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Putting a positive spin on things, the best part for me about the lockdown has been having the opportunity to properly sort through and ruthlessly declutter my wardrobe. It is something that I very rarely get the chance to do and it drives me insane as I can never tell where things are or what I have in the end! However, I did learn this time that it is by no means as simple as just sorting out the clothes. There a load of parts to organising it, which is why I thought I would do a small blog post here about it with my best tips and tricks. By now I’m sure loads of us have already done it, but for those who still need the motivation, this is for you. 

So, first up, empty the whole damn thing. I know this is a scary prospect, but it has to be done. Empty all your clothes onto the bed, or middle of the wardrobe if you’re lucky enough to have a big enough wardrobe and pop all the hangers separately on the floor. Clear out the wardrobe, hoover the bottom and completely clean it to make it fresh. I love to spray a few squirts of Zoflora too, as this keep it smelling beautiful for longer. 

Next up, time to make decisions. Which side is going to be the lighter colours through to darker, with allocated parts for tops, dresses, skirts, bottoms and jumpers? So, my advice now is to add your clothes back in one by one, using as thin a hanger as possible to begin with, placing them in the allocated sections and turning the hanger around so it is facing towards you. If, in one year’s time the hanger hasn’t moved, that item has to go! Keep adding into the correct areas, making sure all the clothes are clean, ironed and beautiful. 

A big part of adding the clothes in is about adding clothes that you genuinely wear. If something is too small, think seriously to yourself… will I ever wear this again? If the answer deep down is no… it’s got to go sister. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. 

Next up, shoes! My biggest battle in life is keeping my shoe addition under control. Again, have separate categories for your different shoes, stick to it and order them in colour. I also turn them all around and again, if they don’t move, they get thrown out. One thing I love to do with shoes is pop nice smelly things in them, like little lavender bags or tumble dryer sheets to keep it all fresh in the wardrobe. I also pop lavender bags on a few hangers in my wardrobe, again to keep it fresh. 

Last up we have your chest of drawers… the place where everything gets stuffed in and lost for months on end. My first tip for this is to buy the amazing IKEA drawer separators. These are amazing as they are easy to put together, can be moved around and fill the drawers so you don’t waste any space. They are so easy to keep on top of and organised, making it easy to allocate sections to everything and stick to it. As with my wardrobe, I also hoover out the bottom of my drawers and Zoflora them, using a lavender bag or two to keep them smelling fresh. 

So, once you have made your wardrobe all organised and beautiful, how do we stay on top of it. Well, first things first, don’t be lazy. At night-time, hang your clothes back up, or fold them back into the drawers… don’t just throw them on the floor. When you have washed your clothes and put them away, make sure you put them back in their sections, regularly having a look through and getting rid of things that no longer work for you. Last thing, when you buy something new, try to get rid of at least one thing. This keeps your wardrobe under control! 

What are your best tips for keeping your wardrobe under control? 

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