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If you are anything like me, you will understand that balancing a busy schedule can be extremely difficult. I have always found it very hard to juggle everything in my life, particularly because I try to give each thing so much attention. I love working, I love my blogging hobby, I love having a social life and I love keeping my home up to date. With that I also try to dedicate enough time into getting to the gym, preparing healthy meals each day and then of course fitting in much needed down time. All this together can be a real struggle and I am someone who keeps going and going until my body physically won’t let me anymore. So, what is the answer? All these things going on in life for me are things that I can’t just get rid of, so really the only way to make them all manageable is by addressing them and figuring out a better way to fit them into my life and everyday schedule.

I remember seeing a post on Facebook years ago that someone had created, which was a circle and all the things they/ everyone tried to juggle each day. This was the first time in my life that I really took notice of how life can become stressful and that other people too were struggling with everything going on.

First things first, like my grandma has always told me, get writing. The first way that I can get everything sorted and prioritised is by writing a list weekly of everything that needs to be done, as well my appointments and the friends and family I want to see. This way you can pick apart the list and fix it into your diary. This is where my paper diary and weekly planner becomes very useful as it is all laid out properly and can be used each day to make life just a lot easier.  Just remember this can be done anywhere, at any time, and usually is the first thing you should do when you feel stressed and just frankly overwhelmed with everything.

The main thing to remember when splitting up your time and trying to fit everything in is that you do have to be realistic. If you set unrealistic goals and days for yourself, it isn’t going to happen which will make you even more stressed and usually highly unmotivated. You have to factor in how much real time everything takes, a section for things that may arise out of the blue and most importantly just time to chill out.

The next three steps for me are simple. If you are taking care of your mind and body, being productive and getting everything done is going to be much easier. So, the three steps include:

  • Eating well – make sure you are eating all the nutrients your body needs at the right times of day.
  • Exercise – the biggest excuse we make when exercising is ‘we don’t have time’. I have learnt that if you are realistic, you can get it done. I used to set very silly goals for exercise and now that I am more relaxed about it, I find it much easier to get done.
  • Sleep – I have always been awful at getting enough sleep and still now am by no means amazing. However, I make much more of an effort. It’s simple really, if you get enough sleep you will get more done the next day.

For me the next thing to remember is to separate your work and leisure time. I have had to really get strict with myself on this as I work from home. I now have set times during the week that I work, at my desk, making sure I don’t get distracted. By doing this I get all my work done as I have the set time and then the other time can be separated between everything else in life. I know for many people this isn’t so much of a problem as you physically go to work, however even mentally it can be hard to separate everything.

Finally, the good old saying, work hard play hard. If you are working hard enough ensuring you get everything done, you then have the ability to really enjoy your other time, whether you want to get to the gym, go for drinks with friends, enjoy a romantic meal or even spend the evening in bed doing bugger all. Your time is only yours and you can decide exactly how you want to spend it.


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