Skincare Heroes | 2019 Edition

Skincare Heroes | 2019 Edition

AD – this blog post contains gifted products from Dermalogica and Tropic Skincare. I was gifted these products. However, all other products were paid for by me and of course, all opinions are my own.

I feel as if in the last year I have become a lot more adventurous with my skincare. I am trying a lot more brands, and from a blogging point of view, starting to work with some more brands. I absolutely love it and am seeing a big different with my skin. There are a lot of skincare brands on the market, however a lot of them do offer a variety of products and they do very much all have their own identity. The four brands featured in this blog post are ones that I have been using and loving for a long time now and have very much become staple pieces in my skincare regime. That being said, I am known to mix things up a little, and I do automatically reach for different products depending on how my skin is feeling/ looking at the time of use. Our skin changes a lot, due to many reasons, therefore the same products are not going to work all the time.

My favourite thing about all these products together is how easy they are to use. Not one of them is stressful, and they all make the experience of doing my skincare a lot more enjoyable. They all smell incredible and are most importantly kind to the skin, whilst also delivering on results.

In this range there are two products from Guinot, that I really couldn’t live without. They are probably the longest standing brand in my collection, as they are amazing for my skin. The Gommage Biologique is my favourite product ever. It is a gel-based exfoliator that I use twice a week. You massage a pea size amount into the skin for around 4-5 minutes until it is smooth and even. I then leave it on for another 5 minutes as a mini mask. Once removed with warm water, the results are breath-taking. My skin is baby smooth and feels so hydrated. As I always cleanse and tone before exfoliating, the next step is moisturising, which is another product from Guinot. I now have a lot of moisturisers in my collection that I love, but this one always takes the edge. It is light and soft on the skin, whilst also completely hydrating the skin. Honestly it is the most incredible product and my skin absolutely adores it. I do however only use it in the evening, as I prefer to use something a lot lighter in the day.

The next product that is a massive favourite of mine is the Dermalogica multi-active toner. I was saying to Kelly who owns the Barn a few weeks ago that I cannot believe how incredible this product is. I have been lucky to be gifted a lot of products from Dermalogica, but none of them stand out for me like this one. I spritz a few layers on my face morning and night and it just instantly freshens and revitalises my skin. It is also a very clever product that can be used in the day. It can be put on top of makeup and will just make its way down to the skin without ruining your makeup look. Unlike other toners I have used, it doesn’t sting, nor dry out the skin. An absolute must have in any skin collection.

In terms of masks, I don’t use them that much, mostly because I forget. However, when I do remember, the one I reach for is the white brightening mask from Rodial. You may remember my Rodial review a few months ago. In all honesty I wasn’t that impressed with the products, apart from this one. It is a clear mask, that you only use a very thin layer for around 10 minutes. It definitely brightens my skin, and when used with the other products, my skin is amazingly radiant. To add, it is also very sensitive on the skin, so unlike other masks, should not tingle or sting.

The last product in this review is the Tropic Skincare Cleanser. I have been loving this, and if you want to read the full review of this brand, click the link here. This cleanser stood out for me a lot as it is so easy to use. I am definitely more of a cream/ milk-based cleanser kind of girl, and this one definitely worked for me. A double cleanse in the evening and one in the morning leaves my skin feeling completely fresh and clean, with the perfect base being created for the rest of my products. These just work so much better for me compared to gel-based ones, and my skin always feels so much more hydrated.

Nars Climax & Naked Cherry Palette

Nars Climax & Naked Cherry Palette

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Do you ever get the urge to just throw everything in your makeup bag out and replace it all with shiny new products? I love new makeup and exploring what is new on the market. I am very much a trend hopper when it comes to beauty, and just want to try absolutely everything that I see being advertised on Instagram. The two products featured in this post are no exception to this, however I have had a good previous experience with both brands, therefore it is easily justified to myself. I love mixing up my makeup looks day to day, getting creative in the morning and matching it to my outfits when I feel like being super organised.

