Life Update & Taking Control of 2021

Life Update & Taking Control of 2021

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so excited to be back here on the blog, writing a new post and getting back to my favourite hobby. Over the last few months I have taken a huge step back from blogging and even social media to an extent, just because of the pressure we are all under right now, as well as a high workload juggled with studying and a few personal changes. In all honesty, it has been a bit of a whirlwind and I just needed some time to reconnect with myself and get a better life/ work/ hobby balance. I am by no means fully back to myself, but I definitely feel like I am getting there, and I am starting to find my inspiration again for writing and just simply enjoying the process of running this online platform. It has been very hard to even think about what to write over the last year when not a lot has really been happening!

In order to get to the point I am now, and to feel like I am really moving forward, I made a few changes from the beginning of January. I wanted to share these as I know they have helped me so much to become less stressed, negative and simply anxious with the dramatic events happening in the world.


Try to remain as healthy as possible. A healthy mind is fuelled by a healthy lifestyle and since being much stricter at the start of the year, I now am really getting to enjoy the positive effects of this. I have so much more energy and feel so much more driven in everything I do… not to mention I naturally feel better in myself without the alcohol bloat!

Stop watching the news. Any information you NEED to hear, you will hear. The news is seriously draining, repetitive and quite frankly 98% of the time effectively pointless. The only news I ever hear now is through someone else or the few notifications I get on my phone. It honestly is a breath of fresh air and I feel so much healthier in myself since making this change.

Prioritise real self-care time. I have always been a big believer in self-care, however since January I have tried to go much deeper with this and make it much more focused and intentional rather than just a bubble bath that looks pretty and supposedly makes me feel better.  For me, self-care is about many things including taking the time to properly rest my body; taking the time to fuel and take care of my mind; sometimes being strict with myself for the results in the long run such as working late on a Friday night so I know I can have Sunday off; exercising when I don’t want to because it fuels me through each week and even starting therapy to begin to heal from many supressed feelings. All these things are essential in a balanced lifestyle.

Start making plans! For so long I have avoided making plans which has really affected my mood as I am someone who needs to be working towards something. Now is the time to get back in track, make lots of plans and enjoy knowing that it is all coming! Enough is enough.

What have you been up to over the last few months?

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Mastering the Art of Discipline

Mastering the Art of Discipline

“Through self-discipline comes freedom” – Aristotle

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog of 2021… a little later than was planned, however with the crazy way in which the year started, life got a lot more full on than expected! Now I have sat down properly with myself and realised that now is the time to ‘control the controllables’, I am back and ready to enjoy blogging again as well as stay on track with work and studies. This is why I am starting the year off with a blog all about self-discipline as this has been the key for me basically getting on with life and not giving up which I have wanted to do a lot with this whole ‘covid’ situation.

Over the last year, through my personal development journey, I have realised that self-discipline is the singular most important skill to master in order to succeed, as when your motivation inevitably starts to fizzle out, this is when your self-discipline kicks in and keeps you going. Start your day right; let motivation start your engine; then self-discipline will see you through. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is everyday going to look like this, but once you master the skills a much higher percentage will.




So, how exactly do you master this skill? I am going to share a few of my daily tasks and key tips that you can implement right now to help you with this if it is something you struggle with. The first stage is mastering your morning routine. The saying goes ‘win your morning, win your day’. After almost a year of enjoying my miracle mornings, it is now that I can fully feel the positive effects of this. I also cannot stress how amazing it is to start this with everything going on in the world, as it will be one of the biggest coping mechanisms you learnt to help overcome the overwhelm of lockdowns and general covid depression. I would highly recommend reading a book that will help you learn these skills, my favourite being ‘The 5am Club’ by Robin Sharma which for me has totally changed my life. A book like this is your first step to self-discipline.

‘Sometimes, you just have to do the thing that you simply don’t want to do and push yourself.’ Ironically, it’s in these moments that I have found I have grown the most and achieved the most as the sense of accomplishment is even greater and being disciplined becomes so much easier.

