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Boyfriend jeans have always been a style of denim that I absolutely adore, however have struggled a lot to make the trend work for me. I am one of those people who massively carries weight around my thighs and lower tummy, so often a straight legged trouser isn’t the best option. Having said that, when I bought a recent pair of grey boyfriend jeans just to give them a try, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the style and fit and landed up wearing them a lot for many different occasions. I think the grey personally really works for me as the slightly darker colour is a lot more flattering, and the colour tone goes perfectly well with the majority of my wardrobe. To discuss boyfriend jeans further, I thought I would share a few ways that I love to wear them/ think help to make them work for a variety of body shapes and style preferences.

Though it may appear effortless, the borrowed from the opposite sex look can be extremely challenging to style. Here a few tips I have learnt to make the trend work for the individual.

A feminine flare

The boyfriend jeans are known as being a very masculine, slouchy style of jean, so for me I think one of my favourites looks is when this is styled with a feminine flare for contrast. A slouchy pair of blue boyfriend jeans could be worn with a white, ruffled blouse, sleek sandals and light handbag to create the perfect look between the styles.

A tailored look

Again, to add contrast to the slouchy style of jeans, why not dress the look up with a much more tailored edge. This could include a very structured top, blazer, pointed heels and a sturdy handbag. The jeans will in turn dress the overall look down, with the tailored effect making the look suitable for many different occasions, such as a day wondering the shops in London, girls lunch or even drinks out on a date in the evening.

Hippy all the way

Another way of dressing the boyfriend jeans is with what would be referred to as ‘hippy items. I love the boyfriend jeans look with a really bouncy, patterned top, flat shoes and a fringed bag. This creates a very casual, effortlessly cool look that can be worn for a variety of different situations in life.

The London Trench

As with the tailored look, I love that London-esque look that you can create with a pair of boyfriend jeans. One of my favourite looks when we were transitioning into Spring was the jeans paired with a basic top, scarf, my trusty trench and jeans. I reached for this outfit time and time again, as it looked chic, as well as being practical and comfortable for anything I had going on.

Off duty supermodel

Kendall Jenner is the queen of pulling off a boyfriend jean look, and if you have the figure, why the hell not. I remember seeing her last year with a pair on, paired with a simple white crop top and strappy sandals, with her hair in a messy bun and sunglasses as big as her face. The look was perfect, and looked so swish walking around LA, probably going to buy a matcha latte.

Like a European

Let’s think Parisian. How would they wear their boyfriend jeans? Well, when I was in the city last year I saw a few different looks, and as you would imagine, they were beautiful. One of my favourites was the classic slouchy jean, with chunky trainers a basic top and a structured blazer. Then, I also saw a lot of women wearing the jeans with a good slinky heel, blouse and designer handbag on their arm. All the looks to me screamed European and were all beautiful in their own way.

To heel or not to heel

This is a big question when it comes to these jeans, so I can only go on how I choose to style them. As much as I love the relaxed look with flats and a jacket, the majority of the time I have to wear them with a slight heel to make myself feel more confident. I personally think that these jeans look a lot better with a slight heel, especially with a basic top and bag

Your travel buddy

Boyfriend jeans are one of my favourite airport attire looks, paired with a good basic top, cropped jumper and chunky trainers. The look is not only chic but comfortable, which is a win win for the endless walk through the airports.



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