5 Steps to Bright Skin

5 Steps to Bright Skin

With everything going on in the world right now, the stress and worry of the situation can really take effect on us physically, including fatigue, illness and in my case, sad skin. In comparison to the other physical effects, sad skin seems pretty minimal, however it can really take its toll on us mentally, especially when feeling stressed. I personally feel a lot worse when I can feel the effects of a situation on my skin. My skin, my clothes and how I present myself to the world has always been very important, so at a time like this I need this more than ever. It may seem minimal, but a bright dewy glow can really perk us all up and help us to tackle whatever life throws our way. So, this blog post is going to be all about obtaining that bright dewy glow, and of course, maintaining it. 

I have titled this post my 5 steps to bright skin, as it highlights the 5 products I use to obtain and maintain it, whilst also offering some beneficial tips and tricks within them for you to test out at home. At the moment, I am all about the little wins, so my skincare regime and get up and go routine is so important. 

Step 1 – A clean base is essential

Our skin will only soak up the nutrients from other products if we cleanse it thoroughly and create a proper base for them to work on, every single day. So, that is why the Dermalogica precleanse is my step number one. I apply this by pumping one or two pumps into my slightly damp hands and rub all over my face to remove my makeup and impurities. This is the rarer step that I do before cleansing with my Arbonne Calm cleanser, as it ensures the skin is properly cleaned and all makeup is removed effectively. The precleanse is a gorgeous non-greasy oily based product, that literally lifts makeup off the skin and feels incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. I get all my Dermalogica products from Kelly at The Barn in Somerset. I have had a few Dermalogica facials now and adore them, and Kelly is the absolute best. Head to her website for more info or to purchase here!

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Step 3 – Serum

The serum I use is from the same RE9 Brightening range as the Toner for the obvious reason that it is designed to make the skin bright! Serums are an essential part of any skincare regime as they are water based, which means they penetrate through the seven layers of your skin, as opposed to simply sitting on top like a moisturiser. Not that a moisturiser isn’t important, but a serum underneath is key to making your moisturiser work harder. Containing many of the same ingredients as the toner, the serum also contains Abscorbyl glucoside, a form of vitamin C, to reduce dark spots and revitalise the skins natural radiance. 

Step 4 – Moisturise to GLOW

As I said, moisturising is still very important. To get my serious GLOW on I use a moisturiser from an independent brand called Al Din Skincare, which has since been rebranded since I bought mine, hence the difference in colours. This is a millennial skincare brand with one goal, to bring out your natural glow. Hyaluronic acid is the property in our skin that is responsible for our natural glow. Due to environmental and stress factors, this gets supressed which is what can make us look very tired and dull. This product contains hyaluronic acid, which boosts your natural production level to bring back your glow instead of adding a fake one. The key with this, it must be used consistently, morning and night. This product is fab as it is an all in one product, that works on all skin types, season to season and also acts as a makeup primer. 

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Step 5 – SPF

It is no secret in the skincare world now that using an SPF seriously reduced the rate at which our skin ages. I started using an SPF two years ago and have never missed a day. I mix a pea size amount in with my moisturiser each morning and apply all over my face and neck. This doesn’t just protect against the sun, but also UV light from the sky which you are exposed to all day every day, whether outdoors or spending all day inside. I use the Clear Shield SPF from AlumierMD. I was introduced to this by my local therapist and have been hooked ever since. AlumierMD is the perfect results driven brand and works for me as an everyday product. In terms of brightness, using an SPF everyday will stop your natural brightness levels from supressing and assist in maintaining that healthy glow. To shop AlumierMD you will need to find your local stockist. If you are based in Bristol, I use The Beauty Rooms Day Spa in Nailsea.

So that is it, my 5 steps to bright skin. I would love to know if you give this a try or already use some of these fab products! 

