#DeclareYourScent | The Jo Malone Fragrance Experience

#DeclareYourScent | The Jo Malone Fragrance Experience

AD | this blog post contains an ongoing brand relationship with Jo Malone, and I was gifted two of the products featured.

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

My love and passion for Jo Malone really started around three years ago when I moved into my flat. It was the small touches that I really wanted to get right to make my house into a real home. This was when I first discovered the Jo Malone candle selections. I started with one and gradually built my collection over a year to mix up the scents in my home and add the perfect luxury pieces in the little corners of my rooms. My favourite candle had to be, and still is, Peony and Blush Suede. However, it is very much followed by Orange Blossom. I adore the sweet rich scents of both these products, and they are the scents that I really associate with being happy at home. About a year ago I was invited to Jo Malone in Bristol to discover more of their home collection and this is where I found a love for a lot more of the products such as the hand and body wash, diffusers and room sprays. Before this visit I had very much underestimated the impact of scenting your home and learnt very quickly that what you use in your home can have such a positive impact on your mood.

My favourite thing about visiting Jo Malone is the experience. I adore revisiting all the scents, learning what’s new and most importantly adding something more to my collection. They are products that make me smile over and over again, and my relationship with the scents has only grown over the years.

Two weeks ago, I was invited again into Jo Malone, Bristol Harvey Nichols, to learn more about their fragrance selection and the power of finding the right scent for you. Jo Malone encourage mixing scents and giving a bespoke service to assist everyone find their luxury scent combination for the individual… something that I feel is very unique in the market. The #DeclareYourScent campaign is to highlight the significance of this service and to invite you to discover your very own combination. Jo Malone offer an extremely 1-1 experience, where you can visit your local boutique and enjoy a complimentary scent experience with a hand and arm massage. Not only is this a relaxing and fun experience, but it also gives you the opportunity to really get your scent right and take your time in choosing what you feel is really the correct combination for you.

I knew already that I was going to be more on the floral side as these are the tones I always reach for when shopping for a new perfume. What I learnt very quickly was that the scents you love for your home may not necessarily be the same ones you love to wear. This was very much the case for me. My combination turned out to be English Pear and Freesia with Wild Bluebell. I do have a Wild Bluebell candle, which was newly released this year, and I loved the gentle scent on my skin. English Pear and Freesia is a scent that I had never wanted to bring into my range of home products, however I fell in love with it as a perfume, especially paired with Wild Bluebell. Just to add, Jo Malone are very specific with their fragrances. Wild Bluebell as a scent has been available in fragrance for a long time, although it was only recently introduced as a candle as the creators couldn’t get the formula right. They do not release a product or make compromises what so ever. It has to be perfect. I truly respect this from the brand.

Another interesting fact – wild bluebells are very rare. Therefore, Jo Malone do not pick new ones. They clone the scent from an original one and replicate it in their labs to extract the scent from just the one wild bluebell!

To add, a couple of months ago I also discovered the absolutely beautiful body cremes that are on offer. I had a tester of the Mimosa and Cardamom and fell in love. So much so, I took myself off and bought it right away as the tiny tester had already brought me so much joy. A great way of mixing fragrances is by using a body cream followed by a scent. I have adored wearing my body cream on my arms and chest in the day, with a spritz of one of the scents over the top. This combination lasts all day and very much takes care of my skin at the same time with the nourishment from the cream.

This is all very much the scents and products that I love and enjoy using in my everyday life. There is such a variety of products available from this brand and I cannot recommend enough popping into your local Jo Malone boutique and having a look around yourself. If you also choose to purchase your very own combination please do let me know, and when sharing, use the hashtag #DeclareYourScent.

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This blog post contains a gifted product from Jo Malone, however all views and opinions are my own. I was not paid to publish this blog post and I have a genuine love and passion for the brand.

My Summer Travel Essentials

My Summer Travel Essentials

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Welcome to another skin care post. I have absolutely adores sharing my skincare posts over the last year and am now even considering myself much more of a fashion and skincare blogger rather than beauty or food! It just has kind of fallen that way! Today’s post is all about my favourite products to use whilst travelling, as well as few newbies in my collection.

