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Today I wanted to share a short and sweet post about something that is very rare for me to discuss here on the blog. I am by no means someone who does absolutely everything I can to make good choices, and I am by no means perfect, but in the last few months I have been making very conscious decisions to make changes in my home. The challenges that we are currently facing in our world is starting to become very scary in my eyes, and I want to do my part, no matter how small to educate myself and make physical, every day changes. When you research everything you can do, and discuss with others what they are doing, it can all become very overwhelming. For quite a long time, all the information I had gathered seemed meaningless as I was completely lost with what to do with it. Eventually, after much thought, I decided that it is much more about making one small change at a time rather than a complete adjustment to my lifestyle.

Gradually I have begun to put these small changes in place, building them one at a time and really enforcing them into my everyday routines. These changes are minimal, but in turn I am hoping will add up to big results.

I would like to share the small changes that I have started to make, to hopefully inspire you with how you can adjust the products/ services you use as part of everyday life. The biggest thing to remember is that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and in order for us all to make the relevant changes to protect our planet, it is going to be a very gradual process that requires small actions over time. So, why not begin by changing one thing and see where you go?

Re-usable cotton pads

This is the first change I made, as I have always felt awful about how many cotton pads, I use to complete my skincare. I purchased a pack of 16 re-usable cotton pads and wash them as they run out. So far this is working perfectly, and I have not bought or used a disposable one since.

Bamboo cotton sticks

I purchased some of these a few weeks ago in an amazing little green shop close to me and love them! In fairness I don’t use that many, but at least now when I do, I can throw them in the compost and the will degrade on their own.

Glass soap bottles

A few months ago, I bought a glass hand wash and lotion for my bathroom, more so because they look pretty, and have subsequently been refilling them from the local shop I use where you go and fill up into your own containers.


For around two years now I have been using AVEDA, and one thing I love about them is that the products are much better for the environment. All the packaging is recyclable and since you don’t use as much product each time, I am getting through much less products than in previous years.

No to black plastic

This is something I am getting much hotter on now, as until recently you could recycle black plastic in my area. I am now dubious as to whether or not it does get recycled now, so I am just doing my best not to buy it at all.

Soap Bars

Simple, have a soap bar in your shower rather than shower gel, no plastic.

Reduced Shower/ Bath Times

Again, an easy adjustment, try to cut back your water usage. I used to have a lot of baths in the evening and have now reduced this to around one a week as a treat. I also have tried my best to cut back my shower time, stopping myself indulging under the water pointlessly.

Recycling properly

Let’s be honest, most of us do recycle, but sometimes we can all be a bit slack. I have made sure in recent months that I am doing it properly, all the time. Always put your rubbish in the correct bins and always take packaging home if there is no public recycling bin around.

Online Shopping Packaging

I did an Instastories rant about this a few weeks ago and it received a lot of feedback. Many agreed that the amount of packaging sent out in parcels is ridiculous, and I have made sure that I am trying my best not to order from brands who are known to use too much packaging.

Shopping bags

Really, there is no excuse. None of us should be using plastic shopping bags anymore. I have a huge pile of reusable bags in the boot of my car and I now point-blank refuse to use anything other than them.

Re-usable products – Simply Green

A new shop opened locally to me in the last few months and it is amazing. It stocks a variety of groceries and house hold products, where you can go in, use your own containers and purchase exactly what you need, so there is no need for wastage nor unnecessary packaging.

Local Fruit and Vegetables

This is something that I am not able to do all the time, but I try my best to shop locally for my fruit and veg. The quality is better, my money is going to a better place and I don’t use any packaging whatsoever.


I am not able to give up my car, as I need my car for work and life, like most of us. However, when I am able to go somewhere without it, I will. Also, it can’t hurt to burn the extra calories.


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