Today I wanted to talk about something a little different here on the blog, jewellery. I have always loved jewellery and have always been the first to notice a lovely piece of jewellery out and about, however it is only in recent months that I have started to really utilise the accessory and wear the things that work best for me. I think when it comes to this accessory, a lot of us are very prone to sway towards items that others and more so what is deemed to be on trend. A lesson I have learnt is that jewellery should be a timeless edition to an outfit and something that should be a true reflection of you without going out of trend. If any of you have watched Riverdale on Netflix, you will know what I am talking about when I say that Veronica owns those pearls. It is a simple design, and a classic stone that normally you wouldn’t expect to see on someone so young. However, the simple accessory very much resembles her personality and now when you see her without them it definitely looks like something is off. This is the way I want to be with jewellery. I would like key pieces in my collection that compliment my style and I, as well as can be transitioned for many different reasons.

I thought that doing a blog post purely based on jewellery brands I love is something that is way overdue here, especially as it is a part of my love for fashion that is continuously growing.

I don’t have the funds in my life to spend a fortune every time I shop on extremely expensive jewellery, and if I am being honest, I don’t believe you need to. The first brand that I adore is Mint Velvet for their accessories and mainly jewellery. I have had countless pieces from them over the last year and can do nothing but rave about their quality, unique design and value for money. The earrings featured in this blog post are from Mint Velvet, in the silver and rose gold star design. I simple adore this design and have found them to be very versatile in my wardrobe. They can be worn with a simple top and hair up look for effect, or they can be worn with other accessories to add the ideal finishing touch to any look. If you are a fan of the star design that is very popular nowadays, you definitely need to check out Mint Velvet across all their stock.

My next favourite jewellery brand is probably my longest standing favourite, and it is the only brand I have ever loved the watches from. Olivia Burton is a brand that I got into many years ago when it was really very trendy to have one of their watches and they were probably one of the most instagrammed things for a while. I loved them straight away for their simplicity, intricate design and overall selection of colour tones, shapes and sizes. I have had many of their watches since the obsession began and can’t really picture myself ever wanted to try another brand again. The one featured in this post was a present from my boyfriend over three years ago, and the light pink toned strap with the gold makes this my usually every day go to. I absolutely love the design and look of it on my wrist and think that it really compliments my style to a tee. As with Mint Velvet, I think that Olivia Burton is such a good bet as they are all beautiful and great value for money.

Pandora is a brand that is obviously very much a trend and we all love because everyone has items from them, however I do think in the last year they have really stepped up their game and started to release a lot more jewellery that is unique to them. Some of their limited-edition ranges have just been to die for, and I am gutted that I didn’t manage to get my hands on a few. Nevertheless, I am very happy with my main Pandora piece, which is the classic charm bracelet. I know it is a bit of a cliché and something everyone has, but I love my bracelet. It goes with most of my wardrobe, can be put on for added depth to an outfit and most importantly the charms do remind me of big things in life that I have gone through. I don’t wear it every day as I want to keep those memories special, although when I do, I love it.

The next item is from Tiffany and Co and is the classic small ‘open-heart’ necklace. I chose this for my 21stpresent as I wanted something that could be worn every day, that goes with everything, can be easily layered and most importantly will sit above all my tops. Due to my operation scar, I am often very prone to choose tops that are high, so having a necklace that was shorter meant that it is still able to be seen. For me this necklace signifies so much more than a beautiful piece of jewellery, as it is something, I received for a day that was a big deal in my life and it is a constant reminder each day of my operation that I overcame. Things like this do make me realise how much people can underestimate the power of jewellery. I don’t yet have anything else from Tiffany and Co, however after sitting in one of the London stores swooning over everything, I am sure that in my life time that is going to change.

Shout out to the independent designers

Finally, after talking about a few larger brands, I would also like to make it very clear that a large percentage of jewellery in my collection is from independent designers that I have bought at times when I haven’t been looking. Holiday markets have always proved to be great for me, as well as small independent shops in small villages and towns. I choose to shop in a variety of different places for everything in my wardrobe, so think it is only fair to mention that I personally find some of my favourite original pieces do come from smaller businesses.



I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

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