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Last week in Italy I tried to me very minimal with my packing and outfits, taking the time to just simply relax and enjoy the culture. However, fashion is my passion and five years into blogging, I couldn’t not at least try and document what I chose to wear. Therefore, welcome to this year’s very casual round up of my Summer holiday look book featuring all my favourite trends of 2019.

Getting right to it, this year my favourite trend has been the flouncy midi skirts and dresses featured a lot here. The blue midi skirt and red dress were two huge go to’s for me over the Summer and so easy to wear whilst I was away. I love items in my wardrobe that make me feel glam and on trend, but also being comfortable and extremely easy to wear. My blue flouncy skirt, which was a 2018 purchase, was perfect for day to night with simple t-shirts, flat sandals or trainers and then dressed up with block heels and accessories. I have always found skirts like this to be very flattering as they hug my hourglass figure and, in my opinion, only flatter it more. The red dress which in my eyes resembles this skirt a lot got a lot of wear over the trip as again it can be worn casually in the day and dressed up in the evening. It was also a lovely item to throw on over a swimsuit for lounging around the pool. Items like these for me are absolute must haves as every holiday suitcase needs to have plenty of versatile pieces.

Following on from the poolside look, this year I decided to opt for a much more covered approach. I am not afraid to say it; my lumps and bumps have been incredibly frustrating me recently and getting everything out just wasn’t really an option. So, I decided to make the best of the situation and take along some chic swimsuits that would look perfect around the lake, especially topped with some simple black or white sarongs. My red swimsuit happened to be my favourite and was one I purchased from Topshop just before this trip. It had slits down the side, so I felt quite modern, however I also felt secure and relaxed whilst wearing it. Also, I don’t think you can really get much more sophisticated than a good swimsuit and an oversized hat!

The next item I loved was my pastel pink midi dress from Angeleye Fashion*. This dress was perfect as again it could be dressed up or down from day to night and was so comfortable. The light shade went with all bags and accessories I chose to take increasing its versatility and most importantly it also made me feel very confident with its flattering fit. What I also loved was that it could be unbuttoned at the front, again giving me another option to wear something over a swimsuit around the pool. The same can also be said for my trusty denim mini dress that has been another go to this season. It can be unbuttoned to wear over a swimsuit and then dressed for the day or night again.

Two items that I reached for continuously during the trip as the weather could sometimes be unpredictable was my light linen blazer and a denim jacket that belongs to my partner (I forgot mine!). They were both perfect for the slightly cooler days to be worn or placed over the shoulders for a chic effect with all the dresses and other items I chose to take with me, particularly in the evening. Looking good is great until you feel super chilly and can’t enjoy sitting outside with your Aperol Spritz!

The last item in my suitcase that was worn everyday was my white belt. I have become very strict with myself when choosing which accessories to take away with me, so sticking to one belt has been a must. I chose white as it simply goes with everything and boy did it get its use. Whether it was wrapped around a dress to pull me in, with my shorts to keep them up or even just to add some colour to a simple look, a simple belt is an absolute must.

My style in Italy was probably the most minimal holiday wardrobe I have ever opted for, but it was just what I needed. Something relaxed and casual that I still felt confident in. Do you have a favourite of the looks?


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Red Dress – Zara

Denim Jacket – Primark

Monochrome Dress – Asos

Belt – Gucci

Red Wedges – Harvey Nichols

Denim Dress – Zara

Red Swimsuit – Topshop

Skirt – H&M (similar)

Linen Blazer – Mango

Pink Bag – Mulberry

Blue Bag – Mulberry

Pink Dress* – Angeleye Fashion

Pink Skirt – Mango

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