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I feel very lucky to be able to work from home a lot, with two days office based in my part time job and the others based at home running my social media business. Working from home is amazing, although I have learnt very quickly that it is by no means an easy ride, in fact I found it extremely difficult at the beginning. The main struggle I endured was managing to get into the right mind set for work and then remembering that it is time to stop working and then enjoy my down time. Getting the balance right is very difficult, as well as getting yourself into a strict routine and being able to properly stay in control of yourself and get the job done.

I think working from home is one of those things in life that if you don’t do it you cannot see any fault in it and then the moment it happens to you, you suddenly realise that it isn’t all it is set out to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many things that I love about being able to work from home a lot, and if I’m being honest, I don’t think I would ever want to stop, but I did want to share a post on the topic. More so, I thought that if I was going to share a post about it, it would be based on my tips to getting your work done productively at home, and getting yourself into a proper routine, for the sake of your own sanity! These are all small things that I do, that have built up over time, that have just made working from home a hell of a lot easier, as well as a lot more enjoyable.

Clean Desk, Tidy Mind

My absolute biggest rule is that I always tidy and clean my desk at the end of the day, as well as ensuring it is ready to go in the morning. About once a month I do a proper clean and organise all my paperwork, however even just a small ‘hinch’ is exactly what you need to get yourself into the right frame of mind. There really is nothing better than getting to your desk in the morning, with a coffee, and it being all tidy in front of you. To go one up on yourself, leave your work to do list of the day right in the middle of the desk!

Set Routine

As we all know, humans seem to thrive off routine, no matter what that routine is. Whether we admit it or not, we all love having our own way of doing things and living our lives according to our chosen lifestyle. When it comes to working from home, the biggest thing I have to constantly remind myself is to stick to my routine. I don’t generally stick to the 9-5 way of doing things, however I try my best to stick to set hours and not get distracted during them. I usually set this all out on a Sunday evening with my diary in front of me. Being strict with yourself is the key to pulling this off.

Background Noise

This is a pretty simple point that I am trying to make, basically we can all think that having noise in the background at home is helpful, but it really isn’t. I sometimes have the radio on, or even Friends in the background, but your concentration level will never be the same with it. The minute I turn it all off I instantly feel more in the work zone and able to do my job a lot better.

Flexible is Okay

At the end of the day, working from home is not the same as being committed to a 9 to 5 office job. If you have the option of being a little flexible there is nothing to say that this is not okay. Any appointments I have I generally book in the week as it is less busy and I want to spend my weekends with loved ones, however as I manage my time pretty well, I am able to work around it. If I have an appointment in the morning I will start work later and ultimately keep going until I am done, which yes probably is a lot later than the average finish time. However, as long as it isn’t affecting your life in a negative way, what is wrong with that? Give yourself a break… no one is perfect.

Timed Breaks

A little tip I learnt from my grandad. For the sake of your eyes, mental well-being and productiveness level, give yourself timed breaks. I set an alarm on my phone for 60 minutes – I then work for that 60 minutes until the alarm goes off and then I stand up, stretch it out, make a drink and give myself 10 minutes to refuel. Also, when I am working, as a lot of it is computer based, I try to look away from the screen regularly so that my eyes don’t get too strained.

Work and Leisure

The biggest lesson I have had to learn is that you need to be able to distinguish between your work area and your leisure area. I generally won’t work anywhere else in my flat apart from my desk, then I generally will never sit at my desk unless I am working. You have to be able to get that balance right in order to live both sides of your life to the maximum. If I’m being honest, the next thing I want to do it turn my guest room into a study, to be able to get better separation from work to life.


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