The Kylie Jenner Generation

The Kylie Jenner Generation

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Today I wanted to talk about something that I believe is very relevant to the younger generation, all aspiring to be something in life and make a name for themselves. I too, am in this generation. Nowadays we all talk a lot about what house we want to buy, what car we want to drive and where we want to be in 5 years time. This seems like a relatively new attitude towards life, and can be perceived to be good and bad all at the same time. I have been watching Kylie Jenner grow up since I started to watch the Kardashians years ago, and have always had a keen interest in her life, mainly because we are the same age. I mean, I love watching all of them just for the pure escapism of the programme, but Kylie has always stood out for me.

Kylie Jenner has almost become the youngest self made billionaire, all before turning 22. Whether you love or hate her, no one can deny that that is not an incredible achievement.

Having always shown herself to be relatively quiet and family orientated on the show, it is very clear that her determination and passion for beauty has got her to where she wants to be. She strategically took her insecurity, her lips, and turned it into a multi million dollar business. Looking at what she has created over the last few years, at such a young age, she inspires me everyday to work hard and focus on my goals. Okay yes, maybe it helped that she had money and millions of Instagram followers behind her, but being a consumer of her products and follower of her brand, she works hard. It is amazing to see someone so young have so much drive for life,  particularly when most people I know who are mine and her age have no idea what they are doing in life.

So, how do we take a page out of Kylie‘ book?

Well firstly, being in a family consisting of 5 daughters, Kylie must have grown up with a lot of pressure to be like them. Not that there is any horrible competition in their family, but she must have had an urge to make a name for herself and create a brand that makes her different to her sisters. In fact, her sister Kendall has too by following her dreams of being a supermodel. We all conform to this pressure growing up, whether it stems from siblings or friends. Kylie used her platform and focused on not only the one thing she is truly passionate about, but also the thing she was insecure about. So, naturally, my first point would be that we need to identify our insecurities, accept them and see how we can use them to develop a name for ourselves. This could apply to anything in life. One of my biggest insecurities used to be social situations and putting myself out there. With the career path I have chosen, blogging and generally wanting to have some good friendships, I have had to overcome this. I stared it right in the face and proved to myself that I was capable of getting over it.

Secondly, Kylie has shown that by using the resources you already have you can become something. For a lot of people, like her, social media has been the key to success. However, this point again can differ depending on your situation. If you are a little lost in life, have dreams but don’t know how to make them come true, start by figuring out what you can use that is already in your life. For example, you want to be a doctor and your best friends dad is a doctor…talk to him and see how he got there and what he would suggest! In my case, I wanted to focus my career on developing my own business. My grandad owns and has been running a very successful business for over 30 years. I utilise his experience and skills, and always ask him for advice. I didn’t have to go out of my way to get there, and he is always more than happy to help. Whether you have someone directly in your life, or perhaps a little more distant, we all know someone who can help.

I think one of my favourite things about Kylie has to be her work ethic. Before even turning 22, she has earned a name for herself as the youngest self made billionaire. She may have been on a roll, but I could name a lot of people my age who would have got to a certain point and already given up, with the attitude that they had already made enough for a lifetime. I love how she has a genuine passion for her brand and her work ethic drives her to carry on. In my opinion, I truly believe that this is only the beginning of what she is going to achieve. So, what does this mean? Personally, I think it means to achieve full happiness in life you must have a passion for something that isn’t just driven by money.

Finally, Kylie may have used her social media to grow her business, but in general she is a very private person. I think she has got the balance completely right of sharing what she wants to share online, without having to share too much about her and her life. Particularly when it came to her pregnancy. I mean, I do think it is pretty phenomenal that she managed to hide her pregnancy from the whole world, considering they are the most watched family in America. She proves that even if you need social media for your business, you can also remain private and keep a lot of your life to yourself. I think social media is great, but I also think having a life offline is even more important.

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How to Use Magazines to Rebrand Your Wardrobe

How to Use Magazines to Rebrand Your Wardrobe

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So, in this digital age, as a fashion lover I still very much see the benefit of paper magazines. I love the feeling of holding a thick glossy magazine, trying all the perfumes and flicking through the designer adverts. It is a hobby that I have enjoyed for years, that I most likely inherited from my grandmother and her mother. In my eyes they are a timeless piece of media, and in terms of fashion, they are a huge part of keeping the industry alive. Social media and online blogs will never be able to succeed in the same way, as they are not as user friendly, nor manage to contain the same content produced and enjoyed by the consumer in the same way.

