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In November last year I had a colour session with a local personal stylist. I had been feeling a little blue about my wardrobe, mainly because my body had changed a lot and I was struggling to find clothes that made me not just feel confident but like me. The results of my colour session showed that I am a Summer, meaning that my colour tone craves light and bright pastel tones. Last Summer this was easy to adopt as they were all the rage, whereas stepping into Winter it was a bit harder to carry through the colour palette. Despite the slight difficulty, I have been making a conscious effort as much as possible to be more adventurous with my wardrobe and stray away from the dark and boring looks I constantly wore last year.

For me, I love having items in my wardrobe that can be adapted all year round. I used to always be someone who would grab for the black and brown in the Winter, constantly wearing the same outfit. However, now I have a much bigger appreciation for how an outfit can affect your mood and really want to brighten up my Winter wardrobe.

I think the task of doing this can be quite daunting to a lot of us, for two reasons. Firstly, we are a nation of habit. We all do the same thing day in and day out, season to season, never really changing much up and always sticking to the same rules. A few of these being, in the Summer we opt for bright colours and a Summer pedicure, then in the Winter we go more towards the dark side and hide everything away. So, the first step in bringing some more pastel tones into your Winter wardrobe would be to break free from your dark habit and attempt to be more adventurous. I think the best way to do this is to shop in your own Summer wardrobe and create a few layered up outfits that are bright and happy but still going to keep you warm. My best advice for breaking this habit is to take ten minutes out in your evening and pick out your outfit for the next day. This will help you resist picking up the black dress in a rush the next morning and give you more time to really experiment.

The second reason I believe is we all really struggle to shop strategically in the Winter. This isn’t just because of the constant stream of black in the shops on the high street but also because we would all rather be in the warm, under a blanket from 5pm each day during the season. So, how do we all overcome this? Well firstly, shopping online is your new best friend. I can honestly say that I don’t remember the last time I even went into a clothes shop. I always shop online nowadays… less people, no queuing and I can do it right in my home under a warm blanket. The next thing I do like to recommend, especially if your wardrobe really affects your confidence levels, is perhaps investing in a personal shop with a stylist. You would be amazed at how reasonable it can be, how much you will learn in a session and how much you will gain from the session. From just my colour session alone I learnt so much and have found shopping in my own wardrobe so much easier. In fact, I will leave the details down below for my fabulous Bristol based stylist.

This outfit for me is the perfect version of a pastel toned Winter look. My pink coat has been my best buy so far this Winter, being worn with all my work outfits and casual outfits at the weekend. I have had so many comments on how nice it is to see a bright coat in the Winter, especially one that is as versatile as this. I think the main thing to remember when it comes to styling pastels in Winter is that you don’t have to go cold Turkey Malibu Barbie in one go. The skirt to this outfit is something I wore a lot last year with an all-black outfit, this time switching to a cream top instead of black and nude boots instead of black, of course with the hot pink coat on top. To accessorize, my baby blue over shoulder bag has been incredible, and I can’t believe how much I have worn in during the Winter. I always find the most effective way to style pastels is by using them together and having to different ones in the same outfit such as pastel pink and blue.

I am absolutely loving my pastel Winter wardrobe and am definitely going to be creating new looks to share here on the blog. Have any questions about this? Please feel free to send me a message below!

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