When I try out new makeup products, the real test always comes a few weeks later when the products have really been used and experienced different times in life. These two products have definitely been put to the test, and I want to tell you all about them.

Nars Climax

I first found out about this product when my favourite blogger, ‘Inthefrow’, went on the press trip for the launch of the new mascara from Nars. She seemed to love the product and I loved the ethos and thought behind it. I popped it on my Christmas list last year, and luckily for me, Santa delivered. I think the big thing that attracted me to this product originally was the beautiful red, clean looking packaging. I am a sucker for anything aesthetically pleasing. This mascara has been a joy to test out and I really have loved using it every morning. With any mascara I wear, I always use the Maybelline lash primer underneath, as well as a generous squeeze from the eyelash curlers. This definitely effects all mascara that I wear – it makes everyone last longer through the day and definitely increases the length of the lashes. My favourite thing about this mascara is the chunky brush, which adds a lot of volume to the lashes, as well as a beautiful length. It is rich in colour and holds all day. My one criticism of this product is that it definitely smudges under my eyes after a few hours if I wear it on my bottom lashes, which is very common. Due to this, I only use it on my top lashes, and use a thinner, high street brand to add a little colour to my bottom lashes.

Naked Cherry Palette

I think these beautiful palettes from Urban Decay have become a staple piece in all our makeup bags, for one reason… they are amazing! I have four of them now, including this one and just think they keep getting better and better. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this Cherry palette as it is such a girly, bold statement piece for any collection and I could think of so many looks you can create with it prior to getting one. I love how it can easily be taken from day to night with the variety of light and bright shades to darker, glittery shimmers perfect for any night out. The quality of this product is just as amazing as the others, each shade being very pigmented and so rich in colour. They all blend extremely well and work so beautifully together. An absolute must have for any makeup enthusiast! Also, any eye look created with this palette is complimented completely with the Nars Climax mascara.

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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

Dermalogica PRO60 at The Barn, Somerset

Dermalogica PRO60 at The Barn, Somerset

This blog post contains a gifted trip, whereby I am reviewing the service for Dermalogica. I also have a previous working relationship with The Barn, Somerset.

This week I was incredibly lucky to visit The Barn in Somerset again, this time getting to enjoy one of their facials from Dermalogica. Since working with Dermalogica I have found a love for this brand, in particular the science behind the products and the innovative thinking of everything they aspire to create. I was so excited to learn more about the skincare brand and see how the facial would work on my skin. Kelly, owner of The Barn and experienced skin therapist, was going to be doing my facial and I couldn’t have been happier. I absolutely adore the brand Kelly has built and truly respect her knowledge and passion for the service she delivers.

The Barn itself is just complete paradise and somewhere you can go not too far from home to totally switch off. Out of the oldest building in Loxton it has been transformed into a beautiful, tranquil space with the perfect balance of colour, warmth and gorgeous music throughout. The whole atmosphere completely calms you as you walk through the door, enabling you to put your mental wellbeing first, which has become a rarity for a lot of us nowadays. As you can imagine, with this ethos in mind, I was so excited to experience the facial as I would get to relax whilst also taking care of my skin. Win win!

Dermalogica facials are completely bespoke to the client, and their skin at the time of treatment. Therefore, there are no set facials, and everything is decided by a highly trained therapist to ensure the very best results. The two facials in the service menu are named ‘PRO30’ and ‘PRO60’. The ‘PRO’ stands for professional and the number stands for the length of the treatment in minutes. When I found this out, I was astounded. I think this is such an incredible way to provide a service as I know how different all our skin can be, as well as what is needed to make it healthier.

My skin is very dehydrated, especially at this time of year, with the heating and fans in the car and at home. Despite by best effort with skincare, which I do religiously twice every day, it is still very difficult to completely prevent this. Regular facials are a great way of increasing hydration, so I was really excited to see how Kelly could help me with the amazing products and technology provided from Dermalogica. This included ultrasonic, which is a machine that lightly brushes on the skin, increasing the cleansing action by six times. This ultimately ensures that the therapist is working on completely clean and fresh skin and therefore it will receive the maximum benefit of the products about to be used. This was also used during the exfoliation stage for the same reasoning. A really cool piece of technology that Kelly used was something to measure my hydration levels. The desired levels are around 60, and before the facial my skin was between 30 and 35.