To begin with, I wanted to talk about my new travel kit which was released from Feel Unique a couple of months ago in collaboration with Victoria McGrath from InTheFrow. Not only is she an inspiration from a blogging point of view, and an all-round beautiful person, but she also seriously knows her stuff. I have followed and loved her now for years and always get a twinge of excitement when she brings something new out. This travel bag was no exception… in fact I cannot even tell you how quickly I bought it! Obviously, I bought this because I love her and wanted to support a blogger, however having watched her video and the products being released inside I knew instantly that it was something I had to have, especially for travelling. A few of the products inside were already in my collection, and there were also many that I had heard of and wanted to try for a while. I would say everything in this bag is all you could need for a holiday, especially at this time of year, and sums up what skincare travel essentials really are.

The main products in the kit that I already used, loved and always travel with are the Elemis eye pads, a face mist (I do use a different brand to the one in the bag) and the Origins Ginzing which is an incredible eye cream. These three products are definite holiday must haves, no matter which brand they are from. Then, the kit also contained a Midnight Secret Face Moisturiser and the famous Lumene Balm which I have always head good things about. I can now see why! It is such a versatile product which makes it even more perfect for travelling. You can use this balm on your face, around your eyes, to add colour to your brows, on your nails and hands, feet and body. It is amazing, particularly for a flight where we all get so dehydrated. In the bag was also the By Terry Lip Care which again I have heard so many good things about. I cannot travel without a good lip balm as mine get so sore. The kit also includes other helpful items for travelling such as an eye mask, ear plugs, a mirror, hair bobbles and an amazing reusable liquids bag. It really was a complete bargain!

So in total, whether you get the kit or not, the key products that for me are travel essentials include:


Eye masks and a good sheet mask

Face mist (I love my Dermalogica one)

A good quality face cream

Eye Cream

Lip Care

An all round balm


In terms of other products for Summer travelling my number one recommendation would be an SPF, however this should be worn every single day of the year, not just in the Summer. I am obsessed with AlumierMD and won’t use any other SPF now. I use the clear shield product and simply apply a layer of this on top of my moisturiser each morning. Protecting our skin from the sun is so vital and just remember, ‘it is easier to prevent sun damaged skin than fix it’ !!

Another item I could never travel without is Water Wipes. I love my water wipes and they are one of my best friends for travelling. I keep them in my handbag as I often want to refresh my hands, however I use them quite a lot to just quickly remove the first layer of my makeup when I can’t stand it anymore on the plane. They are just one of those things that you can guarantee at some point during your travels you or even someone else will need!

What are your favourite travel essentials?



I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

Summer Skincare

Summer Skincare

At this time of year, I often feel a large difference in my skin and a yearning for change in my routine. During the colder months I suffer from very dehydrated skin, but as with a lot of others, this often changes in the Summer. In fact, I can become very oily in these few months, which can be difficult as I don’t quite know how to control this. In the last year I seem to have tried and tested so many different products and definitely have a much better idea nowadays of how to take care of my skin than I used to. Not just from blogging, but a lot of my marketing clients are in the beauty industry, therefore I seem to sub-consciously take in all the information about different brands and products on the market.

For me, a new favourite in my collection is Clarins. I have always heard good things about Clarins, however never tried anything until a few months ago. When the new My Clarins range launched, which is a variety of products aimed at youthful skin, I definitely had to try them. I tried the milk-based cleanser and moisturiser and have loved them both. Initially I was still going between a few products, although now the more humid weather has kicked in, I seem to have been reaching for them a lot. They are both very light in comparison to my other products, scream Summer in a bottle, and have been combating my oily skin perfectly. I am thrilled that I found these before Summer started as they really are perfect for the season.

As well as the Clarins products, Dermalogica has firmly made its way into my skincare collection and one product in particular is absolutely amazing. The Dermalogica multi-active toner is one of the best products that I have ever used, for all year round, but particularly during the hotter weather. The toner is fresh and vibrant in texture, providing such a great level of hydration for the skin whilst also offering a refreshing touch to the skin. Also, a major perk of the toner is that it can be used all day. More so when I work from home, I find myself reaching the toner and having a spritz over my makeup for instant nourishment to my skin and a good wake up call!

In terms of masks, I have been trying a lot recently, to really see which ones work for my skin. I had my first ever Dermaplane facial a few weeks ago, so have been in need of a mask twice a week to bring everything to the surface and really feel the full benefits of the deep exfoliation I had. Out of the large variety that I have tried, the ‘Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask’ in the pink packaging is my favourite! It doesn’t irritate the skin at all, provides such a lovely coolness on the skin and has amazing results afterwards. My skin is always so hydrated and glowy the day after using one, and they are definitely a must in my skincare collection.

