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Blogging. Whatever you feel about that word, there is no denying that blogging is something that goes and comes around continuously. Brands quickly picked up on the success of bloggers and have chosen to invest a huge part, or for some their entire marketing budget on blog campaigns and social media posts to advertise their business. Why? Bloggers have the power to interact with their audience, organically sharing the things they love and inspiring others with their choices of products, services and even experiences. I myself have chosen a particular destination twice now based on where some of my favourite bloggers have visited. How crazy is that?! There is no denying that bloggers and Instagram stars are the way forward, which means us as micro influencers are actually incredibly powerful. We have very engaged audiences and are often chosen by brands as we have the power to influence whilst also being much more affordable.

I worked with my first brand five months into blogging and have probably worked with over 50 now. During this time, I have learnt so much about the relationship you need to have in order to benefit both parties. Hence, why I wanted to share my best tips with you today.

The relationship micro influencers and brands have is often a great one, although a major fall back for us micro influencers is two things. Firstly, this is usually a hobby and secondly, we don’t have fancy management pulling or the strings and making it all happen. We are a one-man band, and it can often be difficult to establish what sort of relationship we need to have with brands if we are very new to the blogging circle. So, if you are a micro influencer and feel like you’re struggling to get the most out of your relationships with brands, carry on reading!

Nail your media kit

First things first, this is a business. When you have a business, you have to market yourself, simple as that. A media kit is the absolute starting point. This media kit should say who you are in a few bold sentences, record your stats, an image of the brands you have currently worked with and of course a selection of your content so a brand gets a general gist of what you are about. If charge a fee, you can also add your fee sheet to this media kit, so a brand has all the information in one go. Want to know more about media kits? Send me a message below and I will happily send you a copy of mine so you can see what they are meant to look like! We are all in this together peeps!

Treat it like a business

Ultimately, as the old saying goes, ‘treat it like a hobby, get paid like a hobby’. In business there is a general etiquette as to how you contact, communicate and work with other brands. For example, a professional first email is always a must, laying out exactly what you can offer simply as well as what you are looking for in return and delivering more on what you have promised. Business 101, promise less, give more. An example of this in blogging for me, is after I have done a collaboration and fulfilled on my side of the campaign, a few weeks later I will revisit the content and often discuss more. This shows my audience that I am authentic and definitely gets notices by brands.

Never be afraid to say no

A big blogging tip here. Never be afraid to say no. Ultimately you are going to be contacting my brands who are taking the piss with what they want from you, and you are also going to be contacting by brands that don’t fit in with your brand or personal beliefs. My advice is to always say no. Never accept a collaboration if it is something you wouldn’t pay for yourself and never give a brand more than what they are giving you back. My biggest hatred is when brands offer a discount on products in exchange for content. THEY ARE ASKING YOU TO PAY IN ORDER TO ADVERTISE THEM!!! That is not okay. I did this once in the early days and it is one of my biggest regrets, however I have learnt my lesson!

Gifting and Getting Paid

Now, here’s the thing, in your job you wouldn’t turn up for an hour if you weren’t getting paid for an hour. Well at least I hope you wouldn’t. It is the same in blogging, whether you are doing this as a hobby or a paying job. Never under sell yourself and know you value. In my opinion every single blogger should be paid for every single piece of work, however I do personally make exceptions. If it is a campaign where I would purchase the product or service myself and it feels like a good deal in my heart, then I will do it. If I have even an inkling of a doubt, my media kit and fee sheet will be sent via email. Ultimately, we all live busy lives and doing something for nothing really isn’t an option. Let me just quickly define two things for you.

Paid for campaigns: full brief before agreeing; a time scale of the content provided by the brand; everything laid out in advance to payment; you as the blogger will invoice the company.

Gifting: No time scales; no full brief should be given; there is to be no formal agreement of what can be expected from you.

The final product

In my opinion when working with a brand, and when everything has been done properly, your content should be of your highest level. Not only does this look good to the brand and usually lead to future work but it acts as a constant portfolio for future campaigns and of course the growth of your blog and brand. Basically, make sure you are proud of the content that you have created and share the crap out it!!


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