Happy Sunday and welcome to my second instalment of the #bossbabes series. To recap, this is a new series I am introducing to the blog, to shine the light on some incredible women I have had the pleasure of getting to know in my life who are extremely talented and #bossing their industry. Today is for the wonderful Sian Gissing-McMeel, the talented founder of Gissings Boutique and my now friend. Sian and I met through an existing client at the beginning of last year, landed up speaking business and now I have the pleasure of working with her and witnessing her incredible brand grow. Not only is she an amazing entrepreneur, but she also juggles motherhood, being a wife, studying a law degree and being a support system for many other women in her Goddess tribe. She is such an inspiration and it was without question that I needed to feature her in this series. 

So, let’s take it back a little. Sian’s background is in the pageant world, learning all the tips and tricks that she is now able to use in her wonderful brand and to empower other women. For several years, Sian juggled, and I mean juggled hard. She was a single mummy to her beautiful daughter Freya, beginning her law degree and providing legal aid for those in need whilst also working to provide for her and her daughter. In this time Sian developed a real understanding of how she wanted her brand to be shaped and how she wanted to use it to help women and bring out their inner goddess glamour. 

Times have now changed a little, the brand has truly flourished and the movement has continued on. Sian is now happily married, with a beautiful baby boy, stepson and a new baby on the way. She is still pursuing her law degree and has created her platform to help women bring out their inner goddess. Gissings Boutique is a beautiful boutique in the heart of Clifton Village, with an online store too. The whole ethos of the brand is to provide a luxury and personal service to all clients, which is about so much more than just purchasing a dress. Women are taken on an experience, to enjoy a glass of bubbles, utilise Sian’s knowledge of glamour and find a dress that most of the time, they had no idea would be the right one for them. 

I too have gotten to experience this VIP service and I was in absolute heaven. A full few hours of trying on countless dresses and spinning like a princess, getting giddy on pink bubbles and indulging in all the glamour tips I could ever need to release my own inner goddess. Something I knew the minute I stepped through the boutique door is that there really is nowhere at all like this. For gowns in the UK you have two options, Debenhams or some other department store or those dodgy websites where the dress that gets delivered is the complete opposite to the picture. Not a fun experience, which I can say from experience. When we are shopping, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves and have a better experience than most of the high street has to offer? Whether it be for a prom dress, cruise gown, bridesmaid dresses or any other glamorous occasion, this is where you need to be. 

Sian works by appointment so she can dedicate all her energy to each client at a time, ensuring you get the right look for yourself and she can help you as thoroughly as possible. For those who can’t make it into Bristol, Sian is happy to help in any way possible with online purchases, again to ensure you get the right gown for you. The experience is all about becoming a Goddess, which really is a feeling all us women need! Please use the contact form below if you would like some more information. All Sian’s details can also be found below. Sian and I have also shared a Q&A over on Instagram… again the details are below. 

Gissings Boutique

Instagram – @gissingsboutique


Contact: sales@gissingsboutique.com

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