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Silk has been the biggest trend of 2019, and it is something I have adored, however found extremely difficult to style on myself. The classic straight cut, silk Topshop skirt that everyone has been wearing caught my eye instantly, although when I put it on it was a very different story. I have a very small waist, followed by hips that go out a lot. Therefore, a lot of skirts look strange on me as they go out and in way too much to be deemed anywhere near flattering. So, long story short, the skirt didn’t work for me. Wanting to be involved in this trend I searched high and low for an alternative, and finally found something a lot more like me. I headed to trusty ASOS and found the perfect skirt for me, a midi skater style skirt, in gorgeous champagne, and most importantly, silk! I adore this new item in my wardrobe and have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks styling it for different occasions. It has been worn for work, special occasions and even dressed down for a chic day look.

Silk is a texture that can be adapted to suit you and the occasion in so many different ways. This is one of the many reasons that I am so thrilled that silk has become a big style trend of the moment.

Perhaps you are like me and love this trend, but are also struggling like me to get it to work for you? I wanted to put together a little blog post based all around silk, styling it for different occasions and most importantly making it work for you. This can often be the hardest part of new trends on the scene, as we all love what others are wearing but really struggle as obviously it is never one size fits all.

Alternative Styles

First things first, as I have had to do, always search for an alternative to the on-trend piece. I loved the straight cut silk skirt, however it didn’t work with my body shape, so I had to search for an alternative. Silk is the part that I loved the most, so I knew straight away that I was able to mix this up and find a silk-based skirt in a different style. Luckily for me, a midi, flowy skirt is just up my street so stumbling across one in silk was a great find for me! So, in this case, I found the texture I love in a style that really works for me.

Casual Accessories & Tying Knots

I think the biggest trend in terms of silk is styling it down as part of a chic and effortless day look. The first way of doing this is with extremely casual accessories, such as lighter toned silvers and rose golds rather than in your face statement pieces. Followed by dainty handbags, shoes and easy look hair dos. For me, I always style my hair in a low bun or with simple waves when wearing silk in the day. Another way of dressing down this material is tying knots, especially with a silk blouse. I think a pair of denim jeans with a white silk shirt, tied in a knot at the front is such an elegant and chic off duty look.

As an underneath item

If you think of a silk blouse/ shirt, a great way of wearing it as a day item is underneath another item, such as dungarees, a Summer jumpsuit/ playsuit or even a dress. This kind of look is perfect for a dressed-up situation such as a Summer wedding, christening or even day time lunch. This is something I have seen a lot recently around London, and particularly with those attending the latest year at Wimbledon.

Biker and Denim Jackets

Silk works great when contrasted with another texture. In the evening I love the look of silk with a denim or biker jacket to give it an amazing contrasted edgy feel. Again, take a white silk shirt and jeans, with a biker jacket thrown over, or a silky white dress with a denim jacket thrown over with Summer sandals. Both these looks are my kind of dream, and it is just making me want to invest in a lot more silk for my wardrobe!

Mis-match Textures

As with the jackets, silk works best with an obvious mix-match of textures. I always think that my silk skirt works best with a cotton based top, or even a jumper in the cooler months. This difference in texture adds so much to an outfit and completely finishes off any silk look.


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