Magazines are at the heart of the fashion industry, being consumed by those besotted with it, and used by brands to help them stand out against the rest.

So yes, in my opinion they are great, but how can we actually use them to influence and rebrand our own, everyday wardrobe. Bearing in mind, the majority of us don’t have the income to indulge on Gucci and Chanel three times a week. I mean, maybe one day! I have listed my top tips below, with all the information you need to use magazines strategically and for your own benefit, rather than the benefit of the brands featured.

Think Budget

First things first, what magazine are you reading? The likelihood is, well in my case, Vogue is never going to help me rebrand my wardrobe as I can barely afford a hair clip featured on Gigi Hadid, let alone whole outfit. Yes, you can be inspired by magazines, but they also do need to be slightly relatable if you are using them for the purpose of rebranding what you own. I like to use magazines such as Hello Fashion, as the items featured are much more main stream and can be bought on the high street quickly. They also tend to feature a lot of higher priced items with cheaper alternatives, showcasing where you can find the best dupes.

One Item… Not Outfit

My massive mistake when flicking through a magazine is going past a look when I don’t like the outfit. In reality, just because I don’t like the outfit as a whole, I probably do like the individual pieces. Don’t be too quick to dismiss what a model is wearing and always break down the look and brands featured, as I can guarantee you will always find one thing you can make work for you.


I love jewellery and adding accessories to an outfit, however I am not very imaginative. I always tend to stick to the same pieces, as well as brands, never straying from what I know. Stylist always give an outfit a new leap of life with accessories and are so knowledgeable when it comes to brands and colour choices. In magazines you have the very best stylists working their magic, showcasing how you can wear new accessories and what is on trend that season. Taking note of this can really bring your own wardrobe to life.

New Brands

I have always found magazines are great when you want to discover new brands. Obviously, social media is also amazing, but magazines really pin point new and upcoming brands that they know already have a good reputation. They also can be amazing at shining the spotlight on very independent brands that often get forgotten on social media. I have discovered a lot of my favourite brands through magazines, and still do to this day. Keep an eye out for where everything featured is coming from, and if it is somewhere you have never heard of, look it up and see if it could work for you.


Skin Tones

Ultimately, we are all different, and clothes are often better suited to one person than another. I am by no means saying that you cannot wear something if you like it, but you can definitely be guided by what is suggested in magazines. I personally always sway towards models and celebrities with blonde hair and lighter skin tones, as this is what I am. They have been dressed by those who know their stuff, and it really helps to show me what is best suited to my wardrobe and also what I could try that I had never considered before.

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

I cannot believe for the life of me that Christmas weekend is officially here… IT IS CRAZY! But, it is also amazing at the same time! I am so ready for the next few days, indulging in some of our Christmas traditions and ultimately having a bloody good rest. Today I am working, and even though it is going to be incredibly busy, I am looking forward to the excitement and positive atmosphere that should be around. Then tomorrow, for what I hope will become a tradition I am going to watch the Nutcracker with my grandparents. We are actually watching it in Bristol, in one of the event cinemas where it is streamed live from London. I have grown up watching the Nutcracker, falling more and more in love with it every time. It really is the ultimate start to Christmas. 


Christmas Eve

For us, this day is usually spent with all the family, as Christmas day itself we all tend to stick to being at home. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy some presents and have a pre-Christmas roast dinner. I am head chef this year and plan on serving slow roast pork with homemade dauphinoise and my famous lemon and herb green veggies. This is a firm favourite in my family and is definitely starting to become a tradition. However, in recent years we have enjoyed it on Boxing Day as opposed to Christmas Eve. 

Then, in the evening after doing the food prep, my grandma and I have our long standing tradition. Every single year for the last seven, we have sat on the sofa (me in my Christmas PJs) and watched The Holiday with a glass of Baileys with a heap of ice. This tradition is probably my absolute favourite of the whole year and we just never seem to get bored of this film. I mean personally, if the whole thing could have just been Jude Law and Cameron Diaz, I might have enjoyed it even more.