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A few of my favourites from Arbonne

A few of my favourites from Arbonne

Images by Hana Dallimore Photography

I have been wanting to do a small roundup of some of my Arbonne favourites for a while now, although have struggled to find the time with everything going on in life. I have been using all these products now since Summer last year and am just totally blown away by the incredible quality, fuelled by their ethical origins and dedication to our planet. I have chosen to feature a few products from across the ranges to showcase the amazing variety that the brand carries, from skincare to makeup, body care and of course our lifestyle range.

Arbonne was founded 40 years ago by a Norwegian gentleman, meaning the products are all of exquisite Swiss heritage, sold at a medium price point thanks to the amazing business model. I can honestly say that the products have changed so many parts of my life and my skin and health is eternally grateful for discovering them. So, with that being said, let’s start with the RE9 cleanser. I use this cleanser almost daily, usually in the evening to wash the day away. It contains ingredients such as sustainable orange stem cells, brown algae extract and watercress extract. The main benefits of this advanced range include deep and prolonged hydration and of course the reduced signs of fine lines.

The eye makeup remover is my next highlight, mainly because I never used to use one before as I simply couldn’t find one that didn’t irritate my eyes. This eye makeup remover contains aloe vera to soothe the eyes and panthenol to condition lashes for constant volume and health. It is an instant and amazing one swipe product. Next up is our RE9 Prep work eye gel pads which compliement the eye makeup remover perfectly. I use them a few evenings a week, especially towards the weekend as I am getting more tired. The pads contain antioxidants and vitamin B3 to reduce dark circles and to refresh the skin.

The whole RE9 brightening set is next up on my list, in particular the serum which I use daily and the intense night cream that I use three times a week for a super boost of hydration. This range contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient naturally found in the skin that is responsible for our natural glow. When added in a product, it boosts our natural levels and helps us to maintain our radiant dewy glow on a daily basis. I love this as it just makes me feel so much happier and healthier. I also use the Calm collection in between this range, which is our more entry level variety of products. My favourite of this is the light and creamy moisturiser, which blends perfectly with the SPF soft focus veil in the mornings.

Last up is the tanning range which is one of the latest for me to try! I am not really a tan girl as I have always been quite content with my milky toned skin, but I do have to admit, having a little extra colour on my skin has been quite nice. The tan contains aloe vera leaf juice and green tea leaf extract to hydrate the skin and DHA to deliver a rich and radiant tan. The tan can be adapted and built up to suit everyone and is visible within 2 hours of application. How amazing is that.

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I am an independent consultant for Arbonne, however I have not been paid to feature the brand or for any views expressed.

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2020 Travel Essentials | Beauty Edition

2020 Travel Essentials | Beauty Edition

This is one of my favourite blog posts to write, so I couldn’t wait to bring it a little earlier this year. In March, for my birthday I am off for my favourite detox week in the Scottish Highlands where there is no phone signal and complete relaxation. So, with this there is also a lack of resources meaning I cannot forget anything! Hence, why I am putting together my beauty travel essentials guide for this year, to share my favourites and remind myself what I need!

I have become much stricter in the last few months about the products that I choose to buy and use in my home, not just to do my part for the necessary change in the world but also to make much healthier choices for myself.

So, what are my essentials?

Hair Care Products – when switching to a professional hair care regime I noticed such a change in the health and overall glow of my hair. This means that consistency is key and sticking to my hair care routine is essential even whilst travelling. When we travel it can really affect our hair, due to the change in climates and often flying. So, don’t be tempted to head to Superdrug and pick up those minis that are useful in your wash bag, take your proper products, or buy empty minis and fill them yourself. If you want more information on my hair care, head to this blog here.

Water Wipes – my absolute must have when travelling and whilst away. I keep this in my handbag so I can remove my makeup as soon as it starts to irritate me.

Lip Balms Galore – no travel for me can be done without a good lip balm. Whether you’re in the car, on a train, bus or plane, your lips are going to get incredibly fry from the air conditioning and heating systems. Having a lip balm will be your absolute saviour. My favourite is obviously the Arbonne Shea Butter one!

