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I have been wanting to do a small roundup of some of my Arbonne favourites for a while now, although have struggled to find the time with everything going on in life. I have been using all these products now since Summer last year and am just totally blown away by the incredible quality, fuelled by their ethical origins and dedication to our planet. I have chosen to feature a few products from across the ranges to showcase the amazing variety that the brand carries, from skincare to makeup, body care and of course our lifestyle range.

Arbonne was founded 40 years ago by a Norwegian gentleman, meaning the products are all of exquisite Swiss heritage, sold at a medium price point thanks to the amazing business model. I can honestly say that the products have changed so many parts of my life and my skin and health is eternally grateful for discovering them. So, with that being said, let’s start with the RE9 cleanser. I use this cleanser almost daily, usually in the evening to wash the day away. It contains ingredients such as sustainable orange stem cells, brown algae extract and watercress extract. The main benefits of this advanced range include deep and prolonged hydration and of course the reduced signs of fine lines.

The eye makeup remover is my next highlight, mainly because I never used to use one before as I simply couldn’t find one that didn’t irritate my eyes. This eye makeup remover contains aloe vera to soothe the eyes and panthenol to condition lashes for constant volume and health. It is an instant and amazing one swipe product. Next up is our RE9 Prep work eye gel pads which compliement the eye makeup remover perfectly. I use them a few evenings a week, especially towards the weekend as I am getting more tired. The pads contain antioxidants and vitamin B3 to reduce dark circles and to refresh the skin.

The whole RE9 brightening set is next up on my list, in particular the serum which I use daily and the intense night cream that I use three times a week for a super boost of hydration. This range contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient naturally found in the skin that is responsible for our natural glow. When added in a product, it boosts our natural levels and helps us to maintain our radiant dewy glow on a daily basis. I love this as it just makes me feel so much happier and healthier. I also use the Calm collection in between this range, which is our more entry level variety of products. My favourite of this is the light and creamy moisturiser, which blends perfectly with the SPF soft focus veil in the mornings.

Last up is the tanning range which is one of the latest for me to try! I am not really a tan girl as I have always been quite content with my milky toned skin, but I do have to admit, having a little extra colour on my skin has been quite nice. The tan contains aloe vera leaf juice and green tea leaf extract to hydrate the skin and DHA to deliver a rich and radiant tan. The tan can be adapted and built up to suit everyone and is visible within 2 hours of application. How amazing is that.

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I am an independent consultant for Arbonne, however I have not been paid to feature the brand or for any views expressed.

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