This is one of my favourite blog posts to write, so I couldn’t wait to bring it a little earlier this year. In March, for my birthday I am off for my favourite detox week in the Scottish Highlands where there is no phone signal and complete relaxation. So, with this there is also a lack of resources meaning I cannot forget anything! Hence, why I am putting together my beauty travel essentials guide for this year, to share my favourites and remind myself what I need!

I have become much stricter in the last few months about the products that I choose to buy and use in my home, not just to do my part for the necessary change in the world but also to make much healthier choices for myself.

So, what are my essentials?

Hair Care Products – when switching to a professional hair care regime I noticed such a change in the health and overall glow of my hair. This means that consistency is key and sticking to my hair care routine is essential even whilst travelling. When we travel it can really affect our hair, due to the change in climates and often flying. So, don’t be tempted to head to Superdrug and pick up those minis that are useful in your wash bag, take your proper products, or buy empty minis and fill them yourself. If you want more information on my hair care, head to this blog here.

Water Wipes – my absolute must have when travelling and whilst away. I keep this in my handbag so I can remove my makeup as soon as it starts to irritate me.

Lip Balms Galore – no travel for me can be done without a good lip balm. Whether you’re in the car, on a train, bus or plane, your lips are going to get incredibly fry from the air conditioning and heating systems. Having a lip balm will be your absolute saviour. My favourite is obviously the Arbonne Shea Butter one!

Sheet Masks – again, because of the air conditioning, heating and change in climate, particularly on a flight, all the moisture gets sucked out of our skin. A sheet mask is a super quick and easy way to rehydrate the skin, especially if you smother the serum and let it soak in. The new RE9 sheet masks from Arbonne are absolutely incredible and simply a must try if you have never tried any of the products before.

Travel Fragrances – I absolutely love fragrance and have done for so many years. Perfumes themselves are very heavy and often bulky, so having some smaller travel sized ones are ideal for travelling, or even shoving in your handbag. The smaller ones you get in gift sets are amazing, and the mini Ted Baker ones are my favourite for travelling.


Ready in 5 Makeup Set – when I’m away the last thing I want to do is wear makeup every day, especially in the evening. The Ready in 5 set was launched a few months ago and I am utterly obsessed. It includes a great coverage but lightweight CC cream, the Speak Volumes mascara, a tinted brow cream/ brow pencil, blush and lip colour of your choice. It is perfect for a quick and easy get ready, especially when travelling and on holiday.

Dry Shampoo – my last and absolute must have, in fact once I drove half an hour out of the way to buy some, is dry shampoo. I’m sorry, but who wants to be constantly washing their hair when enjoying a nice time away. Dry shampoo is a must and would definitely be on my ‘top 5 things to take to a desert island’ list.

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