What is really meant by a ‘balanced lifestyle’?

What is really meant by a ‘balanced lifestyle’?

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

I am writing this blog post whilst in the car, coming back from an extremely restful and much needed tech free week away in the Scottish Highlands. Don’t worry, I am a passenger in the car, not designated driver for the next hour. Before heading away last weekend, my stress levels had reached their peak. I was juggling multiple work plates, keeping my hobby up, trying to maintain a social life and basically trying to be the girl who can just do everything. It became apparent that I simply am not that girl on the morning that we were leaving, when I had a complete breakdown, literally sparked by not being able to find the pyjamas that I wanted to take to Scotland with me! Forcing myself to really switch off over the last week I have learnt a lot about myself, and how I simply have to make some big changes to better my health, mentally and physically.

Over the last few months I have invested a lot of time into myself. Listening to audios, reading books and taking the time to learn from others in order to go further in my career and most importantly, become a better version of me. Everything I have been learning seems to have come to the surface over the last week, as my body has had a chance to catch up with itself and reflect on the wise words, I have taken in.

A big lesson for me has been to appreciate that a balanced lifestyle is about so much more than just the food and drink we choose to consume. A balanced lifestyle really includes everything in life that we choose to do, in order to enjoy ourselves, live a healthy life mentally and physically and most importantly, grow, evolve and embrace the changes we all go through. In this blog post I am briefly summarising all the things in life that I believe shape a balanced lifestyle, with a few pointers on how to achieve each of them and focus on becoming a better and more balanced you.

Our attitude to food

So, this section of the blog post is very much inspired by a book I have recently been reading, called ‘Hungry for More’ by Mel Wells. I cannot recommend this book enough if you are feeling a little lost and in need of some direction. I first heard of Mel Wells when she spoke at our Arbonne conference back in September, where she gave the most heart-warming and moving talk, which resulted in the whole arena of 3,000 people sobbing at the thought of their goals, dreams and realisation that anything in life is possible. From this moment I was hooked and have not been disappointed by her words in this book. The main takeaway for me is how our relationship with food reflects so many other relationships in our lives, whether that is the relationship we have with friends and family, possessions, our goals, our overall lifestyle and ourselves. The attitude we have to food in the 21st century can be extremely damaging to our minds and bodies, especially with regard to a balanced lifestyle. A lot of us follow the all or nothing method, as well as turning to food to fill something that is completely separate to our need for the feeling of a full stomach. This attitude is often the reason as to why we mentally struggle with following a balanced lifestyle, as when one barrier falls (like eating a whole pack of biscuits), everything else just seems to follow. So, the first step in achieving this balanced lifestyle is to heal our relationship with food and everything else can then follow. I would recommend picking up a copy of this book if you feel that this is something that you really need to focus on first.

An active lifestyle vs inconsistent exercise

This is a big one for me, as I am still very much on my journey with this. Over the last few months, exercise has really been pushed back for me as I have always had an excuse, usually related to work. What’s worse is that I know how ridiculous this is. When I am consistently exercising and being active, I am so much healthier, happier, energised and focused on other important parts of my life. However, I still very much live in this cycle where I will be consistent and then suddenly, I will have an overwhelming week and it will all crumble and I will start again in a few week’s time. Let’s be honest, for it to have a positive effect and help you with a balanced lifestyle, your exercise and natural activeness level needs to stay consistent. I have learnt a few tips from my PT to help with this: walk up and down the stairs twice whilst having a 5 minute work break; get up 30 minutes earlier and do a short home workout; get outside for a walk in the fresh air between work and preparing dinner. Just a few examples there of what can be done.

Work hard, play harder

This one is very much a piece of advice for me too. What is the point in working hard if you can’t also enjoy your life too? I have been pretty horrendous in the last few weeks, working non-stop without really taking any time out for me to relax and for myself. Having spent a week away and being completely switched off, I know that this is a big change that I need to make. I am promising myself that each weekday evening I will give myself 2 hours before going to sleep to eat properly, watch something or read, have a bath and unwind, as well as completely stress-free weekends, prioritising time with my family and friends over working. Hopefully this will make my work time much more productive Monday to Friday, and the quality of my me time so much better. I will keep you updated on this.


