With everything going on in the world right now, the stress and worry of the situation can really take effect on us physically, including fatigue, illness and in my case, sad skin. In comparison to the other physical effects, sad skin seems pretty minimal, however it can really take its toll on us mentally, especially when feeling stressed. I personally feel a lot worse when I can feel the effects of a situation on my skin. My skin, my clothes and how I present myself to the world has always been very important, so at a time like this I need this more than ever. It may seem minimal, but a bright dewy glow can really perk us all up and help us to tackle whatever life throws our way. So, this blog post is going to be all about obtaining that bright dewy glow, and of course, maintaining it. 

I have titled this post my 5 steps to bright skin, as it highlights the 5 products I use to obtain and maintain it, whilst also offering some beneficial tips and tricks within them for you to test out at home. At the moment, I am all about the little wins, so my skincare regime and get up and go routine is so important. 

Step 1 – A clean base is essential

Our skin will only soak up the nutrients from other products if we cleanse it thoroughly and create a proper base for them to work on, every single day. So, that is why the Dermalogica precleanse is my step number one. I apply this by pumping one or two pumps into my slightly damp hands and rub all over my face to remove my makeup and impurities. This is the rarer step that I do before cleansing with my Arbonne Calm cleanser, as it ensures the skin is properly cleaned and all makeup is removed effectively. The precleanse is a gorgeous non-greasy oily based product, that literally lifts makeup off the skin and feels incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. I get all my Dermalogica products from Kelly at The Barn in Somerset. I have had a few Dermalogica facials now and adore them, and Kelly is the absolute best. Head to her website for more info or to purchase here!

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Step 3 – Serum

The serum I use is from the same RE9 Brightening range as the Toner for the obvious reason that it is designed to make the skin bright! Serums are an essential part of any skincare regime as they are water based, which means they penetrate through the seven layers of your skin, as opposed to simply sitting on top like a moisturiser. Not that a moisturiser isn’t important, but a serum underneath is key to making your moisturiser work harder. Containing many of the same ingredients as the toner, the serum also contains Abscorbyl glucoside, a form of vitamin C, to reduce dark spots and revitalise the skins natural radiance. 

Step 4 – Moisturise to GLOW

As I said, moisturising is still very important. To get my serious GLOW on I use a moisturiser from an independent brand called Al Din Skincare, which has since been rebranded since I bought mine, hence the difference in colours. This is a millennial skincare brand with one goal, to bring out your natural glow. Hyaluronic acid is the property in our skin that is responsible for our natural glow. Due to environmental and stress factors, this gets supressed which is what can make us look very tired and dull. This product contains hyaluronic acid, which boosts your natural production level to bring back your glow instead of adding a fake one. The key with this, it must be used consistently, morning and night. This product is fab as it is an all in one product, that works on all skin types, season to season and also acts as a makeup primer. 

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Step 5 – SPF

It is no secret in the skincare world now that using an SPF seriously reduced the rate at which our skin ages. I started using an SPF two years ago and have never missed a day. I mix a pea size amount in with my moisturiser each morning and apply all over my face and neck. This doesn’t just protect against the sun, but also UV light from the sky which you are exposed to all day every day, whether outdoors or spending all day inside. I use the Clear Shield SPF from AlumierMD. I was introduced to this by my local therapist and have been hooked ever since. AlumierMD is the perfect results driven brand and works for me as an everyday product. In terms of brightness, using an SPF everyday will stop your natural brightness levels from supressing and assist in maintaining that healthy glow. To shop AlumierMD you will need to find your local stockist. If you are based in Bristol, I use The Beauty Rooms Day Spa in Nailsea.

So that is it, my 5 steps to bright skin. I would love to know if you give this a try or already use some of these fab products! 

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