We are officially into my favourite fashion season and I couldn’t be happier that my tights and Winter coats have made an appearance! I also couldn’t be happier that I am back to writing my fashion posts revolved around this season. I find Spring and Summer incredibly hard to talk about on the blog as they are frankly seasons that I just don’t enjoy dressing for, therefore feel uneasy when having to write my style tips. Don’t get me wrong, they are not untrue as I honestly write about how I feel and what I choose to wear, however it is just not my favourite thing to write about. There is just something about Winter that makes me happy; something about it that makes me feel confident and empowered. I wake up each morning eager to put my outfit together and walk out the front door happier which seems to be a feeling that many others who I have spoken to, don’t seem to actually share.

Pulling off a look is about so much more than looking good. In my opinion it is about feeling utterly gorgeous and in control of yourself, having the confidence to ‘boss’ your day and most of all, tackle all obstacles life constantly throws our way, even as minor as a twit in the car behind you.

I wanted to put this post together, as even though I feel very confident in the Winter, it is not a feeling I share with everyone. Having spoken to a lot of people over recent weeks, I have found them to all say a few similar things that in my opinion will definitely supress this confidence. I want to help women, indeed men too, to really utilise what this season can bring and not let the general feeling of depression and tiredness that we get here in the UK during Winter, get the better of us. This is a long season, and yes, I completely appreciate why it has such an effect on our moods, although I am here to say it really doesn’t have to. Fashion can have a major impact on us mentally and is one of the few things we can do on an everyday basis to express ourselves and take control of how we feel. So, how exactly do we make this work if it isn’t quite working yet?

Black is not the only colour around…

First things first, I couldn’t not start with this. Everyone I have spoken to in the last few weeks, indeed over my life, has said they love Winter because it means they can ‘bring their black back out’. Where on earth did it stem from that we all wear black during the Winter, ALL THE TIME?! I once went on the tube in London during Winter and could not believe how many people on that train were wearing bloody black. Yes, I agree black is a great colour, however I have learnt this year during my style session that out of the four possible fashion seasons we all fit into, only one of those seasons can actually pull off black. With this, it is also not on all days. This means, not only is black not the colour for our skin tones, but it actually makes us look even more tired and dull, which in the Winter is really not what you want. So my first point, put the damn black away and get creative with your colours. This is something I have already avoided during the season and I am telling you now, I feel so confident stepping out of my home wearing my brightly coloured coats and dresses.

Style AND Warmth… So, one of my biggest tips for the Winter that I have been caught out on too many times is looking and feeling great but being bloody freezing!! Having a nice outfit is all great, however if you are too cold, you are not going to feel confident or empowered. So, my advice, wear your nice outfit but it is all about the layers. Adapt your outfit to fit the temperature and I can assure you that you will begin to feel a lot more confident during the day, and night!

Coat Collection

So, this is one of my biggest loves in the Winter, a killer coat collection. I used to think my coat collection was seriously excessive and just getting a little out of control, but last year I suddenly realised that I really was wearing them all and was able to create so many different looks as I had a variety of options. Now, when you really think of it, in the Winter you don’t so much revolve your coat around your outfit, you generally will revolve your outfit around your coat. The reason for this is obvious, it generally is the only thing you ever show off/ anyone sees. Therefore, having a collection is extremely beneficial as you then have the luxury of creating many looks, giving you a new sense of confidence each and every day. Start small and work your way up. Having the basics is key and then getting into some more fun pieces too. My go to for coats is Zara, Ted Baker and Mango.


Let’s be honest, Winter is all about the accessories. In order to experiment with your looks and give you that sense of confidence you need to have the eagerness to accessorize. Be bold with your jewellery and your handbag choice, experiment with your scarves like a Parisian and most importantly, don’t be afraid of gloves and hats. The accessories alone can make your outfit and often will be the thing that makes you happier with your overall look.


This is different for everyone, I am well aware, however I have always found wearing heels makes me feel so much more confident. They don’t have to be huge and can even be tiny ones, nevertheless having just a little height can really elevate your legs and the overall look. I find it much harder to do in the Summer as I just want to be comfy in the heat, whereas in the Winter it is so much easier as they are often very comfortable if it is heeled boots or more block heeled shoes. Also, they are a god sent for making your legs look thinner!!

Bring out your Goddess

Ultimately, your look should make you feel like an utter goddess. You should want to feel happy, confident and most importantly capable of doing absolutely anything you want. This is going to be different for everyone so let me tell you what gives me this feeling. My go to #BossLady look has to be a midi dress, colourful midi coat in a tailored style, heeled boots, warm tights and a chunky scarf to stay warm. To finish, a handbag flung over my elbow or shoulder to complete the look. This is my go-to. What is yours?


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