Christmas Day

I love my Christmas Days at home, mainly because the three of us have really got into a sweet little routine. We always start the day in bed with stocking presents, which my grandma always seems to nail. I mean, Benefit Mascara and MAC Lipstick… yes please! We then have a proper Christmas breakfast, Eggs Royale, with a huge Mimosa, enjoyed quickly in our PJs. Then we get ready and I get started on the roast. The reason that I cook is only because I really enjoy it and I would much rather let them have a rest, than my grandma getting stressed in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, the tradition of me cooking on Christmas Day is never going to change. I am also a massive control freak and love everything about this meal!

Then in the afternoon, after we have eaten, we gradually get through our presents and collapse on the sofa in a complete food coma. In fact, my grandma and I usually devour all Champagne or alcohol in the house, leaving us feeling giddy! The only way I can describe our Christmases is utterly fun. We always have such a good time and I just love the fact that we are at home together, just eating and having our presents. In fact, I get even more excited about giving them their presents as opposed to receiving them! 

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is probably the least consistent for me, mainly because I am so sad that Christmas is over that I don’t really care what I do! That being said, in the last two years, Boxing Day has been the time that I get to spend with Finn, so obviously they have become more important! It is just so lovely to have three days enjoying the traditions and being with those I love.

What are your Christmas traditions? 

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The Holly Edit with Marks and Spencer

The Holly Edit with Marks and Spencer

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

*this blog post is a paid for advertorial for Marks and Spencer UK.

#HollysMustHaves #MyMarks

Holly Willoughby is now a very known face here in the UK, mainly for her role as popular morning presenter on ITV This Morning. Holly is not only recognised for her talent on screen, but also for her incredible fashion sense. For this reason, I really think that Marks and Spencer have done an incredible job in collaborating with her. One of the main reasons that I love Holly and her outfits is the fact that she is very real. She has a very beautiful figure, wearing clothes that are very easy to create everyday looks with. I get so tired of watching fashion shows and reading magazines where the clothes are not fit for everyday life, nor for anyone above a size 8.

Holly has always been portrayed as a woman like us all, juggling work and motherhood, having a keen interest in fashion and working hard to balance what must be an incredibly busy life. This collection is very much in keeping with this. These clothes have been selected for women doing a lot during their day, but who also want to look and feel fabulous for it all.

This latest range of Holly’s Must Have items launched last week, and contains pieces selected by Holly herself. On a first glance of this collection, it is very apparent that all of the items have been very carefully chosen and what I love the most is how they all go together. The colour palette is very wearable and suitable for the majority of skin tones, as well as styles that can be adapted and mixed with other products from Marks to flatter any figure and create a sensational look. The coat, which caught my eye instantly, is definitely the centre piece for this range and for such a reasonable price point, it is simply a must have in your wardrobe. The dusky pink perfectly balances with the other tones of the collection, as well as neutral tones we all already have in our wardrobes. After trying on the coat, I can confirm it is extremely warm and cosy, boasting great quality and a perfect fit for all.

When visiting Marks and Spencer in Cribbs Causeway, of which I am already a regular visitor, I was greeted by one of the managers who had kindly set aside the collection for me to try. As any fashion lover would understand, I was so excited to try the pieces and see which worked for me. Obviously, as with any clothing range you are going to have pieces that you prefer more than others, and this was no different during my experience. However, this was not based on the quality of the individual products, but more so on what flatters my figure and what I choose to wear as part of my personal style.

Without a doubt, my favourite outfit is the striped jumper, paired with the black mini skirt and pink coat. This was the outfit that caught my eye straight away when I was scrolling through the collection online, and Holly just looks phenomenal in it. What I love the most is how versatile it is, being able to go from day to evening, as well as mixing and matching the pieces to create different looks.

The skirt itself goes with pretty much every top in my wardrobe, and can also be worn throughout the seasons. The look is very easy to create and just looks effortlessly chic.

The striped jumper itself also looked incredible with a lot of other M&S pieces, such as the work trousers. I am not a trouser person, mainly because I have never put much time into finding a pair that suit me. The second I tried these M&S ones on, recommended by the lovely manager, I was shocked at the great fit and style that actually flattered my legs. They are easy to throw on for work with a pair of heels, and look even better with the striped jumper. The jumper itself looks happy – which is the only way I can describe it. When I was trying it on and even looking through the images we got, it puts an instant smile on my face. Again, the coat can be thrown on top for a quick, out the door, beautiful look.