Balancing your free time

As well as balancing our work and play time, I also think that it is very beneficial to balance your free time too. I want to be much more intentional with my weekends and evenings, giving myself time to focus on my personal mind and mental health, mixing up time with different friends and family members and trying new things. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of doing the same things all the time with your free time, spending it with the same one or two people and never really feeling like you have achieved much. Be more intentional, plan your free time and try something new at least once a month.

What tips do you have for maintaining a balanced lifestyle?

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Styling ‘the’ Zara dress of the season

Styling ‘the’ Zara dress of the season

Images by Hana Dallimore Photography

Getting back to writing some of my favourite posts this weekend, my style posts. I find it hard to find the time to write these lately, not just because of the volume of work in my life but also because I spend most of my time in jeans and leggings working from home… so styling myself has become a very rare occurrence. Having said that, the Zara dress of the season has been my most worn item in my wardrobe after the last few months, of the ease of styling it in the morning and its comfort throughout the day.

Often with these on trend pieces it can be very hard to put your own stamp on them, as we frequently want to follow the trend as a whole and not just the individual item. I adore making a look my own and items like this can be very easy to do as they are massively versatile pieces in our wardrobes.

This dress is technically the second version of the Zara ‘It’ dress, in the Autumn Winter version. The original white one caught my eye instantly; however, I have always been wary of white dresses/ skirts as I’m terrified that they’ll land up being see through. Not that I’m saying it was, it is just a fear of mine! I love the black version of the dress as it is much more suitable for my style, I think much more versatile throughout the seasons and with the white dots it is still light and bright in colour.

Body Shape

The first thing I have learnt about this dress is that it can look so different on many different people based on body shape. A friend of mine wears the same dress, however she is much straighter bodied than I am, so the dress falls beautifully on her. I have an hourglass body shape, so the dress does not fall perfectly on me as my hips are much wider. In order to make the dress work for me I have to wear a belt which really brings the dress in for me, flatters my figure and adds the perfect accessory to the dress.


One of my favourite ways I have seen the dress accessorised was on someone on my Instagram who wore it with a big chunky necklace that was quite long and fell to just below her waist. She had chunky heeled boots and I just thought the whole look was effortlessly chic and styled the dress perfectly. When I wear the dress, I only really wear a small necklace as all the drama usually falls in my belt.

Heels vs Flats

With any midi dress I always wear my block heeled boots. It has become a staple for my personal style, as I always feel like the look gives me so much confidence and sense of motivation. Having a shoe with a heel with these types of dresses always works beautifully as it lengthens the body and forces the style of the dress to work much harder. I also love the look when worn with flat trainers in the warmer months… so chic and Chelsea-esque.


My go to look with this dress is always something relatively long, usually tailored and structured. I feel like this totally completes my look and is just my style down to a tee. Even though I usually reach for a black coat I actually think that this ‘it’ dress looks so much better with a bright coloured coat like a hot pink or a red. Let’s be honest, life is too boring to only wear black forever.


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Being Open Minded in 2020

Being Open Minded in 2020

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So, this is something I have wanted to talk about on the blog for such a long time, however wanted to wait until I felt I had the knowledge and a little more experience of open-minded actions paying off in my own life. The world we live in has changed so much in the last 100 years, heck it as changed so much in the last 5. Employers are looking for those who can carry a conversation rather than those with top marked qualifications, Instagram influencers are bringing in more income than barristers and somehow Donald Trump is the president of the United States. See, times have changed, and it is an inevitable movement that we all have to embrace. Being open minded is such a huge part of this, not just to help ourselves develop but to ensure we are working towards the lives we really want and working smart to make sure we get there.

The biggest thing I have noticed is the determination and yearning for more from so many young people. None of us are willing to settle anymore and I love it! Why the hell should we?!

So, with this being said, it’s all good having our big dreams and goals, but how do we actually achieve them? I 100% believe that it is down to two things: working smart (see blog here) and being the most open-minded version of yourself that you possibly can be… with a sprinkle of stepping out of your comfort zone and consistency. Over the last few years I have made so many key life decisions that were totally out of my comfort zone, not following the ‘norm’, but I can feel already that they are starting to pay off so early in life. I truly believe that we only succeed in life if we push boundaries, do things we don’t feel like doing and jumping at new opportunities.