During the facial, a microcurrent was used, again to push the product deeper into the skin, in a process called iontophoresis. The products used were extremely refreshing on the skin and I really could feel the magical work they were doing. As you can imagine, I also got to indulge entirely in a beautiful treatment room, enjoying Kelly’s fabulous massage skills, whilst lying on a warm bed with the cosiest duvet. The whole hour was just total bliss and I love the fact that I could relax and unwind, whilst leaving my skin in such good hands.

After the treatment, my skin was instantly clearer with such a fantastic glow. However, it was not oily, nor red, which I have found it can be in the past. I was really impressed with the increased hydration level and my skin definitely felt much healthier when leaving. At the end of my treatment my skin hydration levels went up to 40-45. I think it is amazing that not only have Dermalogica created the technology to increase hydration levels by that much, but also the ability to be able to measure it! I am such a sucker for cool things like this.

To finish my treatment, I also got to be one of the very first people to use the latest product from Dermalogica – a moisturiser designed for skin aged around the same as mine. The principle behind it is prevention rather than cure, therefore I was so excited to try this out, as well as take a little home to see the effects. The product is called Prisma Protect, with all the ingredients your skin needs to stay hydrated, as well as an SPF 30. The smell of this product is incredible, and I love the rich and silky smooth texture, without leaving the skin oily. This product only launched yesterday (7thMarch), so get your hands on it before it gets swept off the shelves!

Overall, I was so impressed with the facial, as I have been with all the Dermalogica products I have been lucky enough to try. The Barn is the perfect place to experience all this brand has to offer, and I will without a doubt be booking myself in for another treatment!

A very big thank you to Dermalogica for this treatment, and to Kelly at The Barn for another wonderful visit.

The Barn, Somerset 


This blog post is in collaboration with Dermalogica, however all views and opinions are very much my own.

High Street Foundation Test 2019

High Street Foundation Test 2019

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So coming at you with a brand new beauty review, and what I believe to be my first makeup post of 2019. As you are probably all aware by now, I have had a pretty bumpy ride when it comes to foundations, and definitely go through stages in my life where one will work for a while and then my skin will change. No.7 has been my go to for the last year or so, however I have wanted to explore a few more lately. I just had the urge to see what else was out there and whether there was something I would enjoy using even more. I also want to have a good selection in my makeup collection, with a variety of colours and textures, ready for an occasion I may encounter in life. Stepping into my local Superdrug I was overwhelmed by the selection, and have spent the last few months trialling around 15 to see which work for me. I landed on four key products, all very different, that have all been a dream to work with recently.

I am all about finding products that work for the individual, but also never being afraid to explore what else is out there. The beauty industry changes at a rapid pace, so I believe strongly in always keeping up to date with what is out there and trying out new things to see if they work for you.

When it comes to foundations, another big thing that I am very sure of is that you do not need to spend a fortune in order to find a product that truly works for you. Yes, I agree that there are a lot of beautiful products available form designer brands such as Chanel, Dior and Estee Lauder, although I do not think they are always the best. I am someone who at the moment would much rather build my selection of good products from drug stores, selecting them carefully, and having something to fall back on for day to evening and Winter to Summer looks.

No7 | Stay Perfect

So, as I just mentioned, I have been using this in shade Calico for over a year. I absolutely love it. It is the perfect everyday foundation, especially for someone like me who easily gets dehydrated skin. The silky texture of this foundation makes it incredibly easy to apply, and it sets matte after a while giving a very even skin tone, but also leaving a dewy finish from the natural radiance of your skin underneath. It really is the perfect balance. I find that this foundation can withstand anything throughout the day, and doesn’t really seem to move at all which is always a bonus. I get quite a lot of compliments on my makeup, which baffles me, and the likelihood is that most of the time it is this foundation that I am wearing. This was the best and still is dupe of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere in the old formula.

