At this time of year, I often feel a large difference in my skin and a yearning for change in my routine. During the colder months I suffer from very dehydrated skin, but as with a lot of others, this often changes in the Summer. In fact, I can become very oily in these few months, which can be difficult as I don’t quite know how to control this. In the last year I seem to have tried and tested so many different products and definitely have a much better idea nowadays of how to take care of my skin than I used to. Not just from blogging, but a lot of my marketing clients are in the beauty industry, therefore I seem to sub-consciously take in all the information about different brands and products on the market.

For me, a new favourite in my collection is Clarins. I have always heard good things about Clarins, however never tried anything until a few months ago. When the new My Clarins range launched, which is a variety of products aimed at youthful skin, I definitely had to try them. I tried the milk-based cleanser and moisturiser and have loved them both. Initially I was still going between a few products, although now the more humid weather has kicked in, I seem to have been reaching for them a lot. They are both very light in comparison to my other products, scream Summer in a bottle, and have been combating my oily skin perfectly. I am thrilled that I found these before Summer started as they really are perfect for the season.

As well as the Clarins products, Dermalogica has firmly made its way into my skincare collection and one product in particular is absolutely amazing. The Dermalogica multi-active toner is one of the best products that I have ever used, for all year round, but particularly during the hotter weather. The toner is fresh and vibrant in texture, providing such a great level of hydration for the skin whilst also offering a refreshing touch to the skin. Also, a major perk of the toner is that it can be used all day. More so when I work from home, I find myself reaching the toner and having a spritz over my makeup for instant nourishment to my skin and a good wake up call!

In terms of masks, I have been trying a lot recently, to really see which ones work for my skin. I had my first ever Dermaplane facial a few weeks ago, so have been in need of a mask twice a week to bring everything to the surface and really feel the full benefits of the deep exfoliation I had. Out of the large variety that I have tried, the ‘Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask’ in the pink packaging is my favourite! It doesn’t irritate the skin at all, provides such a lovely coolness on the skin and has amazing results afterwards. My skin is always so hydrated and glowy the day after using one, and they are definitely a must in my skincare collection.

The last product in my Summer skincare collection is the youth serum from The Body Shop. I use this every other evening before applying my moisturiser and I just love it. It sinks into the skin in a swift motion, adds extra nourishment and definitely has kept the balance of my skin under control. Paired with my new My Clarins moisturiser the two work perfectly together and my skin has really not felt this good in such a long time.


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Moisturiser and Cleanser – Clarins

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Sheet Mask – Garnier

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