Sheet Masks – again, because of the air conditioning, heating and change in climate, particularly on a flight, all the moisture gets sucked out of our skin. A sheet mask is a super quick and easy way to rehydrate the skin, especially if you smother the serum and let it soak in. The new RE9 sheet masks from Arbonne are absolutely incredible and simply a must try if you have never tried any of the products before.

Travel Fragrances – I absolutely love fragrance and have done for so many years. Perfumes themselves are very heavy and often bulky, so having some smaller travel sized ones are ideal for travelling, or even shoving in your handbag. The smaller ones you get in gift sets are amazing, and the mini Ted Baker ones are my favourite for travelling.


Ready in 5 Makeup Set – when I’m away the last thing I want to do is wear makeup every day, especially in the evening. The Ready in 5 set was launched a few months ago and I am utterly obsessed. It includes a great coverage but lightweight CC cream, the Speak Volumes mascara, a tinted brow cream/ brow pencil, blush and lip colour of your choice. It is perfect for a quick and easy get ready, especially when travelling and on holiday.

Dry Shampoo – my last and absolute must have, in fact once I drove half an hour out of the way to buy some, is dry shampoo. I’m sorry, but who wants to be constantly washing their hair when enjoying a nice time away. Dry shampoo is a must and would definitely be on my ‘top 5 things to take to a desert island’ list.

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Festive Makeup Looks

Festive Makeup Looks

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

The festivities are in full swing and I’m sure many of my readers have already enjoyed their fab Christmas parties, but let’s be honest, we all like upping our makeup game a little at this time of year. Getting creative, using all our sparkly products and just simply upping our game is a must at this time of year, so I thought I would share two of my favourite makeup looks, not just for Christmas, but Winter in general.

In this blog post I am using two of the Arbonne festive makeup sets, however unfortunately only one is still in stock! Of course, the look can be recreated with other products. To know more about my journey with Arbonne, view the blog post on the home screen. 

The two looks in this post are very different, but equally festive and utterly gorgeous. I am obsessed with this colour tones and can’t wait to use the sets over and over again.

The first makeup look is more of a traditional look, which basically boasts a super sparkly and dewy finish with a festive red lip. For these types of looks I always like to have a flawless finish with my skin, that has great coverage, so I always use foundation, with a good primer underneath. To create my eye and cheek look I used the palette, really focusing on a dewy and gorgeous festive finish. The Christmas lip is a deep berry red, and I love that it is created with a gloss as it is a super shiny and party like finish, whilst also still creating a defined finish. I used the lighter and sparkly end of the lip gloss in the middle of my lips, top and bottom, to create an ombre effect and really give the look its festive finish.

The second look is possibly much more natural, but I still tried my best to give it a festive feel. The tones in this palette are much warmer, which is why I would personally wear them more in the day or for a casual Christmas meal. To create the festive eye look, I used the lighter tones on the top of my lids, which always looks so much better with the incredible Arbonne Speak Volumes mascara. To give it the festive feel, I took the green shadow along the bottom of my eyes and blended, creating a smoky effect perfect for the season. The lip colour in this set is much more natural, with a gorgeous nude gloss that creates such a good base. As with the first look, I used the other side, this time gold, to create an ombre sparkly finish.

I adore both these looks and have been using all the products a lot, mixing and matching whilst also incorporating them into my everyday makeup looks. As with all our Arbonne goodies, these cosmetics are vegan, sustainably made and chemical free, meaning you have peace of mind when creating your perfect makeup looks this season.

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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

Finding the perfect fragrance…

Finding the perfect fragrance…

*this blog post contains items that have been gifted, however not in connection with this specific post. All imagery is by Hana Dallimore Photography.

I feel very fortunate this year to have really expanded my perfume collection, being given the opportunity to try a lot of new scents and experience what different brands have to offer. I have posted a few blogs about some of these individual experiences, however I thought it was about time that I put all this knowledge in one place and shared everything I now know. Fragrance has always been something I have enjoyed, however not quite to the extent of other things such as makeup and skincare. I was always very much under the illusion that there is one perfect scent for everyone and that’s where it ends. Although, I’ve learnt quickly this year that is certainly not the case. So, first things first, when finding the perfect scent, you need to understand that there is not going to be just one. I believe we need an array of perfect scents to be worn for different occasions such as every day, evenings, as well as the different seasons.