The last product in my Summer skincare collection is the youth serum from The Body Shop. I use this every other evening before applying my moisturiser and I just love it. It sinks into the skin in a swift motion, adds extra nourishment and definitely has kept the balance of my skin under control. Paired with my new My Clarins moisturiser the two work perfectly together and my skin has really not felt this good in such a long time.


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Sheet Mask – Garnier

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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.


My Experience with Tear Trough Filler

My Experience with Tear Trough Filler

*this blog post contains information regarding a cosmetic treatment. It is important to remember that I am by no means trained or skilled in this area, and this whole blog post is just about my personal experience. For any advice regarding a treatment, please contact a clinician directly, or Tallulah via Instagram.

Since in my very early teens I have always been extremely insecure about the hollow and dark circles under my eyes, that don’t go away despite getting a full night’s sleep each day. This is something I have inherited from my mother, who inherited it from my grandfather and so on. It is something that I have never quite been able to get over, despite trying to make myself feel better each day, so was very keen to find out more when I found out about Tear Trough filler. I myself have never had anything done like this before, and no one I know has ever had this specific treatment done. Therefore I was a little dubious at the beginning.

Deciding that I wanted to do something about this insecurity I started searching locally to me for clinicians who were able to carry out this treatment, with lots of experience. After a while of searching and multiple conversations with different clinics I finally found someone in Clifton who I felt I trusted a lot. I had my initial consultation, where I could learn more about the treatment, as well as the lady herself and instantly felt relaxed and in good hands. It was at this moment that I decided to go ahead. I would also like to mention that this is in no way a partnership with the clinic; I sourced Tallulah myself and am paying full price for my treatment. I wanted to share this experience as someone who has never tried anything like this before, sharing every detail and the results that I got from it.

Since booking the treatment I had a few weeks to wait, so as you can imagine I was starting to get a little nervous. Not because I was worried about it, just because I am not the best when it comes to needles. But as with anything in life I did my best to put it out of my mind and simply get on with it.

The treatment.

So, the evening before my treatment I started to feel very nervous. I obviously had all the facts, and it is totally self-inflicted, however anything that involves a needle does make me anxious. I tried my best to put it out of my mind and eventually fell asleep. In the morning I was feeling a lot more positive and relaxed about the treatment, which I think really helped me when I got there as I was in the right mindset for it. Tallulah was nothing but sympathetic and patient with me and made me feel totally at ease from the minute I expressed my nerves. When I got to the clinic, we went into the treatment room and went over all the details of the treatment again, including the process, what can be expected afterwards and the aftercare guide for me to follow. We also looked at my eyes and Tallulah carefully showed me where the filler will go, how it all works and the look that I should get afterwards. I felt a lot more reassured at this point and happy to go ahead. Tallulah applied numbing cream and I could rest on the sofa for 15 minutes with my coffee whilst we waited for it to do its thing. A very weird feeling having numbing cream on your face… not bad, just bizarre!

The next part of the treatment, the actual filler, was very quick. My under eyes were completely numb and the needle only goes a tiny bit under the skin, so I felt very reassured. Tallulah kept me in the loop with everything she was doing, and I have to say I barely felt a thing. I had two needles for each eye, where Tallulah inserts the needle and the filler, but then uses her finger to disperse the product into the hollow areas to give me the look I desired. As it is a small area you can only have 0.5ml maximum under each eye by law, then if you want more you have to go back in a few months. In all honesty though, I don’t see why you would need more than that. My left eye needed a little more than my right, as the tear trough was naturally a little hollower than the right.

The whole process was quick and easy, and I did not experience any pain whatsoever. In my left eye where I had a little more filler, towards the end it was slightly uncomfortable, but by no means unbearable. What was also really nice was that once Tallulah had done one eye, she let me see in the mirror the difference between that and the other. Oh my gosh… it was amazing! So yes, the treatment itself took around ten minutes and the results were instant.

In terms of results and aftercare, I couldn’t wear any makeup on the area for the rest of that day to prevent infection, as there obviously is an open wound from the needles. Apart from that, I didn’t experience anything that some people can, such as puffiness under the eye or bruising. I have to say, I think I had an easy ride. The desired look was created instantaneously, and I didn’t experience anything bad afterwards. The numbing cream wore off within an hour, which felt a little odd but again not painful.

