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Getting back to writing some of my favourite posts this weekend, my style posts. I find it hard to find the time to write these lately, not just because of the volume of work in my life but also because I spend most of my time in jeans and leggings working from home… so styling myself has become a very rare occurrence. Having said that, the Zara dress of the season has been my most worn item in my wardrobe after the last few months, of the ease of styling it in the morning and its comfort throughout the day.

Often with these on trend pieces it can be very hard to put your own stamp on them, as we frequently want to follow the trend as a whole and not just the individual item. I adore making a look my own and items like this can be very easy to do as they are massively versatile pieces in our wardrobes.

This dress is technically the second version of the Zara ‘It’ dress, in the Autumn Winter version. The original white one caught my eye instantly; however, I have always been wary of white dresses/ skirts as I’m terrified that they’ll land up being see through. Not that I’m saying it was, it is just a fear of mine! I love the black version of the dress as it is much more suitable for my style, I think much more versatile throughout the seasons and with the white dots it is still light and bright in colour.

Body Shape

The first thing I have learnt about this dress is that it can look so different on many different people based on body shape. A friend of mine wears the same dress, however she is much straighter bodied than I am, so the dress falls beautifully on her. I have an hourglass body shape, so the dress does not fall perfectly on me as my hips are much wider. In order to make the dress work for me I have to wear a belt which really brings the dress in for me, flatters my figure and adds the perfect accessory to the dress.


One of my favourite ways I have seen the dress accessorised was on someone on my Instagram who wore it with a big chunky necklace that was quite long and fell to just below her waist. She had chunky heeled boots and I just thought the whole look was effortlessly chic and styled the dress perfectly. When I wear the dress, I only really wear a small necklace as all the drama usually falls in my belt.

Heels vs Flats

With any midi dress I always wear my block heeled boots. It has become a staple for my personal style, as I always feel like the look gives me so much confidence and sense of motivation. Having a shoe with a heel with these types of dresses always works beautifully as it lengthens the body and forces the style of the dress to work much harder. I also love the look when worn with flat trainers in the warmer months… so chic and Chelsea-esque.


My go to look with this dress is always something relatively long, usually tailored and structured. I feel like this totally completes my look and is just my style down to a tee. Even though I usually reach for a black coat I actually think that this ‘it’ dress looks so much better with a bright coloured coat like a hot pink or a red. Let’s be honest, life is too boring to only wear black forever.


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