Rimmel | Match Perfection

This is the foundation that I was probably most sceptical about because of the very low price point, however have been pleasantly surprised. The coverage is excellent and I find it very easy to apply. There is such a wide variety of colour choices on offer with this foundation, making it really accessible to everyone. The thing I love most about this foundation is that you can build it up very easily to get your desired texture and coverage on the skin. I usually bring this one out for an evening look, using a couple of layers to get that flawless finish that we always want with an evening eye look and bold lip. Honestly, this is a staple product now in my foundation collection.

Revolution Pro | Foundation Drops

So it is no secret by now that Revolution is possibly my favourite drug store beauty brand. I am absolutely in awe of them as a brand, everything that they stand for, and the quality of all the products that they release. This product is no exception and I have absolutely loved using it over the last few weeks. Honestly, the best way of describing it is comfortable concrete for your face. It is extremely thick and the most textured foundation in my collection, but it is also hydrating on the skin and silky smooth all day long. Obviously, I don’t tend to wear this as an everyday foundation, as it would be too heavy on the skin. This for me is my photoshoot, evening look or event foundation as I am always assured that my skin looks its best.

L’Oreal | True Match

So with the huge marketing campaigns that have surrounded this foundation in the launch a few years ago, it is one of the most popular drug store foundations on the market. I had to include this in the selection that I tried, as for me it is definitely my best light weight foundation. This is the one I go to when I just want a healthy glow on my skin, whether that be popping to the shops, a reduced makeup day or even a gym session. It is very light weight, and even watery in texture, but definitely packs a punch when applied to the skin. I find this texture actually makes it the easiest to apply, as it doesn’t set at all until it is properly in place. For me, this colour tone in the foundation also really brings out the colour in my cheeks and definitely gives the skin a radiant finish.


I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

Kylie Lip Kits | My Honest Review

Kylie Lip Kits | My Honest Review

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

You may remember a few weeks ago I did a blog post titled, The Kylie Jenner Generation. Well, I am sort of carrying on with the theme, completely coincidently. Today I wanted to review the infamous Kylie lip kits – the products that have made her, her billionaire status and probably the most seen beauty item coming through border control into the UK. I had a moment of madness when I bought these, as she did a rare free world wide shipping and that dangerous swipe up on her Instagram stories. I had wanted to try them for ages, but just couldn’t justify paying for them, the shipping AND customs. So, in my head, with free shipping, essentially the customs was the delivery charge. That is how I made sense of it – you may disagree with me, but too late now!

As I had never tried them before, I wanted to buy two colours that were very different to each other. This is why I bought a nude shade, and a berry red for the evenings. This way I could really put them to the test as I had a shade for each occasion, and they are the most used colour tones in my makeup bag. One thing I have always noticed from Kylie’s lip kits is the incredible colour selection. There is not only such a wide variety, but each and every one is so unusual and pigmented in tone.

The first I chose was the nude toned one, named BARE, which is a velvet formula. I am not the biggest nude wearer, however, these lip kits on other people always look flawless in nude. They add a subtle and enhanced finish to a makeup look, easy to wear every day. The lip kit is probably the easiest liquid lipstick I have ever applied, as the brush is perfectly shaped and the product is ideal in texture. So many I have tried are too runny, hence making it so difficult to work them onto the lips. In terms of wear, I love how long this lipstick lasts for. It definitely needs topping up once or twice in the day, however I love topping up as I find day wear products look awful a few hours in. The Kylie lip kit has never dried my lips out and keeps its fresh matte look all day long. The colour is extremely pigmented and has a pinky undertone, meaning that I never look like I have got foundation lips.