For me, Jo Malone is my go-to for the perfect day time scent, with my combination being ‘English Pear and Freesia’ with ‘Wild Bluebell’. Jo Malone offer an exquisite service when it comes to perfume (well all their stock) and make the process of finding your scent even easier. You can read all about it in the individual blog post I did, however in a nutshell for me they are perfect for the day as they are very light on the skin and all have a refreshing depth of smell. This is one thing I think a lot of people underestimate. Fragrance isn’t just about how it smells but also very much how it feels on the skin to wear, especially over a period of time. Jo Malone have nailed this as the smell and the feel of the perfume will see you through the entire day.

That principle for day wear scents also applies to another gift I received whilst doing a collaboration with World Duty Free. I was kindly gifted the ‘Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal’ perfume, which is famous for its lid with the wonderful legs! I love this perfume too for the daytime as it is light on the skin but is also a little richer than my Jo Malone ones so works perfectly for something more extra such as an important meeting or more formal day out. This leads me nicely on to the next stage in choosing the right scents for you, they have to make you feel a certain way. All the scents in my collection make me feel good in different ways. For example, my Jo Malone ones make me feel refreshed and alive, my Jean Paul Gaultier one makes me feel confident and then the next one in my collection, Gucci Bloom, makes me feel adventurous.

Gucci Bloom was a scent I fell for when it was newly released a few years ago. I was in Geneva with a friend and during our trip we had a shopping day which of course for me involved Gucci. I wanted to buy a smaller pink toned Gucci belt for the upcoming Spring season and whilst I was trying away, the lovely Gucci lady started showing us this perfume. We both fell in love instantly and both landed up buying some on our way home. We loved this scent for the beautiful floral notes, which apparently comes from a very rare ingredient that only Gucci have bought the rights to use. This goes on nicely to me explaining how ‘perfect scents’ are also about what they make you think of. Obviously, Gucci Bloom is gorgeous for the smell alone, however whenever I wear it, I am now reminded of the trip we took that time that was just hilarious, as well as the whole Summer when I took some time off to spend with loved ones before my surgery. The smell now makes me smile every time I spritz it and it has become perfect for not just the scent but also the memories it holds. I have heard of a lot of people who chose Gucci Bloom as a wedding scent and I can totally see why.

Now, moving on to the dark side as I call it. I am not someone who enjoys very rich and overpowering perfumes, although when I enjoyed my experience with Shy Mimosa in Clifton, I learnt that you can get the balance of richer scents that are also light and floral. During this day I learnt all about the brand ‘Daniel Josier’, and found my signature evening scent. Again, I won’t go into major detail as this has its own blog post that I will tag here. The point I am trying to make from this is that if you really do your research and perhaps visit someone who knows everything there is to know like I did, you can be pushed out of your comfort zone a little and find a scent that is ideal for a more evening musky look.

Finally, this being pushed out of your comfort zone thing I have mentioned came to me a few weeks ago too. I was extremely fortunate to have been asked to collaborate with Dior Beauty and they very kindly sent me some beautiful products including the Joy perfume. I have seen this perfume before, however hadn’t taken much notice as I remember being in a rush. The perfume itself comes in a beautiful bottle with a very satisfying magnetic top. The scent in my opinion is a heavier floral, which I would say is an evening or more formal day choice. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone with this one, but after a few weeks it has really started to become one of my favourites and the heavier side has definitely grown on me, especially as we are moving into the colder season. So yes, that’s another thing, the perfect scent can 100% grow on you. Give things a try a few times before disregarding them.

So, there you have it, everything I have learnt about finding your perfect scent… or should I say scents!

