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During the lockdown I have rediscovered my passion for makeup and teaching myself to experiment with different goodies to create lots of looks. With the hustle of busy life, I don’t tend to get lots of time to be creative with my makeup and tend to stick to the same look for around 6 months before changing anything about it. So, seeing as we have had very little to do with our spare time, I have had a little fun creating lots of Spring and Summer looks, in the hope that I will actually be able to show them off when life resumes to some sort of normality. 

Spring makeup for me involves a lot of subtle and pastel tones, with hints of shimmer and always a super dewy glow. Obviously, this is going to totally depend on your skin tone, but I don’t think you can beat pastels and brighter colours during this time… as well as some serious highlight.

As you have probably guessed, I create all my makeup looks with my incredible Arbonne makeup. All these products are vegan, cruelty free, made with sustainable ingredients as well as being a B corporation. If you would like to know more about this sensational accreditation, please click here. These traits are all amazing, however, to make it even better, each makeup item does so much more than just enhance your face. Each one looks after your skin and does something to protect you. This includes ingredients such as pea peptides in our mascara to nourish the lashes, repair them and prevent further breakage. Then, as another example, all our lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid and peptides to nourish and moisturise the lips. I have been known to go to bed with bright red lipstick on when I can’t find my lip balm, as they are that good. I thought in this blog post I would share a few of my favourite products that I have been using to create my looks, as well as my top tips for creating the perfect Spring/ Summer looks. 

Let’s talk eyes

For me, eyes are the beginning block of any makeup look, as they give you a base to work from and help you decide which colour tones are going to work for you. I always stray towards the pastels at this time of year, for me this is a lot of pinks, purples and even very light blues. I create looks based on this one colour, or if I am feeling very adventurous, try to mix them up. My go to trick when creating this look is to begin with a darker shade on the lid, using three colours and building them upwards so they go from dark at the bottom to light at the top. I also use my highlight on my brow bone for some extra shimmer to bring the colours together. I also try to use other colours for my liners instead of my go to black, such as my favourite eye liner in Aubergine. This is more of a blue tone and works perfectly with all my Summer looks. I go between both eyeshadow palettes to create these looks, however at the moment my absolute favourite is the limited-edition cherry blossom palette… it is to die for! 

Get your dewy glow

I absolutely love a dewy and glowy makeup look, and to be honest, create one all year round as I don’t believe a matte look suits me. However, I am going to be honest, there is much more to it than just applying some foundation. So, here are my tips for creating a healthy and dewy look. 

Skincare first. Your skin is the base and ultimately if you are not taking care of it, it will never glow. So, a consistent and healthy skincare routine is key. If you would like help with this, please do reach out and I can help you. 

Regular masks. I suggest a clay mask once a week to remove impurities in the skin, and a hydrating skin mask in between to properly moisturise and nourish the skin to keep it hydrated. 

Hyaluronic acid. This is a long topic so I will keep it short. Hyaluronic acid is the natural product found in your skin that is responsible for your glow. After time it supresses so it basically needs a boost. This can be from your skincare products, makeup that contains it or even healthy supplements. It is very important if you are keen to maintain your bright and healthy-looking skin. 

A few basic tricks throughout the day will help you as well, such as drinking plenty of water, wearing SPF, changing your pillowcase regularly and even ensuring you are eating your 5 a day. 

Now we have covered the base and the key parts, we can move on to makeup. A big lesson I have learnt is that foundation isn’t right for everyone. I do still wear foundation when I want a higher coverage look, ‘soft blush’ in the Summer and ‘Alabaster’ in the Winter. However, the CC cream for me has been revolutionary. It is more of a cream-based product, that you can even apply with your hand that provides great coverage that can also be built on, and because of the nature of the product, it is much dewier than a foundation. For me, I also find that it lasts much longer throughout the day and my dewiness never dulls. To finish the dewy glow, you need a decent contour palette and highlight. I use our glow palette which has more of a shimmery based bronzer and blush, as well as our highlight stick which makes it so easy to apply a healthy and natural looking highlight. A cream-based highlight for me is an essential as it is easier to build and in my opinion blends in better on the skin, making the whole look a lot more natural.


For me, lips are the most important part of a Spring or Summer look, hence why I have left the best until last. I have chosen to feature my personal favourite lip duo for this season as it was newly released in April and I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t worn it. Although, it is more than just this product that I am loving… it is the principle behind it. So, the new lip duos, Bloom and Fleur, come with one side matte and one side gloss which I have discovered is revolutionary. I apply a nude liner first followed by the matte side all over my lips which provides a deep and rich tone of colour that perfectly covers the lips and enhances them. The gloss, then gives it the Spring/ Summer feel, that lasts so much longer due to the matte base and just provides such a richer looking colour. I am obsessed and think these are a key ingredient in everyone’s Spring makeup collection. I am wearing my both lip duos in these images; the darker one is Bloom and the lighter is Fleur. 

Top tip for creating a perfect lip: your lips needs to be moisturised. Using a good quality lip balm regularly is so important, as well as drinking plenty of water. 

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