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I am a typical girly girl when it comes to getting dressed up in the evening. I love the process of a chilled evening, drinking a glass of wine, listening to music and getting my hair and makeup done. It is just a fun time to relax and unwind whilst also having a little pamper and getting creative. However, I do very much prefer the experience in the Winter Autumn months. Summer fashion is not where my natural skill set lies, so it takes a lot of work for me to look and feel good during the Summer, months, particularly on holiday. I just hate how uncomfortable I feel in myself when it is hot, so it is so difficult to find something to wear that changes this.

A good Summer evening look for me needs to be chic and relaxed, whilst also keeping the touch of glam that comes with all my Winter evening looks.

The first thing I try to do when putting together a Summer evening look is picking out the colour scheme. This is the toughest part of putting a look together for me as my natural colour to go towards is black. In the Summer, black just doesn’t really work, so I have to try extremely hard to stay away from it and adopt a love for the brighter shades. If I’m being honest, my go to colour in Summer is white… very much my Summer black! I personally think white works quite well on me, and as with black, I adore the simplicity and versatility of it. I can accessorize in any way, wear any makeup look I fancy and have an extremely varied choice of shoes and bags to compliment the outfit. This white dress featured in this post was a little New Look bargain at the beginning of the season and I absolutely love it. The navy stripes add the perfect touch of subtle colour to the outfit, and it comes with the amazing versatility of such a good colour.

One thing I learnt last year during the Summer season was to be very picky about the Summer dresses I choose to buy. There are a lot of quirky and cute dresses on the high street nowadays, however there is such a variety of different qualities. What is even more strange is that this can be varied within one shop. I personally love New Look for my Summer pieces, although I do choose to shop in store as not all the dresses are of the same quality. This one featured is very good. The fabric is soft to touch, comfortable to wear and is not translucent in colour one bit. Hence, why I have already reached for it a lot. I love the flexibility of this dress, being able to dress it up for the evening and then down for the day… even also wearing it as a cover up over a swimming costume.

For me, a Summer evening outfit really comes together with the shoes and bag. I love bringing out my Summer sandals during this season, mainly because I can walk in them a lot better than my Winter heels. Summer sandals are so easy to wear with a Summer dress, especially the block heel style that is very much on trend at the moment. I think all my Summer shoes have this heel and I love it because it adds the perfect height, whilst also remaining comfortable. These sandals were a little ASOS order for me at the beginning of the season and I love them. They can be worn with so many outfits, are easy to wear and are the perfect shade of tan to be pulled off with lots of other different colours.

At this time of year, I also love using my bright coloured handbags and experimenting with different textures. I mean don’t get me wrong, I use all my handbags at all times of the year, however having a bold and bright one in the Summer just always works. I bought this pink bag around two years ago from Mulberry and have shocked myself with how much it has been used. In fact, I did not think for one second, I would use it quite as much during the Winter as I do in the Summer. I adore the sweet shade of pink and it just goes with so much of my wardrobe – particularly a white toned outfit for a Summer evening. I personally think that if you want to invest in a colourful handbag, starting with a pastel toned one is going to give you a lot more flexibility with when you can wear it. I would be tempted to say that this could possibly be my favourite bag in my collection.

In terms of accessories I have one rule in the Summer… only one. I personally love jewellery and nice accessories in the Summer, however because of the usual heat I cannot stand to wear much. So, my go to is a statement pair of earrings. Rings and necklaces just irritate me when I am hot, but a chunky pair of earrings looks chic, whilst also not getting in the way or being a nuisance. I absolutely adore earrings and seemed to have gathered quite the collection. What is even better, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get pretty ones. This year my go to stores has been New Look, Accessorize and Mint Velvet.

All in all, if I had to describe my Summer evening look in a few words it would be relaxed, effortlessly chic and minimal. A simple dress with accessories to bring it to life, which gives you the ability to look glam whilst also remaining cool and comfortable.


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Dress – New Look

Shoes – ASOS

Bag – Mulberry

Earrings – New Look




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