To finish, reward yourself. I have found personally that when I am working towards a goal, not matter how big or small, being disciplined becomes so much easier as my reason for the action becomes attached to something. This can be as small as sticking to my clean eating in the week to be rewarded with a takeaway on Friday night which will be epic because I have achieved it, or even a handbag I have promised and bought myself at the end of a successful work year. This is something I have found works for me really well. It could be that something different works for you, however there will definitely always be something!

I would love to know what keeps you motivated and how you become disciplined when the motivation fades?

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What can you say about 2020?

What can you say about 2020?

Imagery by Abigail Oliver Photography

Each year at this time of year I always love to write a small reflection post on the year that has passed and all the things I am looking forward to in the new one. Well, 2020, what on earth can we say about you?! I absolutely always try to find the positives in every situation as I know for sure that having a mindset like that makes life so much easier! However, in this blog post please do not feel that I am being insensitive to the many down sides that I know so many people have endured this year. I am not blind to what has happened, and I feel so incredibly sorry for everyone who has suffered this year. This blog post is going to aim on the positives and the things I have learned, as I want to keep it light and fun to read.

One of my favourite things that I have read online in the last few weeks was on Facebook where someone shared ‘it is no wonder the end of the war in 1918 was followed by the roaring 20’s’. I hadn’t thought about it in the slightest, but when it was pointed out to me a huge light bulb went off in my head and gave me a huge sense of hope for the amazing years that are about to come because of what we have learned during this global pandemic. This is the biggest lesson I have taken from 2020, to say yes as much as possible and to live life to the absolutely fullest without ever saying ‘I can’t do that’, ‘maybe next year’ etc… It has showed me that we need to live life NOW because you never know when that can quite literally be taken away from you.

Next up, who are the people you should have in your life? This year we have all been in the same storm, yet in different boats, however I firmly believe that those who are in your life for the right reasons will be there whatever boat you are in and whatever storm you are all enduring. I have learned a lot about the relationships that I have in my life and in fact some have even fizzled out this year as ultimately, they were not serving me mentally. If you take one thing from this blog post, please let it be that you always need to remember that a relationship is a two-way street and if someone isn’t there for you, it’s time to let go.

Next up we have a big one for me; resisting the burn out. This is the first year in a very long time where I haven’t physically made myself ill from work and generally overdoing it without knowing when to stop. We have all had to actually stop everything we are doing and even though my work hasn’t stopped, I have really haven’t had to juggle this year and it has been a revelation. This is something I want to remember and really take with me into 2021, as let’s be honest, we all need to ditch the ‘stressed out from work’ badge of honour and start to put our health first. I’ll let you know how that one goes.



So, like I said, lots of big lessons from 2020 that will definitely stay with me in 2021. I am so excited for the fresh new year and have so many plans for work, life and of course the blog. Let me know what you would like to see.

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G r a t i t u d e

G r a t i t u d e

Imagery by Abigail Oliver Photography

2021 is fast approaching and I really wanted to do a blog post all about gratitude. This year has been such a challenge for absolutely everyone, however I feel a huge sense of gratitude as for me it has been a completely life changing year. Right at the beginning of Lockdown 1.0 I felt extremely stressed as my control freak brain could not cope with all the sudden changes and complete uncertainty. I decided a few weeks in to take control and invest some time in myself and my mindset through the power of personal development. Through doing so I learned so much about gratitude, enabling me to grow as a person and really seize every opportunity in front of me despite what life throws.


I have always been someone who actively practices gratitude and I have always tried to turn a negative situation into a positive one by remembering what I am grateful for. Whatever situation you are in, this isn’t always easy, however this year what has begun to make total sense to me is if you learn how to practice gratitude properly it doesn’t just become easier, it becomes an unconscious habit.