Overall, I am over the moon with the treatment and results and am so happy that I decided to go ahead and not let my nerves get the better of me. This is the one thing about myself that I have always been so conscious about and wanted to change, so I am grateful that the technology is now here, and I could change it safely. Tallulah is very advanced in her field and I did really do my research before committing to the treatment. My biggest piece of advice would be to find someone you really trust and that is more than qualified for the job, having a consultation and asking all the questions under the sun to make you feel reassured. Then, when it comes to the treatment, to completely trust your clinician and keep very calm. If you are local to me/ live in and around Bristol, I really couldn’t recommend Tallulah any more. I also can’t stress enough that finding the right person is key – always do your research about the filler that is being used, and never go for someone purely because they are cheap. Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for, and risking something on your face because it is a ‘good deal’ is not going to necessarily end well. If you are committing to a treatment, do it properly.


In a few weeks I will be doing some Instagram stories as a catch up on the treatment. Make sure you are following me if you are interested in seeing that – @ladyhunterblog.

Where I had this treatment – Lulu Cosmetics

Instagram – @lulucosmetics_

Length of the treatment – 45 minutes, including numbing time and treatment time.

How often do you have this – Roughly once a year, however it is dependent on the person and the area being treated. 

Thank you to Tallulah at Lulu Cosmetics for this treatment and for the easy experience. This blog post is not in collaboration with the brand and all ideas, views and opinions are my own.

Summer Makeup Look 2019

Summer Makeup Look 2019

AD – this blog post contains products which have been previously gifted to me. However, I have not been asked to post this and have chosen to feature them on my own behalf.

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

How quickly time is going at the moment, it doesn’t seem that long since I did a Spring edition makeup look. This very much seems to have become a natural seasonal blog post, so I couldn’t resist getting one in for Summer. I have been having so much fun with my makeup looks recently, using a range of different products and exploring new colour tones for my skin tone. I have generally always been a little boring when it comes to makeup, with even this being a little out of my comfort zone. Basically, anything with colour is daring for me! Recently I have been watching a programme on Channel 5 called ‘The Gypsies Next Door’, and I absolutely adored one of the episodes about a girl in the community who was an aspiring makeup artist. Her work was absolutely phenomenal, and I only wish that I could one day try a look as bold as that! What she did say in the programme which was interested was that any ‘gorger’ client she has does tend to be a lot more subtle than her gypsy clients. If you hadn’t guessed, ‘gorger’ refers to someone who is not from a gypsy background, like me. I really admired her work and, in a way,, the pinkie tone in this look we a little inspired by her.

The look in general is pretty much what you would expect for Summer; a dewy skin with lots of deep contouring, a bright and shimmery eye, as well as a natural looking lip that is comfortable and easy to wear through the warmer weather… if we ever get any.

Starting with my face, I am really not someone who can put the foundation away during the Summer months. I love my complexion cover up all year round, as every look I want to achieve always requires a smooth and flawless finish. At the moment, I am really enjoying the Revolution Pro Foundation Camouflage. This featured in my recent foundation test, so if you would like to know more about it, please click here. As with all my make-up looks, I also used my Revolution concealer which I just think is incredible. It is easy to apply with a beauty blender, has a lovely smooth creamy consistency and stays put all day long. To make it even better, it is an absolute bargain. For my complexion, I have been using an old Tanya Burr contour palette, as I adore the bronzer. It has a very shimmery finish to it and for me adds the perfect touch of colour. Unfortunately, this product is no longer available, however there are a lot on the market that are similar. I will link them below. To finish my skin, I use the Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush which for me doubles as a blush and a highlight. I use a large brush and sweep this across my cheeks for an instant Summer glow.

Moving on to eyes, the Naked Cherry has been my go-to in recent months. As with the foundation, I did a full review on this product which I will link herefor you to read. For this look I use the lighter matte pink tones, with a deep cherry in the crease of my eye. To add the Summer touch, I sweep the lighter shimmery pink over the top and blend it all together. This for me is a real Summery day look, ideal for so many occasions. To transition this into the evening, I would add a darker shimmer over the top. I then use the Benefit Roller Liner to create the thin line on top of my lid with the flick, as well as eye pencil on my water line to finish the bold look. The Benefit Roller Liner is a new product to the company, and I have adored using it. It is so easy to use and works every time. For mascara, I have been using the Nars Climax which is incredible. It adds volume and serious length to your lashes, whilst also not being clumpy. I really recommend this for Summer, mainly for its durability from day to night.

