AD | this blog post contains an ongoing brand relationship with Jo Malone, and I was gifted two of the products featured.

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My love and passion for Jo Malone really started around three years ago when I moved into my flat. It was the small touches that I really wanted to get right to make my house into a real home. This was when I first discovered the Jo Malone candle selections. I started with one and gradually built my collection over a year to mix up the scents in my home and add the perfect luxury pieces in the little corners of my rooms. My favourite candle had to be, and still is, Peony and Blush Suede. However, it is very much followed by Orange Blossom. I adore the sweet rich scents of both these products, and they are the scents that I really associate with being happy at home. About a year ago I was invited to Jo Malone in Bristol to discover more of their home collection and this is where I found a love for a lot more of the products such as the hand and body wash, diffusers and room sprays. Before this visit I had very much underestimated the impact of scenting your home and learnt very quickly that what you use in your home can have such a positive impact on your mood.

My favourite thing about visiting Jo Malone is the experience. I adore revisiting all the scents, learning what’s new and most importantly adding something more to my collection. They are products that make me smile over and over again, and my relationship with the scents has only grown over the years.

Two weeks ago, I was invited again into Jo Malone, Bristol Harvey Nichols, to learn more about their fragrance selection and the power of finding the right scent for you. Jo Malone encourage mixing scents and giving a bespoke service to assist everyone find their luxury scent combination for the individual… something that I feel is very unique in the market. The #DeclareYourScent campaign is to highlight the significance of this service and to invite you to discover your very own combination. Jo Malone offer an extremely 1-1 experience, where you can visit your local boutique and enjoy a complimentary scent experience with a hand and arm massage. Not only is this a relaxing and fun experience, but it also gives you the opportunity to really get your scent right and take your time in choosing what you feel is really the correct combination for you.

I knew already that I was going to be more on the floral side as these are the tones I always reach for when shopping for a new perfume. What I learnt very quickly was that the scents you love for your home may not necessarily be the same ones you love to wear. This was very much the case for me. My combination turned out to be English Pear and Freesia with Wild Bluebell. I do have a Wild Bluebell candle, which was newly released this year, and I loved the gentle scent on my skin. English Pear and Freesia is a scent that I had never wanted to bring into my range of home products, however I fell in love with it as a perfume, especially paired with Wild Bluebell. Just to add, Jo Malone are very specific with their fragrances. Wild Bluebell as a scent has been available in fragrance for a long time, although it was only recently introduced as a candle as the creators couldn’t get the formula right. They do not release a product or make compromises what so ever. It has to be perfect. I truly respect this from the brand.

Another interesting fact – wild bluebells are very rare. Therefore, Jo Malone do not pick new ones. They clone the scent from an original one and replicate it in their labs to extract the scent from just the one wild bluebell!

To add, a couple of months ago I also discovered the absolutely beautiful body cremes that are on offer. I had a tester of the Mimosa and Cardamom and fell in love. So much so, I took myself off and bought it right away as the tiny tester had already brought me so much joy. A great way of mixing fragrances is by using a body cream followed by a scent. I have adored wearing my body cream on my arms and chest in the day, with a spritz of one of the scents over the top. This combination lasts all day and very much takes care of my skin at the same time with the nourishment from the cream.

This is all very much the scents and products that I love and enjoy using in my everyday life. There is such a variety of products available from this brand and I cannot recommend enough popping into your local Jo Malone boutique and having a look around yourself. If you also choose to purchase your very own combination please do let me know, and when sharing, use the hashtag #DeclareYourScent.

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This blog post contains a gifted product from Jo Malone, however all views and opinions are my own. I was not paid to publish this blog post and I have a genuine love and passion for the brand.