Travel Entry: Scottish Highlands

Date: March 2020

Stayed in: Onich

As you may have seen from my Instagram, a few weeks ago Finn and I escaped to Scotland to celebrate my birthday and for a much-needed week away from work and life to the Scottish Highlands. Little did we know… we would come home to the current situation and get much longer than a week! If you are in need of an escape this is 100% the place to go, well after all this madness is over. This was our third visit, staying in the same place as before and instantly falling into the lifestyle the minute we enter the woods and have sight of the first wonderful loch. It really is utter bliss and definitely our favourite place in the world. The thing I love the most is that it very much feels like you step back in time a little, to a much simpler and more beautiful place, where the stresses of busy city life just don’t really exist in the same way. 

My favourite thing about the highlights is the pure beauty and escape of real life, not being able to be glued to my phone and just simply have the time to relax and take in the beauty of my surroundings. 

The Ardnamurchan

The Ardnamurchan is a trip we have done each time we have been in Scotland, mainly for the beauty of the drive. It is around 2.5 hours each way from Onich without stopping, so definitely always becomes a full day trip. The day is quite exciting, as the drive starts with a ferry crossing across the loch closest to our cottage, and then a drive through the mountains and woods. We stop frequently to admire the views, pop to the sea life hidey to see some wild seals and usually stop at a gorgeous café which is the only place during the drive for food. They also often have highland cows which totally makes the day. The whole drive leads to a lighthouse right at the west of Scotland, which in season is buzzing. However, for our latest trip, the whole day was like living in a ghost town! One big recommendation for Scotland, go in season. Out of season… nearly everything is closed! 

Red Squirrel Watching in Onich

Near the cottage is a walk and hideaway called ‘Inchree Red Squirrel Hotspot’. It is THE place to go to see red squirrels and it does not disappoint. We go every single time, sometimes twice, as it is just so heart-warming to watch these beautiful creatures in their habitat. They are not like the boring grey ones we have down here, they are vibrant in colour and joyous in personality. There are small boxes with food in close to the hidey, which means they are super close to you and always guarantees the best picture. It isn’t exactly a whole day adventure, but it is a must each time we visit. 

Lochlevan Seafood Café

Now, I can 99.9% guarantee, this will be the best seafood you have ever eaten. We are absolutely obsessed with this restaurant, that sits beautifully next to Loch Levan. In the daytime, which we have only done once, you can sit and have lunch and just blissfully watch the loch. Then in the evening, you can enjoy a delicious seafood dinner, in the Scottish surroundings surrounded by blissful peace and quiet. The food is absolutely gorgeous, probably because of how fresh the fish is. This time we indulged in two delicious meals, consisting of scallops, a mountain of mussels, salmon and a gorgeous plaice with puy lentils. In fact, my favourite dish I have ever had there is the seabass with a chorizo and bean cassoulet. I actually shared a recipe based on this dish a few years ago, as it was too delicious not to replicate at home. Head here to give it a read.  

A stroll around Oban

Oban is a town around 50 minutes away from where we stay in Onich and I absolutely love it. It is a gorgeous little port town that is vibrant and buzzing whilst also remaining traditionally Scottish and family orientated. There are loads of lush things to do in Oban such as a visit to the distillery, walks all around and the best chocolate shop you will ever find. They also boast a fish and chip shop which Rick Stein said himself… ‘the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.’ So, it must be good! I can definitely vouch for that; however, I think Rick Steins word is probably much greater than mine! Oban is definitely a must visit in the highlands.

Have you visited the highlands? I would love to know your favourite places to see!


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