So, what do I mean when I talk about personal development? For some people this two-letter phrase can be interpreted as ‘one of those things I would never do’, as honestly it is just totally unknown if you have never given it a go. For me, my personal development consists of a miracle morning power hour (blog post here), although it is totally up to you in what way you do it. It could be as simple as listening to a growth podcast in the car, reading 20 minutes of an influential book in the evening or even just watching a 5-minute motivational video in the morning to help you start your day on a good note. In all honesty, it doesn’t overly matter what you do as long as it works for you, however I would say there are two key things to be featured as part of it. The first is, as part of doing this, you need to be completing gratitude each day (which you will automatically learn more about when reading or listening to personal development). You could either write a whole list each day of what you are grateful for, or what I think is even better is to write 5 things you were grateful for that day before you go to sleep. These 5 things need to be super specific and usually apply only to that day. What then happens is you begin to look for them throughout the day and start to live in this unconscious state of gratitude.

The second thing to consider is you need to be consuming personal development from people who you respect, admire and ultimately you would like to be like. Why on earth would you bother listening to someone who hasn’t done the things you want to do, or who doesn’t think in the same way that you do/ would like to? Finding the right content is all about finding the right people to consume their knowledge from, almost like finding your own tribe. For me, my whole journey started with author, actress and all-round super star ‘Mel Wells’ when I heard her speak at a conference just before beginning my personal development journey. I totally connected with her and then the way she writes. This was then followed by my love and appreciation for ‘The 5am Club’ by Robin Sharma and ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. Two authors who practice what they preach and totally inspired me. My personal development now totally stems from the skills I learned initially from these three influential people on my life.

Not only do I feel grateful for discovering personal development and the feeling of my eyes opening so much to all the wonderful things in our world, but I am so so grateful for the shift in my mindset and what practicing gratitude has taught me. Life is by no means perfect, but if we all did this every single day, I have a funny feeling that it would soon all start to look an awful lot better.

I would love it if you could share your gratitude list today with me! Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

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Miracle Mornings

Miracle Mornings

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Lady Hunter Blog. I am beginning to find my rhythm again with blogging after a very up and down few months, trying to get the new website sorted and also find inspiration during some very uncertain and frankly irritating times. What I find quite funny in my personal situation is that 2020 seems to have taught me so much more than pretty much every other year and I am actually extremely grateful for certain parts of what this year has shown, one of which being creating a heavy focus on helping myself mentally and properly digging in to my personal development journey.

Back right at the beginning of what is now being referred to as ‘Lockdown 1.0’ I was feeling extremely anxious as my control freak brain could not cope with the massive changes going on and the uncertainty of what was to come. I spent a good few weeks sleeping a lot, using ‘self-care’ as an excuse to basically do nothing and eating/ drinking my weight in everything purely out of boredom. To cut a not so interesting story short, I decided to take action and invest some time into myself. I started to take part in something called a miracle morning each day with my Arbs team, starting at 7am on ZOOM and lasting for an hour. This small and simple task has been one of the most life changing things I have ever done, and I have actually managed to create a sustainable habit for myself getting something extremely good out of the lockdown situation.

In this blog post I thought I would simply outline what I get done in that hour before my day really starts to hopefully inspire you to give it a go and see if you can notice any changes. However, to begin with I have one thing to recommend you do first which can be done on it’s own or as part of your miracle morning. Purchase the book ‘The 5 AM Club’ by Robin Sharma. This is the book that started it all for me and kept me committed to creating this daily habit for myself. What’s incredible about it is that it is written as a story, making it super exciting whilst also teaching some incredible and valuable life lessons.


So, let’s break down the hour.

7am to 7.20am:
Gratitude – dedicate a specific notebook for your miracle mornings and each day you will want to write these things. Start with your gratitude… ‘today I am grateful for…’ write as many things on the page as possible and they key to this is to make them super specific. This way, during your day you will look for those things and always be living in a beautiful state of gratitude.
Affirmations – I love this one! Affirm what you want and watch it come true! Each day I write ‘it’s the last day of the month and I am/ have’…
Visualisation – the power of visualisation is HUGE! Spend 5 minutes visualising something you want to create/ have. Close your eyes and picture it… the trick with this is the feeling. You need to feel yourself in the moment.
7.20am to 7.30am:
Meditation – okay, I’m going to be honest with you, I absolutely hated meditation when I first started and if I’m being even more honest… it still isn’t my favourite thing. I find it so hard to focus and my mind wonders off about 100 times, however what is important is that I am continuously trying and believe it or not… I am getting better! You have to be persistent with things like this. My favourite tool I have used so far for meditation is an app on my phone called ‘Insight’.
7.30am to 7.50am:
Reading Time – again, reading was never my favourite thing, but guess what? That’s because I hadn’t found what I really enjoyed reading! Now… I am absolutely HOOKED! I cannot put them down and they are without a doubt the best part of my miracle mornings. A few of my favourite that I have read include:

  • Mel Wells – Hungry for More

  • Robin Sharma – The 5am Club

  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  • T Harv Eker – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

  • Rhonda Byrne – The Secret 


7.50am to 8am:
Motivational Video – The best way to end your miracle morning… get inspired! My favourite ones are the ‘law of attraction’ coaching on YouTube, however if you just pop in motivational videos so many incredible ones will come up!


Podcasts – one of my favourite things to do now is to listen to inspiring podcasts daily. The only way I really remember to do this is to always make sure my phone is connected to my car and listen as I drive. I am guaranteed to get at least 10-15 minutes in a day and it is totally uninterrupted listening utilising what would normally be pretty wasted time.


For me this is an essential part of my day now and it totally sets the tone of each day as the biggest thing I have learnt is that if you ‘own your morning, you elevate your life’. If you would like some recommendations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Remember, it takes an average of 21 days to create a new habit, so throw yourself into this and I would love to hear how you get on!
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Why I decided to have a wardrobe edit

Why I decided to have a wardrobe edit

Imagery by Abigail Oliver Photography

Hello all and happy Sunday! I am bringing a well requested blog post today after all my ‘wardrobe edit’ pics and stories on Instagram. I had an amazing time during my wardrobe edit last month and have learnt so many useful tips for shopping and styling within my own wardrobe. In this blog post I am going to share with you why I chose to have a wardrobe edit, what it involved and the skills I learnt from it afterwards. I had my edit with Elise from Redefined Styling, who I had already had a colour and body shape consultation with and loved. I have shared about this experience in its own blog, which you can read here

The decision to book in for a wardrobe edit stemmed from my initial service with Elise, as I could instantly tell how knowledgeable she is, and I gained a lot from the short hour that we spent together. A wardrobe edit is much more detailed than my previous colours service, where Elise came to my home and helped me to cleanse my wardrobe and style outfits using the tools I already had. As this was in August, we focused mainly on transitional styling that would help me going into Autumn and beyond, as I knew already that I would book in with Elise for a separate Winter edit. The beauty of this service is that not only do you have a proper sort and clear out of your wardrobe, but Elise also shows you what options you have to work with that I had never seen before. We analysed all the items in my wardrobe to make them work again, to resist having to completely rebuy a wardrobe each season. Elise showed me the key pieces I was missing in my wardrobe to bring everything together too which was so helpful. This session totally re-inspired me and motivated me to love my wardrobe again and has also totally changed my mindset and attitude towards how I shop. 

During the session we took each section of my wardrobe out, category at a time, starting with long dresses to short, skirts and then tops. We went through each and every item, ruthlessly throwing things out and styling the ones we kept with the rest of my wardrobe. I am a rare Summer palette in terms of colour, so a key part of styling for me is bringing out those beautiful pastel colours in each look, even if the item only has extremely small details of these colour waves. For each outfit we then wrote what was missing for me and gradually found a pattern with this, such as a cropped denim jacket to go with pretty much everything and some more transitional lighter coloured boots with a point. 

I absolutely loved the feeling afterwards of being totally in love with my wardrobe again, almost like seeing it with a fresh pair of eyes. It has given me such a confidence boost and also enabled me to be much more conscious of shopping sustainably and correctly which was already a change I wanted to make, without knowing necessarily how to before. I would recommend this service to anyone, as often it could be something that you have never considered before, but it really can totally transform the wardrobe you already own and your attitude towards how you feel wearing your own clothes. 

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Best place to reach me is on Instagram >> @ladyhunterblog. 

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