Every piece in this collection is of such great quality and can all be very easily matched with other M&S products. It also suggests that M&S is really moving forward in who they market themselves too, as personally I have never seen them as somewhere I would shop for my own clothes. Underwear, yes…every day! This collection has completely changed my opinion and has made me look at all their clothes in a very different light. By having the knowledge to put a good outfit together, and create one that makes you look as good as it makes you feel, M&S deliver on every level. They have such a variety of different products, each designed differently, ensuring there really is something for everyone.

#HollysMustHaves #MyMarks

Thank you so much to everyone at M&S who looked after me during my visit.

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This is a paid advertorial for Marks and Spencer UK. However, all views and opinions are entirely my own.

Ignoring Instagram this Christmas

Ignoring Instagram this Christmas

Imagery by Kayleigh Gresty Photography

Okay so the title of this post may be a little misleading, however the intention behind it is entirely accurate. I have really struggled in the last few weeks to stay on top of everything, what with work, blogging and trying to maintain my social life, so the pressure of social media has really taken a toll. I do try not to take mine too seriously and still get the enjoyment out of it that it was created for, but it is also my main platform to drive traffic to my blog and market myself. I really love and enjoy using Instagram, but I find it can be very stressful trying to keep up with all the amazing content others are putting out there. Ultimately, it is a very competitive platform and naturally you do compare your work and content to others, no matter how much you try not to. This Christmas has been amazing with all the content put out there, particularly from all the London bloggers.

When it comes to Instagram, you have to be able to find the balance and use others amazing content as inspiration for you own work, as opposed to crumbling and constantly comparing yourself to what another blogger is doing.

Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, as everyone is so happy and there is a real sense of positivity constantly going around. It really is an infectious feeling and a real reminder of how lucky we are here in the UK with the luxuries we do have. I adore spending time with those I love at this time of year, and what I love even more is how many people I get to see and spend time with to celebrate the season. It is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with friends and family and there is always so much to do. Hence, why social media is usually the one thing I leave behind. I love the fact that I am too busy with those I love in order to be online, and it really does sadden me when you see groups of friends or even family, who are so focused on what is going on in their phone that they forget to interact with those actually around them.

So, as bloggers and a generation of Instagram users, how do we get the balance right of being online and prioritising the people in our lives at this time of year?

Well firstly, my advice would be to decide on an Instagram time budget. This month, whenever I have been on Instagram, the majority of the time it has been first thing in the morning. Since I started to take blogging seriously, I have always tried my best to wake up half an hour before I need to in order to get through my Instagram feed. With the increased use of stories, half an hour is definitely a struggle, but to be honest I try to get through these during the day. Having a select time that you know you’re going to be on there can really help, as it eases the pressure off the rest of the day. If I also manage to post my daily photo in that time slot it is even better as I am then done for the day. It seems silly that we have to essentially be so organised for a social media platform, but if like me it is part of your work and you are trying to grow your brand, there really is no alternative.

Another way of staying organised, and something I am still getting to grips with for my personal Instagram is scheduling. For my social media clients, I use Hootsuite, and actually enjoy it. The app is very easy to use, reliable and just generally takes a lot of stress away from me. I don’t use it much for my personal Instagram, as I am not organised with what I am posting like with my clients, however occasionally I have been drawn to it when I know I am going to be having a busy week. Whatever app you use, scheduling at this time of year can be really beneficial. This way, you budget a certain amount of time in one day getting it all done, and then you don’t really have to think about it for the next week.

Also, let’s all be honest, we follow way too many people on Instagram. For me, I need to be able to catch up quickly, so when I used to follow nearly 700 people it just wasn’t working for me. There are certain ‘rules’ when it comes to Instagram, and you do feel pressure to follow people for many other reasons rather than just because you enjoy their feed. I was getting so stressed with keeping up that I decided enough is enough. I had a massive declutter of everyone I was following, getting rid of lots of accounts who were no longer active, rarely used the app, companies I worked with years ago and just generally accounts I didn’t engage with anymore. Like my own content, people change a lot online, and just because you liked their old style, that doesn’t mean you have to carry on following them. Be ruthless and get rid. It will keep you sane!