Jo Malone Fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier

Gucci Bloom

Daniel Josier

Dior Joy

I have not been paid to feature any brands and ALL views and opinions are entirely my own. Please be aware that some featured products have been gifted.

#DeclareYourScent | The Jo Malone Fragrance Experience

#DeclareYourScent | The Jo Malone Fragrance Experience

AD | this blog post contains an ongoing brand relationship with Jo Malone, and I was gifted two of the products featured.

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

My love and passion for Jo Malone really started around three years ago when I moved into my flat. It was the small touches that I really wanted to get right to make my house into a real home. This was when I first discovered the Jo Malone candle selections. I started with one and gradually built my collection over a year to mix up the scents in my home and add the perfect luxury pieces in the little corners of my rooms. My favourite candle had to be, and still is, Peony and Blush Suede. However, it is very much followed by Orange Blossom. I adore the sweet rich scents of both these products, and they are the scents that I really associate with being happy at home. About a year ago I was invited to Jo Malone in Bristol to discover more of their home collection and this is where I found a love for a lot more of the products such as the hand and body wash, diffusers and room sprays. Before this visit I had very much underestimated the impact of scenting your home and learnt very quickly that what you use in your home can have such a positive impact on your mood.

My favourite thing about visiting Jo Malone is the experience. I adore revisiting all the scents, learning what’s new and most importantly adding something more to my collection. They are products that make me smile over and over again, and my relationship with the scents has only grown over the years.

Two weeks ago, I was invited again into Jo Malone, Bristol Harvey Nichols, to learn more about their fragrance selection and the power of finding the right scent for you. Jo Malone encourage mixing scents and giving a bespoke service to assist everyone find their luxury scent combination for the individual… something that I feel is very unique in the market. The #DeclareYourScent campaign is to highlight the significance of this service and to invite you to discover your very own combination. Jo Malone offer an extremely 1-1 experience, where you can visit your local boutique and enjoy a complimentary scent experience with a hand and arm massage. Not only is this a relaxing and fun experience, but it also gives you the opportunity to really get your scent right and take your time in choosing what you feel is really the correct combination for you.

I knew already that I was going to be more on the floral side as these are the tones I always reach for when shopping for a new perfume. What I learnt very quickly was that the scents you love for your home may not necessarily be the same ones you love to wear. This was very much the case for me. My combination turned out to be English Pear and Freesia with Wild Bluebell. I do have a Wild Bluebell candle, which was newly released this year, and I loved the gentle scent on my skin. English Pear and Freesia is a scent that I had never wanted to bring into my range of home products, however I fell in love with it as a perfume, especially paired with Wild Bluebell. Just to add, Jo Malone are very specific with their fragrances. Wild Bluebell as a scent has been available in fragrance for a long time, although it was only recently introduced as a candle as the creators couldn’t get the formula right. They do not release a product or make compromises what so ever. It has to be perfect. I truly respect this from the brand.

Another interesting fact – wild bluebells are very rare. Therefore, Jo Malone do not pick new ones. They clone the scent from an original one and replicate it in their labs to extract the scent from just the one wild bluebell!

To add, a couple of months ago I also discovered the absolutely beautiful body cremes that are on offer. I had a tester of the Mimosa and Cardamom and fell in love. So much so, I took myself off and bought it right away as the tiny tester had already brought me so much joy. A great way of mixing fragrances is by using a body cream followed by a scent. I have adored wearing my body cream on my arms and chest in the day, with a spritz of one of the scents over the top. This combination lasts all day and very much takes care of my skin at the same time with the nourishment from the cream.

This is all very much the scents and products that I love and enjoy using in my everyday life. There is such a variety of products available from this brand and I cannot recommend enough popping into your local Jo Malone boutique and having a look around yourself. If you also choose to purchase your very own combination please do let me know, and when sharing, use the hashtag #DeclareYourScent.

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This blog post contains a gifted product from Jo Malone, however all views and opinions are my own. I was not paid to publish this blog post and I have a genuine love and passion for the brand.