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So, this is something I have wanted to talk about on the blog for such a long time, however wanted to wait until I felt I had the knowledge and a little more experience of open-minded actions paying off in my own life. The world we live in has changed so much in the last 100 years, heck it as changed so much in the last 5. Employers are looking for those who can carry a conversation rather than those with top marked qualifications, Instagram influencers are bringing in more income than barristers and somehow Donald Trump is the president of the United States. See, times have changed, and it is an inevitable movement that we all have to embrace. Being open minded is such a huge part of this, not just to help ourselves develop but to ensure we are working towards the lives we really want and working smart to make sure we get there.

The biggest thing I have noticed is the determination and yearning for more from so many young people. None of us are willing to settle anymore and I love it! Why the hell should we?!

So, with this being said, it’s all good having our big dreams and goals, but how do we actually achieve them? I 100% believe that it is down to two things: working smart (see blog here) and being the most open-minded version of yourself that you possibly can be… with a sprinkle of stepping out of your comfort zone and consistency. Over the last few years I have made so many key life decisions that were totally out of my comfort zone, not following the ‘norm’, but I can feel already that they are starting to pay off so early in life. I truly believe that we only succeed in life if we push boundaries, do things we don’t feel like doing and jumping at new opportunities.

When I left sixth form having completed my A-levels with adequate grades I knew one million percent that I was not going to university. It would so have been the wrong decision for me, and I was fully prepared to face all the backlash for my decision not to go. There was a lot… not from my family but from my school. Let’s be real, schools want students to go to uni as it increases their stats and makes the staff and school look better #real talk. This I feel was the first time in my life that I was open minded as I strayed from the normal route of attending university and decided to work to earn some money instead of getting stuck. During this time, for a year or so, I enjoyed life. I got to experience having my own real money for the first time, I had countless hours to pour my heart and soul into blogging and I really started to discover who I was as a person. A major turning point then came in my life when I had my heart surgery, as I very much started to see life in a very different way. Something that is extremely precious, to be lived to the max and most importantly never to settle as you don’t know what life is going to throw at you.

I was very lucky that just before my operation I was given the opportunity to try something new, simply by networking and talking to a lady where I got my nails done about my blog. She offered me the chance to run her social media for her business as she was impressed by my personal blog and platforms. This for me was a big turning point as I had a light bulb moment where I suddenly realised that my real passion could become a reality through helping others do what I loved. So, my first piece of advice for being open minded is to talk to everyone. Never not have a conversation with the person next to you and always engage as you really never know what it might lead to.

After my operation and throughout my recovery I was able to build my business, reaching out to other business owners and simply never not talking about what I did to everyone I met. I loved and still do love to talk about my work and feel privileged to get to work with so many other businesswomen absolutely nailing their careers. A huge part of being open minded for me is the people I have got to meet and the incredible relationships that I have developed. It has seriously changed my life for the better and is all thanks to saying yes and getting a little uncomfortable. Life is way too short to stick to the same group of people your whole life… don’t get me wrong they are incredibly important but getting to know new people is just as important.

Next up we have taking on something new to better yourself. Last year I had a bit of a panic moment, as I suddenly realised that if social media got shut down or I changed my mind I would have no idea what else I would like to do. So, I decided to take action and start a degree with the open university. This was extremely scary for me and massively out of my comfort zone as I had vowed never to put myself through formal education again. However, now I realise it is very different as it is totally on my terms, for my own benefit and enjoyment and I don’t have to give up the job that I love, having worked so hard to build it. Being open minded isn’t just about accepting new opportunities thrown your way or choosing a different path, but it is also about evaluating your own life and figuring out a way to change it for the better on your own terms.

Last up I am going to discuss saying yes to opportunities thrown your way. I personally think that nowadays people are so quick to judge a situation or opportunity based on one fact, when in reality they know nothing about it nor the person offering it to them. The 21st century has brought us a whole new variety of ways to create better lives for ourselves and there really is something for everyone. I really believe that if someone approaches you asking to tell you about something, or you get invited to an event to support someone’s new business, or they start talking in person, always take the time to listen. You never know nowadays what could be right for you and what could totally transform your life for the better.

Send me a message in the section below if you are keen to learn about a new opportunity or simply would like some advice on how to make a change.

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