Almost a year ago now I took the leap and joined as an independent consultant in an incredible company called Arbonne. I fell in love instantly with the ethos of this company, and as I have lived and experienced it, I have become more passionate about it each day. A huge part of the brand is their clean and healthy nutrition, with a selection of incredible everyday supplements to help you ensure a balanced diet, but also the amazing and infamous ’30 days to healthy living’ programme. Now, before you think to yourself ‘oh gosh no not another diet plan I’m being sold’, I can assure you that it 100% is as far from that as you can get. I myself was dubious at first, however once I understood the concept and the intention of the plan I was in awe. I myself did my 30 days in January, and plan on doing it again in June. 

As a very brief overlook and first point to make, this plan is all about resetting your gut and equipping you with the skills to sustain the ideals of the plan and lead to a much healthier and balanced lifestyle. Over three months in and my habits have rarely swayed from doing the 30 days. The results of this plan are to firstly make you feel more energised, alive and reset, with your body being able to consume all healthy nutrition you give it correctly. Don’t get me wrong, weight loss is included in this. By the end of my plan I had lost 12 pounds, however this is merely a by-product of the journey and in my opinion, simply an extra positive. The biggest effect for me personally was my increased energy levels and much better quality of sleep. 

As an example of how the plan works, and these are all things I love about it, I still ate three incredibly healthy meals a day and got to experiment and feed my love for cooking whilst trying new recipes laid out by one of our companies incredible nutritionists. I then used supplement products such as protein to fill and fuel myself (something I already used and still use each day), as well as what we call ‘fizz sticks’ which are a healthy caffeine replacement derived from green tea. I have about three of these a day… I am hooked on the delicious taste and subtle boost of energy. Each day I then had what we like to call a ‘green shot’ which includes water, mixed with our greens supplement, digestion plus and probiotics which all contribute to cleaning your gut and resetting your digestive system. Mixed with an active lifestyle, workouts as I was doing previously, my results were incredible. 

Whilst on the subject of the products that make up the plan, I must go back to the ethos of the company and the initial reason as to why I loved the brand from the get-go. All these products are clean and healthy, meaning they are free from ingredients such as wheat, dairy, soy and parabens, as well as being sustainably curated and all vegan certified. They are simply the best in my opinion. In fact, Arbonne was made a ‘B corporation’ in January this year, which is an incredibly important accomplishment. To learn more about this, please click here.

When doing things like this previously, I would share some before and after pictures which I did capture and do show the results, however, the message I want to get across most of all here on my blog is the positive impact this had on my health inside and also mentally. I literally had not felt that healthy since I was around 10 years old, and even now several months later, I still can feel the positive effects. So much so, I can’t wait to start it again and fuel my body with the nutrients it needs for a much-needed health kick… especially after all the lockdown indulging. So, I am not going to share those images as for me, they are not what is important about this incredible plan. 

The last thing I love about this is that we really are all in it together. We have an amazing support group online with thousands of others giving it ago, which always makes trying something new so much easier and more enjoyable. As a consultant, I also take pride in supporting those completing the 30 days one to one, offering all guidance I possibly can and often, taking part too! If you would like to give this a go, perhaps in June with me, leave me a message below and I will be in touch! 

Below I have included a section from the 30 days guide as a brief introduction. If you have any questions or would like to give it a go, please leave me a message below! Thank you x