For lips, I am all about nude at the moment. I use a simple pink toned nude liner, which is usually ‘rosy’ from MAC, followed by the Kylie Lip Kit in shade ‘Bare’. I adore this liquid lip! When I apply the liquid lip stick, I let it dry for a few minutes, usually whilst doing my hair and then apply a layer of MAC lipstick in shade ‘Midimauve’. For me, this is the perfect pink toned nude for Summer, with a touch of shimmer.

Have any questions about this look? Ask me below!

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Naked Cherry – Urban Decay

Liner – Benefit

Mascara – Nars


Lip Kit – Kylie Cosmetics

Lipstick – MAC


I have not been paid to feature any products, and all views and opinions are my own.

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My Clarins – my new found favourite skincare.

My Clarins – my new found favourite skincare.

AD – I was kindly gifted these products from a private work client, however have subsequently repurchased.

When I first started this blog I wanted to discuss everything I am passionate about, from fashion to food, beauty and home. In the five years I have been running it, it has sort of started to develop in a different way, completely unintentionally. As I have grown and developed, it has followed me through these changes, shaping the way it is today. I think fashion will always be at the forefront of what I talk about, however in the last year, skincare has become a very prominent topic that I love to share. It is something I never thought I would ever be discussing, but in fact has become something that I am extremely passionate about. So, without further ado, I would like to welcome a new brand to my skin care collection, as well as reviews on this blog. This post is all about Clarins, and in particular, the new My Clarins range.

I have always viewed Clarins as a very traditional brand that uses and sells products aimed at a much older age range than my skin. The products are very high end, and have always seemed to promote results that my skin simply does not yet need. The new My Clarins range is the first items I have ever used, as they are designed for my skin type and have really shown that Clarins is starting to adopt new ways of doing things.

This entry level skincare range is like nothing else that Clarins has on the market. It is the first range from the brand that is vegan, containing natural ingredients, whilst also being paraben and sulphate free. All the packaging is recyclable, as it should be, and is ideal for anyone looking to start using a good and healthy skincare routine. The products also boast an incredible In&Out theory, which means they work to get all the bad things out of your skin, and then putting all the good back in. This all together is what can transform young skin, from what can usually be very problem prone skin, to glowing and healthy results every single day. Most importantly, the range is designed to work on all skin types, making the process of choosing the right products a lot easier. I have found in the past that this is something that can very much put me off a brand, when I am daunted by the amount of different things on offer.

From the range I have tried and tested the milk based cleanser, hydrating mist and dry formula moisturiser. These are the products that I use in my skin care regime every single day, so it was nice to just change them up and see how the My Clarins worked for me. I am going to review each product individually, as I think getting into a skincare regime is a lot easier to do if you introduce one at a time. I personally also think it is better for the skin as it gives it time to adjust.

So, let’s start with the cleanser. I have been cleansing my skin morning and night now for around four years. I have always enjoyed simply cleaning my face, particularly as I do like to wear quite a lot of coverage on my face during the day. I have never really suffered from massive breakouts of problematic skin, and I do really believe that it is because I have always cleansed my skin. When I see what comes off my skin after doing a double cleanse, it is incredible. To think that if you don’t cleanse, that just stays on your face all night long. So yes, cleansing is great. I personally enjoy using a milk/ cream based cleanser, just purely for the experience. I like the way I feel like I am adding hydration to my skin whilst also cleaning it. Although, for those who prefer a gel based, My Clarins have also brought out one of those in the range. So there really is something for everyone. The milk based cleanser is very gentle on the skin, with a wonderful scent from the floral extracts within it, and an instant freshness that you can feel when you first use it. It is a lovely light weight product, making it easy to use twice a day.

The hydrating mist is a product that I really believe in. I have been using another mist from a different brand for about a year now, and absolutely swear by it. I believe they are a very under rated product, as I can always feel the instant boost of hydration that they add to the skin. I use a squirt in the morning and a few at night, as well as a little throughout the day that just completely melts through my makeup. The My Clarins mist is very easy to use, as it is soft on the skin, melts in instantly and is the perfect touch of freshness that you need to really wake you up. I love it.

Going back on what I said before about the skin types, the moisturiser on offer from this range actually does have three variations. One for normal skin, one for oily skin and one for dry skin. I have been using the one for normal skin, and am really enjoying it. As with the cleanser, it is a very light weight product that nourishes the skin without it being left greasy. I love using this product in the morning as it is fresh and silky smooth in texture, and adds the perfect base ahead of my makeup.

Overall I am very impressed with the products, and as I mentioned at the beginning, I have already repurchased ahead of them running out! Without a doubt, my favourite is the milk based cleanser!


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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.