Happy Sunday everyone! I am so excited to be back here on the blog, writing a new post and getting back to my favourite hobby. Over the last few months I have taken a huge step back from blogging and even social media to an extent, just because of the pressure we are all under right now, as well as a high workload juggled with studying and a few personal changes. In all honesty, it has been a bit of a whirlwind and I just needed some time to reconnect with myself and get a better life/ work/ hobby balance. I am by no means fully back to myself, but I definitely feel like I am getting there, and I am starting to find my inspiration again for writing and just simply enjoying the process of running this online platform. It has been very hard to even think about what to write over the last year when not a lot has really been happening!

In order to get to the point I am now, and to feel like I am really moving forward, I made a few changes from the beginning of January. I wanted to share these as I know they have helped me so much to become less stressed, negative and simply anxious with the dramatic events happening in the world.


Try to remain as healthy as possible. A healthy mind is fuelled by a healthy lifestyle and since being much stricter at the start of the year, I now am really getting to enjoy the positive effects of this. I have so much more energy and feel so much more driven in everything I do… not to mention I naturally feel better in myself without the alcohol bloat!

Stop watching the news. Any information you NEED to hear, you will hear. The news is seriously draining, repetitive and quite frankly 98% of the time effectively pointless. The only news I ever hear now is through someone else or the few notifications I get on my phone. It honestly is a breath of fresh air and I feel so much healthier in myself since making this change.

Prioritise real self-care time. I have always been a big believer in self-care, however since January I have tried to go much deeper with this and make it much more focused and intentional rather than just a bubble bath that looks pretty and supposedly makes me feel better.  For me, self-care is about many things including taking the time to properly rest my body; taking the time to fuel and take care of my mind; sometimes being strict with myself for the results in the long run such as working late on a Friday night so I know I can have Sunday off; exercising when I don’t want to because it fuels me through each week and even starting therapy to begin to heal from many supressed feelings. All these things are essential in a balanced lifestyle.

Start making plans! For so long I have avoided making plans which has really affected my mood as I am someone who needs to be working towards something. Now is the time to get back in track, make lots of plans and enjoy knowing that it is all coming! Enough is enough.

What have you been up to over the last few months?

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