When I left sixth form having completed my A-levels with adequate grades I knew one million percent that I was not going to university. It would so have been the wrong decision for me, and I was fully prepared to face all the backlash for my decision not to go. There was a lot… not from my family but from my school. Let’s be real, schools want students to go to uni as it increases their stats and makes the staff and school look better #real talk. This I feel was the first time in my life that I was open minded as I strayed from the normal route of attending university and decided to work to earn some money instead of getting stuck. During this time, for a year or so, I enjoyed life. I got to experience having my own real money for the first time, I had countless hours to pour my heart and soul into blogging and I really started to discover who I was as a person. A major turning point then came in my life when I had my heart surgery, as I very much started to see life in a very different way. Something that is extremely precious, to be lived to the max and most importantly never to settle as you don’t know what life is going to throw at you.

I was very lucky that just before my operation I was given the opportunity to try something new, simply by networking and talking to a lady where I got my nails done about my blog. She offered me the chance to run her social media for her business as she was impressed by my personal blog and platforms. This for me was a big turning point as I had a light bulb moment where I suddenly realised that my real passion could become a reality through helping others do what I loved. So, my first piece of advice for being open minded is to talk to everyone. Never not have a conversation with the person next to you and always engage as you really never know what it might lead to.

After my operation and throughout my recovery I was able to build my business, reaching out to other business owners and simply never not talking about what I did to everyone I met. I loved and still do love to talk about my work and feel privileged to get to work with so many other businesswomen absolutely nailing their careers. A huge part of being open minded for me is the people I have got to meet and the incredible relationships that I have developed. It has seriously changed my life for the better and is all thanks to saying yes and getting a little uncomfortable. Life is way too short to stick to the same group of people your whole life… don’t get me wrong they are incredibly important but getting to know new people is just as important.

Next up we have taking on something new to better yourself. Last year I had a bit of a panic moment, as I suddenly realised that if social media got shut down or I changed my mind I would have no idea what else I would like to do. So, I decided to take action and start a degree with the open university. This was extremely scary for me and massively out of my comfort zone as I had vowed never to put myself through formal education again. However, now I realise it is very different as it is totally on my terms, for my own benefit and enjoyment and I don’t have to give up the job that I love, having worked so hard to build it. Being open minded isn’t just about accepting new opportunities thrown your way or choosing a different path, but it is also about evaluating your own life and figuring out a way to change it for the better on your own terms.

Last up I am going to discuss saying yes to opportunities thrown your way. I personally think that nowadays people are so quick to judge a situation or opportunity based on one fact, when in reality they know nothing about it nor the person offering it to them. The 21st century has brought us a whole new variety of ways to create better lives for ourselves and there really is something for everyone. I really believe that if someone approaches you asking to tell you about something, or you get invited to an event to support someone’s new business, or they start talking in person, always take the time to listen. You never know nowadays what could be right for you and what could totally transform your life for the better.

Send me a message in the section below if you are keen to learn about a new opportunity or simply would like some advice on how to make a change.

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Styling Pastels in Winter

Styling Pastels in Winter

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

In November last year I had a colour session with a local personal stylist. I had been feeling a little blue about my wardrobe, mainly because my body had changed a lot and I was struggling to find clothes that made me not just feel confident but like me. The results of my colour session showed that I am a Summer, meaning that my colour tone craves light and bright pastel tones. Last Summer this was easy to adopt as they were all the rage, whereas stepping into Winter it was a bit harder to carry through the colour palette. Despite the slight difficulty, I have been making a conscious effort as much as possible to be more adventurous with my wardrobe and stray away from the dark and boring looks I constantly wore last year.

For me, I love having items in my wardrobe that can be adapted all year round. I used to always be someone who would grab for the black and brown in the Winter, constantly wearing the same outfit. However, now I have a much bigger appreciation for how an outfit can affect your mood and really want to brighten up my Winter wardrobe.

I think the task of doing this can be quite daunting to a lot of us, for two reasons. Firstly, we are a nation of habit. We all do the same thing day in and day out, season to season, never really changing much up and always sticking to the same rules. A few of these being, in the Summer we opt for bright colours and a Summer pedicure, then in the Winter we go more towards the dark side and hide everything away. So, the first step in bringing some more pastel tones into your Winter wardrobe would be to break free from your dark habit and attempt to be more adventurous. I think the best way to do this is to shop in your own Summer wardrobe and create a few layered up outfits that are bright and happy but still going to keep you warm. My best advice for breaking this habit is to take ten minutes out in your evening and pick out your outfit for the next day. This will help you resist picking up the black dress in a rush the next morning and give you more time to really experiment.

