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I think white is a colour that the majority of us have in our wardrobe and at some point, we have all grabbed that white t-shirt and jeans look on a day we don’t know what to wear, however I do very much believe that it can be the statement colour in so many outfits rather than just a filler. Perhaps this is more the case in the Summer, but as we are in that season it seemed like the appropriate time to publish this post. I will always reach for white in a clothing store and usually will dress my outfit around that one colour – not only does it compliment my skin tone so well, but it is so easy to adapt a variety of other pieces with that colour.

I strongly believe that the key to a good outfit is having the base on spot, for example a bold skirt or dress, t-shirt or even pair of shoes. Choosing this one item and then working around that is not only going to make life easier, but it is going to have a great effect on the overall look.

The dress featured in this post was a purchase this Spring in Mallorca, from Mango, which is one of my go to Summer stops. I knew instantly that I had to have this dress in my life, as not only was it the perfect shape and fit for my hourglass figure, but it also had texture and beautiful features, giving the colour a whole new leap of life. The dress has quickly become a key piece in my Summer wardrobe and as with any item of this colour it has been easily transitioned from day to night for a variety of occasions.


When it comes to styling white, my biggest attraction to the colour is block colours. So, welcome my new red espadrille wedges. Oh. My. They are GORGEOUS! I knew these had to be in my wardrobe and I have already got so much wear out of them, particularly with white. Red and white seem to be colours that just elegantly bounce off each other and are such a classic combination. What I love even more about this dress and shoes together is that they can very much be worn from day to night!

To add more contrast, my baby pink bag had to be the perfect addition and red and pink is one of my favourite combinations. The outfit just screams Summer and even though the accessories and shoes are bold in themselves, I still personally feel like the white dress is the main star of the show. To finish, possible more in the evening, I would sling my denim jacket over my shoulders for a little warmth and a lighter addition than a leather jacket or coat.

Finally, I find that the best way to accessorize a white outfit is with subtle jewellery, that matches your colour tone. For me this is delicate silver pieces, such as an elegant necklace, Pandora bracelet or even set of silver rings. The accessories should match your colour tone and be what you love to wear, but you don’t want them to steal the show, so not something overly heavy.


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Dress – Mango

Bag – Mulberry

Shoes – New Look




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