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Welcome to another skin care post. I have absolutely adores sharing my skincare posts over the last year and am now even considering myself much more of a fashion and skincare blogger rather than beauty or food! It just has kind of fallen that way! Today’s post is all about my favourite products to use whilst travelling, as well as few newbies in my collection.

To begin with, I wanted to talk about my new travel kit which was released from Feel Unique a couple of months ago in collaboration with Victoria McGrath from InTheFrow. Not only is she an inspiration from a blogging point of view, and an all-round beautiful person, but she also seriously knows her stuff. I have followed and loved her now for years and always get a twinge of excitement when she brings something new out. This travel bag was no exception… in fact I cannot even tell you how quickly I bought it! Obviously, I bought this because I love her and wanted to support a blogger, however having watched her video and the products being released inside I knew instantly that it was something I had to have, especially for travelling. A few of the products inside were already in my collection, and there were also many that I had heard of and wanted to try for a while. I would say everything in this bag is all you could need for a holiday, especially at this time of year, and sums up what skincare travel essentials really are.

The main products in the kit that I already used, loved and always travel with are the Elemis eye pads, a face mist (I do use a different brand to the one in the bag) and the Origins Ginzing which is an incredible eye cream. These three products are definite holiday must haves, no matter which brand they are from. Then, the kit also contained a Midnight Secret Face Moisturiser and the famous Lumene Balm which I have always head good things about. I can now see why! It is such a versatile product which makes it even more perfect for travelling. You can use this balm on your face, around your eyes, to add colour to your brows, on your nails and hands, feet and body. It is amazing, particularly for a flight where we all get so dehydrated. In the bag was also the By Terry Lip Care which again I have heard so many good things about. I cannot travel without a good lip balm as mine get so sore. The kit also includes other helpful items for travelling such as an eye mask, ear plugs, a mirror, hair bobbles and an amazing reusable liquids bag. It really was a complete bargain!

So in total, whether you get the kit or not, the key products that for me are travel essentials include:


Eye masks and a good sheet mask

Face mist (I love my Dermalogica one)

A good quality face cream

Eye Cream

Lip Care

An all round balm


In terms of other products for Summer travelling my number one recommendation would be an SPF, however this should be worn every single day of the year, not just in the Summer. I am obsessed with AlumierMD and won’t use any other SPF now. I use the clear shield product and simply apply a layer of this on top of my moisturiser each morning. Protecting our skin from the sun is so vital and just remember, ‘it is easier to prevent sun damaged skin than fix it’ !!

Another item I could never travel without is Water Wipes. I love my water wipes and they are one of my best friends for travelling. I keep them in my handbag as I often want to refresh my hands, however I use them quite a lot to just quickly remove the first layer of my makeup when I can’t stand it anymore on the plane. They are just one of those things that you can guarantee at some point during your travels you or even someone else will need!

What are your favourite travel essentials?



I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

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