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A lot has changed in the last few weeks, not just for me but for us all, and one of the biggest positives I have taken away is my re-found love for the foundation of my blog and doing it purely for the sole enjoyment. I have finally had a little extra time in my life to simply enjoy my hobby, write about things I love and just generally focus a little extra energy on being creative. Blogging has been something I have enjoyed for 6 years now, and I can definitely say that it is so good mentally to have a continuous hobby to keep you focused as life gets busy and stressful. So, with this extra time on our hands, perhaps this is the perfect time for you to start something new and creative, such as a blog. 

Now, I am by no means the world’s most successful blogger, but I still have the same passion for it now as I did 6 years ago. As much as my blog has helped me with my work, it still very much is a hobby, which I think is the essence of these online platforms. It is amazing how much of a success other influencer have made out of their blogs, but it was never my end goal and I feel lucky to have stuck with this as it is still very much my ‘fun space’.” 

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my best tips for starting up your very own blog, maintaining it and just a few general ideas of how to make a bit more of a living out of it if that is your intention. My blog has gone through many different stages, with three different platforms and web designs, countless attempts at different social media platforms and a constant change in my style of doing things in order to try and find my niche in this online world. 

Realistic expectations

First things first, you are not going to get rich overnight from starting a blog, nor will you get over 500 views on your very first blog post. Blogging is a process that takes time, consistency and you being you in order for your readers to connect with you and stick around. You have to be unapologetically you; write about the things you are extremely passionate about and use your wisdom to help others who may struggle with the same pain points. This can stretch from organising your wardrobe to battling anxiety. In my six years I have shared the extreme highs and low in my life, including all my favourite fashion tips to my journey having open heart surgery and building up my freelance business at the age of 19. Be you, for you. 

Finding your niche

This one is a hard one, as it is something, we all know, however it can be hard to find your niche nowadays as it is rare you will find others who don’t have the same one. This definitely stems from my first point that first of all you have to be true to yourself. This is the first building block in finding your niche. The second is to talk about all the things you are passionate about for a set amount of time, then you will start to develop a strong understanding of which things you actually prefer to talk and write about. This will lead to your niche as it will be something you are passionate about but also enjoy posting about. 

Social media first

My biggest suggestion would be to start your social media first, particularly Instagram, posting about the things you intend to discuss more on your blog and build a small following. This doesn’t have to be thousands, but definitely could be a hundred or so. Just do this consistently for a little while as you get your blog set up and connect with a handful of people online to begin your journey. For all social media advice head to my work Instagram >> @abigailhuntermarketing

Researching your web design

My biggest advice when you start your blog is not to invest in a really expensive fancy website, as it is a big expense and you definitely need to test the waters first. I started mine on Google Blogger and it was absolutely fine for the first year. All I would suggest is taking a little time to research how to do it properly and invest a little more time to put it together properly. 

Give yourself a year

Like everything in life, all things take time. My top tip for bloggings, and pretty much everything else in life, give it a year. Do it consistently, change it up and experiment and then evaluate in a year’s time. This gives you a clear goal of what to work towards and helps you personally decide if it is for you or not. 

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