few words, it would be a midi skirt and top/ jumper. I just absolutely adore them. I love how feminine they are, comfortable to wear, transition from season to season and how much of a variety there are on the market. I have always loved to wear them, particularly in recent years when I haven’t felt particularly comfortable in my body. I personally find them very flattering when worn in the correct way, and always feel comfortable with the look I have chosen. On the market, I think my favourite stores for midi skirts would have to be Zara, Mango and H&M. They all boast amazing patterns and colour combinations as well as a variety of materials and textures to help you choose the right look for you. With all this being said, I think midi skirts are great, however there are definitely different ones to suit different people. Hence why I wanted to discuss them today.

My favourite thing about the midi skirt: they work for every, single, occasion; throughout every, single, season.

Texture: Cotton, Sheer, Pleats

First things first, let’s discuss the different types of midi skirts out there. Remember, this is just the rules and guidelines that work for me and my body shape. So, I have a very hourglass figure, with a lot of shape to my hips. Therefore, I cannot wear any midi skirt with pleats or a straight cut skirt such as the latest silk trend, as they do not leave room for the curve in my figure. However, if your hips do go straight down, these styles will work for you, and look amazing! So, for me, I am much more of a cotton-based midi skirt lover, or the cheaper mesh material that you get often from high street stores. For me they allow for the shape of my hips and legs, and therefore look great with anything it is paired with. I also find that the opaque style that is really in now, where you have an underskirt and beautiful lace or mesh over the top also looks beautiful. It is such a feminine finish and look perfectly elegant at any time of day.

Patterns & Florals


My biggest piece of advice with regard to midi skirts is very much to just focus on what works for you and your body shape, rather than what is in style and everyone is wearing on Instagram. I have bought and given away many midi skirts now because they looked good on someone else and looked horrendous on me, the biggest reason being the design didn’t suit me. There are so many different prints and floral combinations on offer now, however that doesn’t mean that they all suit everyone. For me, I stay very much away from abstract patterns and stripes, as well as coral toned florals as they all wash me out and come across as very unflattering.

The Denim Look

I think one of my best versions of the midi skirt, for me and in general, has to be the denim midi. It is a completely timeless piece, that can be worn all year around, in many different ways, and amazingly through generations. All the women in my family have a midi denim skirt in their wardrobe, and we all absolutely love them. They are an effortless way of looking chic in the morning, paired with a t-shirt or camisole, sandals or boots, perfect for any occasion.

Shoes & Accessories

Obviously, this point is very dependent on the time of year and the occasion, but in general I find it very easy to create an outfit with a midi skirt. In fact, it excites me. I find that every look created is feminine and stylish, whilst remaining comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. So, the rules are simple really.

Casual evening look: midi skirt, t-shirt, over shoulder bag & heeled sandals.

Dress up evening look: midi skirt, camisole, clutch bag, pointed heels.

Casual day time: midi skirt, t-shirt, denim/ leather jacket, large tote, trainers/ flats.

Dressy day time: midi skirt, camisole, heeled sandals & oversized clutch/ bag.


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Skirt – Mango

Jumper – H&M

Shoes – Dune

Bag – Mulberry

Belt – Gucci



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