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Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog. It feels like such a long time since I have sat down to write a blog post, or even had something that I feel really passionate about and want to write. My mindset has been so all over the place over recent months, as everyone else’s has, just with the constant uncertainty and lack of routine. I have found it really hard to focus on specific things and just keep anything constant… however this week is the first that I feel like I am starting to get my mojo back and fit into some sort of new routine. A lot of this is down to a new habit of mine, which is something I started properly around two months ago. I started doing something called a miracle morning after reading a book called ‘the 5am club’. Now, I don’t get up at 5… but I still carry out the principles of the book and make it work for me. Each day, at 7.30am which is the time that works for me physically and also still means I am working by 9, I give myself an hour of me time. In this time, I practice gratitude, affirmations, visualisation, reading and listen to a great audio. I am absolutely loving it and its results, with the biggest one being how much more positive I am feeling. 

I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to the miracle morning as it definitely deserves one, so I thought I would just do an initial post all about positivity and how having a much more positive mindset has impacted me recently. With being in the fifth month of the pandemic here in the UK, I have really noticed so many people in my life suffering mentally, and also people I don’t know so well but have spoken to. I am hoping with this blog post that I can inspire lots of people to practice a few small things daily to experience what I have experienced and start to feel a lot better mentally, despite the chaos of the world. 

So, the first thing to understand is that this whole principle is based on mindset and our mindset should be the biggest priority we have to work on day to day as it determines pretty much everything in our lives! If you always see the good in things, your day will be full of good, but if you see the bad, I guarantee you will see bad things all damn day. So, my first piece of advice is gratitude. If you live in a constant state of gratitude and choose to see the good…. The good will flow. In order to start small and be realistic about this, my advice is to pop a notebook by your bed. Each night before you sleep, literally the last thing you do, write down five things that you are grateful for that day. The key to this is to make it specific, so by this I mean do not write: my home, my car, my partner, my job, my phone. It needs to be specific, so mine last night would have been: the delicious vanilla coffee I made in the morning, completing a task I had been putting off for weeks, the beautiful flowers my partner bought me, the delicious meal I had with friends and the cooler weather making it more bearable to sleep! In theory, these five things should be different each day and what you will notice start to happen is you will begin to notice these throughout your days and naturally see the good. 

The next one that I want to mention is your physical being. Naturally when we feel tired and sluggish it is much harder to feel positive and we frankly don’t feel good. So my biggest points here are going to be selfcare which includes eating your healthy foods each day (even if you eat junk too); giving yourself enough sleep time; drinking plenty of water; short meditations in your day and a form of exercise each day, even if you run up and down the stairs 3 times first things in the morning or a short walk. Keeping our bodies healthy and active is a huge part of being positive as we all now know; everything starts from within. 

This next point could possibly be the one I am most passionate about as it is the biggest change I have made, and I do personally think it has had a huge impact on my positivity levels. You need to break up with the news, gossip and celebrity culture, trashy tv and magazines and most importantly other people in your life who drain your soul as all these things do. Unless you are willing to stop consuming the crap put into our minds by all these things, you are always going to struggle to have a positive mindset as it is being constantly replaced by factors that let’s be honest… aren’t even bloody real! I know it’s hard, but it’s time

Book recommendations for a positive mindset: 

Oprah Winfrey – What I Know for Sure

The 5am Club – Robin Sharma

The Goddess Revolution – Mel Wells

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