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My favourite type of clothes has always been smart casual, something that looks chic whilst also being subtle and comfortable. I remember from the age of around 14 always choosing to wear a blazer with jeans, which is still a look I go to regularly now. So, with that being said, as I have got older dressing for work has been one of my favourite things. I absolutely adore the whole girl boss vibe, and always feel so empowered when I have a good work outfit on during the day. As I work from home, I often don’t get to wear this look as much as I would like, so when I do, I tend to go all out. In theory, I could wear my work clothes all day every day, but for some reason it can be pretty uncomfortable at home.

As much as I love choosing work clothes, I can find the task of buying them often pretty difficult. You want them to look well-made and high quality, however a lot of us often also want to avoid the very high price tag that comes with that.

In the last two years I have tried and tested a few brands for my work wardrobe, collecting a few that have very much become my go to brands for certain items. Lately I have also become very consumed by the whole sustainable fashion issue we have, as well as the ethos behind them. This is something I really do want to start becoming more aware of and will admit that at the moment I am very naïve to the situation as I have not yet had the chance to do my research. So the brands featured here in this blog post are very much just the brands that I enjoy shopping with for my work clothes, and I cannot tell you if they are the correct brands we should all be trying to use in 2019.


My go to work wardrobe tends to be midi skirts and dresses. Personally, I just feel that trousers are so unflattering on me, therefore I decided a long time ago just not to bother. Sometimes I will tend to wear black jeans with a work top, although most of the time it will be a skirt/ dress option. For me, a good variety of midi skirts in your wardrobe is a must have, as they are so versatile and for work can be adapted for different situations and seasons. For example, most of my midi skirts have transitioned from Winter through to Summer as you can wear them with cami tops, shirts, jumpers, flats, sandals and boots. They can go with everything, especially if you get ones with a multiuse colour tone to them. I have always gone to H&M for my midi skirts, as I have always found the fit to be great, choice amazing and value for money, incredible.

Mint Velvet

I have always adored Mint Velvet, and it is a brand that I share my passion for with my grandma. We both adore the selection available, the quality of the products, and the price point. I absolutely love everything about this brand, and was so thrilled when they opened a outlet store in the Swindon Outlet Centre. I have gradually started collecting pieces from this brand, and the most common is midi dresses. They style and fit is effortlessly amazing every time and the dresses are so easy to dress up or down, meaning they don’t just have to be worn for work. Both the dresses I have, have had a lot of wear over the last few months, and I have noticed so many people comment on them as and when I have worn them… particularly in the gym changing room! With all this being said on the work wear front, I also must say that Mint Velvet is amazing for casual items too – their t-shirts are some of my favourites.


Now, I know I said this is about clothes on a budget, however I had to mention Gucci. I don’t own any Gucci clothes, and to be honest, don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy some. Nevertheless, in terms of my work wardrobe, I couldn’t be without my Gucci accessories, which is essentially my belts. In the last few years I have gradually started to collect more belts, meaning that I have collected different colour tones to go with different outfits. I am a firm believer in investing in accessories for your wardrobe, particularly when you want to look smart and on point for work. I would definitely recommend a Gucci belt if you are looking to invest in a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

Dune London

One important thing I have learnt is that comfortable work shoes is a must, particularly warm ones during the Winter. I discovered Dune London around seven years ago and have absolutely loved them ever since. I personally think that they are amazing value for money, the quality is superb and the styles they have available are extremely varied. I go to them for all my work shoes, Winter boots and always a good pair of block heeled sandals. The leathers are always soft, colours are always rich, and I don’t think I have ever worn a pair that have managed to hurt my feet. For work I have a few pairs of midi heels from them, Winter boots and some comfortable but stylish wedges for the Summer. They are definitely a go to if you are looking for work shoes.

Leave me a message below with your go to work wear brands!


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