*this blog post contains items that have been gifted, however not in connection with this specific post. All imagery is by Hana Dallimore Photography.

I feel very fortunate this year to have really expanded my perfume collection, being given the opportunity to try a lot of new scents and experience what different brands have to offer. I have posted a few blogs about some of these individual experiences, however I thought it was about time that I put all this knowledge in one place and shared everything I now know. Fragrance has always been something I have enjoyed, however not quite to the extent of other things such as makeup and skincare. I was always very much under the illusion that there is one perfect scent for everyone and that’s where it ends. Although, I’ve learnt quickly this year that is certainly not the case. So, first things first, when finding the perfect scent, you need to understand that there is not going to be just one. I believe we need an array of perfect scents to be worn for different occasions such as every day, evenings, as well as the different seasons.

For me, Jo Malone is my go-to for the perfect day time scent, with my combination being ‘English Pear and Freesia’ with ‘Wild Bluebell’. Jo Malone offer an exquisite service when it comes to perfume (well all their stock) and make the process of finding your scent even easier. You can read all about it in the individual blog post I did, however in a nutshell for me they are perfect for the day as they are very light on the skin and all have a refreshing depth of smell. This is one thing I think a lot of people underestimate. Fragrance isn’t just about how it smells but also very much how it feels on the skin to wear, especially over a period of time. Jo Malone have nailed this as the smell and the feel of the perfume will see you through the entire day.

That principle for day wear scents also applies to another gift I received whilst doing a collaboration with World Duty Free. I was kindly gifted the ‘Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal’ perfume, which is famous for its lid with the wonderful legs! I love this perfume too for the daytime as it is light on the skin but is also a little richer than my Jo Malone ones so works perfectly for something more extra such as an important meeting or more formal day out. This leads me nicely on to the next stage in choosing the right scents for you, they have to make you feel a certain way. All the scents in my collection make me feel good in different ways. For example, my Jo Malone ones make me feel refreshed and alive, my Jean Paul Gaultier one makes me feel confident and then the next one in my collection, Gucci Bloom, makes me feel adventurous.

Gucci Bloom was a scent I fell for when it was newly released a few years ago. I was in Geneva with a friend and during our trip we had a shopping day which of course for me involved Gucci. I wanted to buy a smaller pink toned Gucci belt for the upcoming Spring season and whilst I was trying away, the lovely Gucci lady started showing us this perfume. We both fell in love instantly and both landed up buying some on our way home. We loved this scent for the beautiful floral notes, which apparently comes from a very rare ingredient that only Gucci have bought the rights to use. This goes on nicely to me explaining how ‘perfect scents’ are also about what they make you think of. Obviously, Gucci Bloom is gorgeous for the smell alone, however whenever I wear it, I am now reminded of the trip we took that time that was just hilarious, as well as the whole Summer when I took some time off to spend with loved ones before my surgery. The smell now makes me smile every time I spritz it and it has become perfect for not just the scent but also the memories it holds. I have heard of a lot of people who chose Gucci Bloom as a wedding scent and I can totally see why.

Now, moving on to the dark side as I call it. I am not someone who enjoys very rich and overpowering perfumes, although when I enjoyed my experience with Shy Mimosa in Clifton, I learnt that you can get the balance of richer scents that are also light and floral. During this day I learnt all about the brand ‘Daniel Josier’, and found my signature evening scent. Again, I won’t go into major detail as this has its own blog post that I will tag here. The point I am trying to make from this is that if you really do your research and perhaps visit someone who knows everything there is to know like I did, you can be pushed out of your comfort zone a little and find a scent that is ideal for a more evening musky look.

Finally, this being pushed out of your comfort zone thing I have mentioned came to me a few weeks ago too. I was extremely fortunate to have been asked to collaborate with Dior Beauty and they very kindly sent me some beautiful products including the Joy perfume. I have seen this perfume before, however hadn’t taken much notice as I remember being in a rush. The perfume itself comes in a beautiful bottle with a very satisfying magnetic top. The scent in my opinion is a heavier floral, which I would say is an evening or more formal day choice. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone with this one, but after a few weeks it has really started to become one of my favourites and the heavier side has definitely grown on me, especially as we are moving into the colder season. So yes, that’s another thing, the perfect scent can 100% grow on you. Give things a try a few times before disregarding them.

So, there you have it, everything I have learnt about finding your perfect scent… or should I say scents!

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