The second colour I chose was a deep berry red called KRISTEN, which is a matte formula. My go to with most evening looks is a deep red, and even in the day when I want something a little more fancy. I think there is just something about red tones that goes perfectly with my pale skin tone. Hence why I adore my red coat, bag and jumper! So, what I did notice about this lip kit was that it is really different to BARE. The formula is different (because it is matte), the wear is different and the overall comfort of the product is different. No, it isn’t bad, but I do have to be more aware when I choose to wear it. I always condition my lips first, as it can slightly dry them out if I wear it for over about 3 hours. However, as with BARE, it is very easy to apply as the liner and the brush give you complete control. The colour is also so rich, which I adore, and doesn’t fade in the middle whilst wearing it. So, not 100% perfect, although I would definitely buy it again, as well as any other lip kit.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting raving results from these lip kits. I thought they were just going to be overpriced products that only sell because of the face behind them, however I am loving using them. I definitely reach for them automatically each day, and am very impressed with the colours and comfort of them. Without a doubt, will be placing another order when they do free delivery!

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I have not been paid to feature this brand, and all views and opinions are my own.

Whatsalon 2019

Whatsalon 2019

AD | This post is a paid for collaboration with Whatsalon.

Imagery by Amanda Thomas

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to take part in a photo shoot for Whatsalon. Whatsalon are a beauty app, soon to be launching in the UK, who aim to connect beauticians, hairdressers and makeup artists with clients within seconds. Users of the app can search easily for appointments in their regular salons, or somewhere new if they need an appointment fast. This easy way of booking means that you no longer have to call or text to make an appointment, and it can be done whenever you have a spare second in the day… or even night. It will also enable users to search for new salons in the area, looking at images and reading reviews to see if it fits in with where they would like to go.

There is also going to be a second app, which is for freelancers in the industry, whether that be beauty, hair or make-up artists. This app is going to be called Whatsalon Go, and has all the functionality of a salon booking system, customized to the unique needs of the freelancer. It is now available online, or via the app which can be found in any app store. 

For the shoot, Amanda Thomas was the photographer, known for her work in the fashion and portrait industry. I do a lot of shoots for my blog, but as you can imagine, nothing is the same as this. I don’t think a camera lens has ever been so close to my face!

I felt honoured to be in with the chance of working with Whatsalon, modelling two makeup looks for their social media and app launch. So the day consisting of meeting three wonderful, local makeup artists, two of which created two very different looks for me. The first look was created by Shari Knowles, a very talented freelance makeup artist in Bristol, who also works part time for Bobbi Brown. I was really excited to see what she was going to create for me, as Bobbi Brown is usually the kind of look that I go for. They always seem very much about natural looking makeup looks, that are flawless in texture and subtle in colour. Shari did not disappoint, and I was utterly in love with the look. The whole look used mostly MAC, another brand I really love. It had bold and sparkly eyes, with a huge depth of colour throughout, as well as a dewy finish to my skin. I also got to test out some individual eye lash extensions, which really brought the eye look together. It was bold, and something I only wish I could create on my own. To finish the look, and in my eyes what brought it all together was the red lip. The red lip was created using a MAC liner in shade REDD, and a liquid lip in shade QUITE THE STANDOUT.

The second look that was created on me was by Danny Williams, another great local makeup artist. This look was all created using Anastasia Beverly Hills. This look was very different to the first, and in some ways a little more casual. In fact, in my eyes it was much more of a glamorous every day look. I have never actually tried Anastasia Beverly Hills before, so was really excited to see what look was created. Danny created a warm, deep pinky eye with a gentle shimmer, complimented by another dewy face look. The highlighter was gorgeous! The contouring was also beautiful, with so much definition added to my cheeks. For lips, we went with a very neutral, glossy look. The whole thing came together perfectly, and looked so naturally pretty on camera.

Watch the vlog! Linked below is a little BTS video of the day. I hope you enjoy!

For more information on Whatsalon, please visit the website here.

On the shoot. 


Amanda Thomas

Shari Knowles

Danny Williams

Alex Niven


This blog post is a paid for collaboration with Whatsalon, however all views and opinions are my own.

All images featured in this blog blog as owned by Whatsalon. 

A huge thank you to Naomi, and Whatsalon, for this opportunity.