“Through self-discipline comes freedom” – Aristotle

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog of 2021… a little later than was planned, however with the crazy way in which the year started, life got a lot more full on than expected! Now I have sat down properly with myself and realised that now is the time to ‘control the controllables’, I am back and ready to enjoy blogging again as well as stay on track with work and studies. This is why I am starting the year off with a blog all about self-discipline as this has been the key for me basically getting on with life and not giving up which I have wanted to do a lot with this whole ‘covid’ situation.

Over the last year, through my personal development journey, I have realised that self-discipline is the singular most important skill to master in order to succeed, as when your motivation inevitably starts to fizzle out, this is when your self-discipline kicks in and keeps you going. Start your day right; let motivation start your engine; then self-discipline will see you through. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is everyday going to look like this, but once you master the skills a much higher percentage will.




So, how exactly do you master this skill? I am going to share a few of my daily tasks and key tips that you can implement right now to help you with this if it is something you struggle with. The first stage is mastering your morning routine. The saying goes ‘win your morning, win your day’. After almost a year of enjoying my miracle mornings, it is now that I can fully feel the positive effects of this. I also cannot stress how amazing it is to start this with everything going on in the world, as it will be one of the biggest coping mechanisms you learnt to help overcome the overwhelm of lockdowns and general covid depression. I would highly recommend reading a book that will help you learn these skills, my favourite being ‘The 5am Club’ by Robin Sharma which for me has totally changed my life. A book like this is your first step to self-discipline.

‘Sometimes, you just have to do the thing that you simply don’t want to do and push yourself.’ Ironically, it’s in these moments that I have found I have grown the most and achieved the most as the sense of accomplishment is even greater and being disciplined becomes so much easier.

To finish, reward yourself. I have found personally that when I am working towards a goal, not matter how big or small, being disciplined becomes so much easier as my reason for the action becomes attached to something. This can be as small as sticking to my clean eating in the week to be rewarded with a takeaway on Friday night which will be epic because I have achieved it, or even a handbag I have promised and bought myself at the end of a successful work year. This is something I have found works for me really well. It could be that something different works for you, however there will definitely always be something!

I would love to know what keeps you motivated and how you become disciplined when the motivation fades?

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