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Want to hear something ironic? My favourite fashion posts to discuss here on the blog are always evening and party looks, but they are the looks that I wear the least as I hate being out past 7pm! Pathetic excuse for a 21-year-old I know! Nevertheless, it is my favourite fashion looks to create so I am going to post all about them anyway. I find Summer party looks often a lot more difficult than other seasons to pull off, mainly because of the temperature uncertainty, however they are also the ones that you can have the most fun with.

One of the main reasons I love dressing up in the Summer is that I find it a much easier season to really express myself and have fun with an outfit. In the Winter I automatically go to darker colours and much heavier accessories, so in the Summer it just feels like there are many more options.

Summer often caters to a much larger variety of parties and occasions to celebrate from birthdays to weddings, christenings to proms and even a Summer garden party. With this, there is a much larger selection of outfits available, many of which can be picked apart and transitioned from one event to another. When I had my colour analysis a couple of weeks ago it opened my eyes to so many more looks that I can create, and most importantly has made me get so much more creative with my summer looks, day to night. In the analysis it was very obvious that black is not a great match for my skin tone, however it is a colour I have in abundance in my wardrobe, so I have had to play around with it to out my clothes to good use. So, that brings me on to this year’s Summer evening look.

Wedges/ Block Heels

So, for me the first component of any Summer look is a wedge or block heel, contrary to what you see in this blog post. My feet got tired during our shoot and I forgot to put my heels on!! Block heels and wedges  just scream Summer and let’s be honest, they are a hell of a lot more comfortable. I think the majority of Summer evening looks just look so much more elegant with this chosen shoe, particularly with the huge midi trend of 2019. Dune London have always been my go-to for a good wedge shoe, as well as Asos and Topshop for great block shoes.

The Midi Dress/ Skirt

The midi trend of 2018/19 has been huge, and I hope that it is a trend that goes on and on as it is my absolute favourite look. Yes, it may very much be an easy to go to day look, however for the evening they are so easy to dress up in any way for any occasion. The key ways to do this are with accessories, the right shoe and of course a bag. The midi dress featured in this post is one of my latest pieces in my wardrobe from New Look and it has quickly become one of my favourites. I would describe it as a very ‘Summer toned leopard’, that can easily be adapted. Trying to tone down the black, I chose to pair it with a white top and silver accessories which compliment my skin tone and give the outfit an overall very Summery feel.


Accessories are the key way to dress up an outfit, particularly a Summer outfit that can exist with all the other components in the day and then a simple necklace to give it an evening edge. I am very much a silver toned accessory girl, so accessorising for me in the Summer is a lot easier as it is much more of Spring Summer toned colour. I would say however that your accessories shouldn’t depend on the season, they should only depend on what looks right on you and what you enjoy wearing.

Hair Accessories

The biggest trend of 2019 so far seems to have been the introduction of bold hair accessories, such as ribbon hair ties, knotted and ‘diamond’ hair bands and those o so gorgeous pearl hair clips. They are all so beautiful and I do think they look utterly divine in the evening with any evening look. What’s even better? You can get them for a complete bargain across all high street stores.


Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of glitter and in the Summer, it really works! In fact, I have been on the hunt this season for some gorgeous glitter pieces to add to my wardrobe, but they are surprisingly hard to find. I think a glittery cami with block coloured trousers are a huge yes for an evening look, or a plain top with a glitter midi skirt is just to die for. This trend can be used anywhere on an outfit for that extra touch of glam, and just looks so beautiful in the Summer when it catches the sun.

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