The second reason I believe is we all really struggle to shop strategically in the Winter. This isn’t just because of the constant stream of black in the shops on the high street but also because we would all rather be in the warm, under a blanket from 5pm each day during the season. So, how do we all overcome this? Well firstly, shopping online is your new best friend. I can honestly say that I don’t remember the last time I even went into a clothes shop. I always shop online nowadays… less people, no queuing and I can do it right in my home under a warm blanket. The next thing I do like to recommend, especially if your wardrobe really affects your confidence levels, is perhaps investing in a personal shop with a stylist. You would be amazed at how reasonable it can be, how much you will learn in a session and how much you will gain from the session. From just my colour session alone I learnt so much and have found shopping in my own wardrobe so much easier. In fact, I will leave the details down below for my fabulous Bristol based stylist.

This outfit for me is the perfect version of a pastel toned Winter look. My pink coat has been my best buy so far this Winter, being worn with all my work outfits and casual outfits at the weekend. I have had so many comments on how nice it is to see a bright coat in the Winter, especially one that is as versatile as this. I think the main thing to remember when it comes to styling pastels in Winter is that you don’t have to go cold Turkey Malibu Barbie in one go. The skirt to this outfit is something I wore a lot last year with an all-black outfit, this time switching to a cream top instead of black and nude boots instead of black, of course with the hot pink coat on top. To accessorize, my baby blue over shoulder bag has been incredible, and I can’t believe how much I have worn in during the Winter. I always find the most effective way to style pastels is by using them together and having to different ones in the same outfit such as pastel pink and blue.

I am absolutely loving my pastel Winter wardrobe and am definitely going to be creating new looks to share here on the blog. Have any questions about this? Please feel free to send me a message below!

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Working Hard vs Working Smart

Working Hard vs Working Smart

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Last Summer I was introduced to a new business idea and jumped in as I instantly saw the amazing benefits from it. One of the key things I picked up on quickly and have a developed a much bigger understanding for is the idea of working smart as opposed to working hard. I had never heard of this principle really before, and if I had, I certainly didn’t know what it meant. This meant that I had a new understanding of how I needed to make essential changes in my life to achieve the things I really want and exactly how to get there. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you don’t have to work hard because obviously to achieve anything in life it needs dedication, but there is definitely a difference between working hard and smart and working just hard to get nowhere.

The idea of working smart is mainly about the choices that you are making to further and better yourself in life. There are so many options around in our modern world and we really don’t have to settle for anything less than we desire anymore. However, one thing that definitely is true, to work smart and achieve your goals you have to be in business.

I have always been extremely passionate about business. Basically, I have never had any yearning to be bossed around by someone. I am fiercely independent, incredibly strong willed and ultimately, probably very unemployable. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a bad employee… if someone gives me a task, I will do it and I will do it well, but I just simply always have an urge to take over the show towards the end of my time somewhere. I used to think this was going to be my biggest weakness and downfall in life, but then I started my business and realised anything is possible with dedication and a clear outlook of what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

Career Paths

So, let’s talk careers. I am going to be straight with you, I have never really known what I wanted to do. This meant that in the end my sensible voice inside focused much more on all the things I didn’t want to do. I figured that if I didn’t fall into doing something, I didn’t want to do then it was much more likely I would find what I did. Funnily enough, it worked out pretty well. I pretty much fell into doing what I do and absolutely adore. Social media has been a passion of mine for a long time, so landing up working in it, being able to run a business as well has been a huge blessing. Which leads me on nicely to my now much newer business in social media which is social marketing role which has obviously stemmed from my other business.

If you don’t know much about social marketing, I am going to briefly explain it now. Social marketing is a business model whereby you partner with a company, get all the benefits of running your own business and zero of the negatives! The idea of it is basically all about sharing, talking and networking. Something I already do! You have to partner with a company you love, which I do, and you have to authentically share, which I have been doing for years on here. So, win win for me!

My advice when deciding on a career path is going to come in the form of bullet points:

Really evaluate what you are good at and what you enjoy doing

What do you actually want out of life? Is that career going to get you there?

