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Summer for me is the season that I dread the most in terms of fashion. I am not ashamed to admit that a large part of it is that I am uncomfortable in my body at the moment, but also in general I have never been a huge lover of the styles available at this time of year. Personally, I just don’t like wearing clothes that are revealing, especially in the heat when you just feel over heated and like everything sticks to you. Nevertheless, each day we must get dressed and if that is a must, I want to look my best. I adore clothes, and choosing what to wear every day, so having good pieces in my wardrobe is a necessity.

Summer for me is probably the time when I have the highest turnover in my wardrobe, as I have never really invested in key pieces and find that the trends change a lot more quickly than in other seasons.

So, this post is going to be all about trying to introduce key pieces into your Summer wardrobe, which are hopefully pieces that can be loved and used year after year, without going out of style. This post has been a lot harder to put together than the Winter edition last year, as naturally it is the one time of year that my brain and fashion just don’t click together. As well as sharing the tips I have gathered, I am also really keen to know what you have in your wardrobe as staple pieces for the season. Let me know in the comment section below.

Good Quality Dresses

Let’s be honest, is there a much better feeling than putting on a swishy Summer dress when it is baking hot. I absolutely love my dresses, and I have started to build quite the collection over the last few years to have a handful of good go to’s ready in the morning. I learnt my lesson pretty quickly that buying super cheap dresses isn’t the way forward, as the minute you have washed them, they tend to lose their colour and texture, particularly over time. So, I have started to become a lot fussier with where I get them from and have started to notice a difference. The best places I have bought from in the last few years include Zara, Mango, Mint Velvet and The White Company.

Bright Handbags

It is no secret that I love my handbags, and last year I started to really escape my need to only have neutral handbags and invest in some brightly coloured pieces. My baby pink Mulberry that has been the statement piece for a lot of outfits in Summer 2018 through to now has received a lot of attention, and I have definitely got more wear out of it than I ever expected. I absolutely adore it, as it goes with so much in my wardrobe, and the bright colour makes me so happy every time I see it. Then, for my birthday I was then lucky enough to receive a bright red Gucci Marmont, in a textured material ready for Summer. I have already used this bag so much and I absolutely love it! It adds the perfect pop of colour to every outfit and is already becoming my go to in my Summer 19 wardrobe.

Block Heels


I have found with block heels that a lot of people either love or hate them, and I am very much a love. I adore how they add height to the leg, which is often needed with Summer dresses, whilst also being comfortable and allowing me to walk in them easily. There are such a huge variety of this shoe on the market nowadays, especially between the different price brackets. I have also found that generally my block heeled sandals have tended to last a lot longer than a few others, potentially just because they are sturdy and much more hard wearing. This paid are one of my favourites from last year, from a new brand I discovered from Linzi shoes.

Flouncy Outerwear

Every Summer I seem to spend most of the season searching for the perfect pieces to wear over dresses when I just feel like I want something to cover me rather than offer warmth. For this, I have found that the best places to look are in the most obscure places, such as local markets, independent boutiques and charity shops. For these types of items, I usually choose black or neutral, so that they then will go with everything in my wardrobe.

A linen blazer

A blazer may not be the first thing you think of when deciding what to put in your Summer wardrobe, but for me it is a staple that has been there for years. I am not talking about anything overly heavy or rich in texture, but light weight, neutral in colour and most importantly have a great shape to it. This year I just bought myself a neutral pink linen blazer from Mango, and it is everything you could ever need in a Summer blazer. For me, I normally wear a Summer blazer in the evening over a dress, or in the day if I am putting together a work outfit or going somewhere a bit more special.

Denim Skirts

A trend definitely inherited from my stylish grandma, a good quality denim skirt for Summer. This is an item in your wardrobe that can be used over and over again throughout the season, and through the years. They can be worn with so many different tops and accessories to create different looks and can also be worn for many different scenarios in life. My favourite denim skirt look has always been a good quality navy midi, paired with a blue and white check shirt, tan block heels and a bright, statement handbag. The best denim skirts in my wardrobe over the years have come from Fat Face, Marks and Spencer’s and Next.


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Dress – Zara

Bag – Gucci

Shoes – Linzi Shoes




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