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So today I wanted to get my fashion voice on, discussing one of the newest trends, which is denim. Denim has been around and loved for many years now, however in the most recent SS19 campaigns, it is apparent that denim has been taken to a new level. Not just what is on the high street, but also how we choose to wear it. For me, this first became apparent when I visited M&S to view the latest range from Holly’s Must Haves which was all focused-on denim, hence why it was named the ‘denim edit’. Subsequently, I purchased one of the pieces from that collection (full price FYI), and I have had the opportunity to really explore how I like to wear denim, particularly from this one piece.

“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” – Yves Saint Laurent.

Denim now goes so much further than just blue jeans, but don’t get me wrong, I am still a sucker for blue jeans. In fact, I don’t think I ever really leave the house on a casual day not wearing jeans, unless I am in my gym kit. Denim just oozes style, whilst also remaining casual and comfortable. My go to is always a pair of jeans with a jumper on a casual day, as well as jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer when I want something a little more chic. They are so versatile, and the texture and material itself can be changed up incredibly well depending on the look you are going for. So how best to we achieve these looks?

My biggest rule of denim… match your look to your colour tone.

Nowadays there are so many different variations of denim, and I feel like me all very much have our own style and colours that we prefer to wear that suit us and the other clothes in our wardrobe. For me, the three colours in my denim collection are very light blue denim, dark navy denim or black. However, this season I have branched out a little and bought myself a brighter blue denim dress. In general, I find that most tones of denim suit me, and it is more the style that don’t. All my jeans are either skinny or boot cut, simply as they are the only ones that work. I would love to be able to pull off a mom jean look, but quite frankly they just make my legs look short and stumpy! Therefore, I use what does suit me. It is all about experimenting with the different colours and styles, mixing it up with other pieces, just to see what works.

How to nail the all-denim outfit.

Who saw Kendall Jenner pulling off an all-denim outfit with kitten heels, playing basketball in LA last summer? She looked effortlessly chic and it was very much a lot of the inspiration behind this blog post. So how do us more down to earth souls pull off such an outfit? Well, firstly, you must commit to the correct colour tone for you and stick with it. Each item should be the same in order to pull off that look. Secondly, everything in the outfit must follow the same vibe. For example, denim jeans and a baggy denim shirt is very casual, so you could wear it with a casual black crop underneath, hippy belt and some backless mules to create that relaxed effect. If you are going for a double denim suit style co-ord, you would then wear a heel, more structured top underneath and heaver jewellery to again match with the more formal look.

Embroidered Denim.

For years I refused to catch on to this trend, however last year I caved in and filled my wardrobe with it. I absolutely love the looks you can create with these styles, as well as the huge variety there is now on offer on the high street. My favourite last year was New Look. They had such an amazing range of embroidered denim jeans and skirts, as well as branching into denim effect tops/ shirts. Last year, my go to look was a pair of blue skinny jeans with red floral embroidery, with a striped blue shirt and tan sandals. The best advice for pulling off these looks is to ensure that the pattern doesn’t clash with anything else you are wearing, which as we probably all know, is very easy to do.

Jackets – Trench, Bomber, Crop or Puff.

The biggest part of nailing a denim look is the outwear you choose to pair with it. For me, jeans always look amazing with a jacket that sits on the hip line, particularly something that adds a bit of texture to the outfit. This rule applies for me to light coloured denim. Then, for darker denim and black, I always choose a longer coat, usually a tan or a brighter colour such as red. This look always works for me. Obviously, this is very dependent on my style, but the principle could be applied to anyone’s.

Best places to buy denim.

When it comes to buying denim, I think the main thing to remember is that we are all different, and the types of denim we all enjoy wearing is different. Hence why we all shop in different places to buy denim. My three favourites include Marks and Spencer, Stradivarius and Fat Face. I have been shopping from these brands for years and love the three of them for the different types of denim they have on offer. Fat Face for me has been my longest standing favourite, where I buy my everyday jeans. The style and the fit are always perfect, and the colour tones are perfect with my colouring. Stradivarius is one of my newer favourites, particularly for light wash skinny jeans. They are so stretchy and comfy! Marks and Spencer are also one of my favourites, purely because the fit on all of them is perfect.


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Dress – Marks and Spencer

Belt – Gucci

Trainers – Mint Velvet

Bag – Mulberry England




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