Will this career fit around things that may come in the future, such as a family?

Does this career give you the potential to grow within the industry?

Are you going to be well rewarded for your hard work?

Is it REALLY what you want to do?

5 Year Plan

This is a relatively new concept for me but something I have started to religiously refer to; my five-year plan. Back before starting my social marketing business I was asked the question ‘if you keep doing what you’re doing now, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?’ I had a bit of a light bulb moment and suddenly felt quite nauseous. The truth was I felt extremely scared because I felt suddenly worried that what I am currently doing isn’t going to get me to where I actually want to be in five years’ time. So, I decided to make a change and jump into a new and exciting opportunity. Would you have done the same?

Plan of Action & Realistic Goals

So, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. A goal without a plan is just a dream. For every goal on your list, make yourself a master plan for how you are going to achieve each one and get to work. Otherwise, you will definitely regret it.

Beneficial Hobbies

So, this one for me is very personal. I started my blog as a hobby back when I was 15, just because I wanted a space to share my love for fashion, food and everything in life that was just for me. I now owe everything I currently have to that hobby I decided to embark on when I was 15. There are so many things in my life that I have now because of it including: my social media management business; my social marketing business; many of my now Instagram friends, a strong working ethos knowing that dedication is extremely important, a space where I can still be creative and many many blog opportunities that have just been incredible. It really has been a blessing for me and my life. So, when I say beneficial hobbies obviously, I am not talking just about a blog, but something that you consistently show up to do that is going to positively benefit you at some point in your life.

Working on YOU

The main thing I have taken away so far from my social marketing company is the importance of always working on ourselves in order to put us in the right headspace to focus on our business. Working on you can come in a lot of forms and will almost definitely be different for a lot of us. My ‘working on me’ includes a much healthier and more balanced diet, regular exercise, everyday reading, personal development audios in the car, small everyday changes such as herbal tea instead of a coffee etc… The main thing to take away from this is that it is about incorporating healthier things into your everyday life until they become a much more stable part of your routine. Working on you has to be consistent in order to gain any benefits.

So, let me ask you, do you think what you are currently doing is working hard or working smart? And, if you keep doing what you are doing now, where do you think you will be in 5 years’ time?

P.s. time for a change and a new adventure? Leave me your details in the contact form below and I will get back to you with the answer!


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How to really switch off this Christmas

How to really switch off this Christmas

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

This may seem like an odd thing to be talking about, as generally at this time of year it seems quite easy to switch off from work and relax, however I have learnt in recent years that it doesn’t quite work that way. Most of the time, when we take time off work, we usually are going somewhere or have plans. Christmas is different, as it is an unusual amount of time to be at home, with family, not actually having much to do besides seeing people, travelling, eating and lots of drinking. I used to find that I would use this time to catch up on work and my to-list with the things that just never seem to get done when leading a busy life. I have now learnt that in order to start the new year off on a good foot and make it a success, your mind and body needs to be properly rested over the festive holidays in order to refuel.

So, how exactly is this golden principle done?

Indulge in Festivities

The first way of course has to be indulging in all that the season has to offer. Don’t shy away from socialising and make the most out of everything going on at this time of year. Not only does this get you into the festive spirit, but it also relaxes your mind and helps you to switch off from everything serious in life, which after 2019, we all definitely need. Say yes to the Christmas markets, wrestling the queue at your local shopping centre, drinks with friends and even family dinners with those inevitable awkward conversations with those you only see once a year!

Indulge in Food and Drink

I always find that at this time of year I really relax because I am out of my routine and I let myself go in terms of treats that I don’t get during the year. Over the Christmas break I let myself get up late and stay up late, I eat and drink whatever the hell I want and most importantly I just do the things I want to do rather than need to do. This attitude always relaxes my mind as it is a luxury, I don’t give myself all year around. Don’t deprive yourself… it’s Christmas!

Digital Detox

Let’s be honest, especially after everything going on in 2019, we have all spent way too long with our heads in our phones, watching the TV and using all other devices. It can be easy to overindulge in this at Christmas as we have lots of spare time but really, we aren’t properly switching off if we do this. As much as you will inevitably spend more time on them, you also need to ensure that you are doing other things, such as simply talking to those around you, being outside and having fun in other ways.

What do you do to switch off?

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