Ultimately, even by following all the steps above and trying to just about keep your head above water, it is always going to be a challenge at this time of year. We all have so much going on. As with a lot of things in life, all you can do is accept that this is the way things are and just do what you can in order to stay ahead. No one is going to judge you if you fail to keep your social media going!

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Christmas Gift Guide | 2018

Christmas Gift Guide | 2018

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

That time of year is here, and even though I am now in my 20s, my family still get my annual Christmas wish list. I like to think of it as just as much of a favour to them, rather than just a way of me getting the things I want. I spend a lot of time at Christmas trying to think about what people actually want and usually getting it wrong, so why not take this stress away from them and offer a few suggestions? I love the act of giving at Christmas, and probably enjoy spoiling the ones I love a lot more than I do receiving gifts, however I can’t deny that I feel so incredibly giddy on Christmas morning at the prospect of opening the gifts under the tree. I am just a big kid at Christmas, and have always loved knowing what I am getting before opening the presents! When I was about 8 I remember searching the house high and low trying to find my Christmas presents. Obviously, I did find them and it was the hardest secret I had to keep!

Having a good Christmas list means that you can avoid having to pretend to like something, knowing that it is going to sit in your home taking up space for years on end. If you are going to get gifts, they might as well be something you really want and can actually use/ eat!

This year I started my Christmas list pretty early, mainly as a way of stopping myself spending money I don’t have, knowing that there was the possibility someone could get it for me. There seems to have been so much on the market this year, particularly in the beauty and fashion industry, meaning that my list starting building up pretty quickly. I love to have a range of different things on there all with different price points, to make it much easier for everyone. I wanted to share with you guys a few of the things that I have on my list this year, with perhaps a reason why, hopefully inspiring your lists and triggering your minds with things you may have forgotten.

Red Handbag

I am pretty sure that this one was on my list last year, but I landed up buying one of my own which turned out to be a fake so it went back. Hence, why I now want another. I have loved the Michael Kors box over shoulder bags since they first came out, so when they brought a beautiful deep berry red out for the season it instantly went on my list. I have this bag in nude and love it so much as it is so easy to throw on with anything and can take a lot of stuff. The dark red will look beautiful with the majority of my Autumn Winter outfits and even as part of an evening look. If you are looking for a new smaller bag this season, I cannot recommend these enough!

P.s. I know I have got this because my grandma asked me to order it for her to make sure we got it before it went out of stock! They also do gift wrap, so it comes in a beautiful box that looks so festive under the tree!

Le Creuset Pot

So ever since having the flat, and to be honest probably before too, I have dreamt of owning my own large casserole dish from Le Creuset. I think anyone who enjoys cooking has this beautiful brand on their wish list, however it can take a life time to build a collection as they are quite expensive. But, as with a lot of expensive items, they last a lifetime and are some of the best quality products for your kitchen that you can buy. For the last two years I have been trying to fill my Le Creuset hole with the Sainsburys dupes, which to be fair are quite good, however I have a feeling still not quite the real thing. This year I added my dream one to my list, and my boyfriend kindly said that could be my one present! Fair dos! I am obsessed with the matte black range, so chose the large oval dish, as you can use it on the hob or in the oven. This brand is perfect if you are looking for something special for the kitchen. Also, McArthur Glen outlet centres have one in pretty much all of them, and you definitely can find a good bargain.

For my beauty bag…

Benefit Bronze, Blush and Highlight Palette – A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the Benefit beauty counter in Bristol, to view their amazing Christmas gift selection. They are such good value for money and I love the combination of products that you get in each. I added this palette to my list instantly, as they are products I already use every day and they are so reasonably priced.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, Stoned Rose – I recently broke my Charlotte Tilbury virginity and bought a lipstick in shade Pillowtalk. I absolutely love it! One of my favourite bloggers recently shared her favourite shade on Instastories, which is Stoned Rose. I knew instantly that this was a colour I needed in my life and it is so perfect for my skin tone. I also adore the packaging that all the Charlotte Tilbury products come in.

Urban Decay, Naked Cherry – I am a huge fan of these eye palettes and own everyone on the market. They are so easy to use and always create a flawless eye look. The minute I saw this latest edition to the collection, I knew I had to have it in my makeup bag. The colours are perfect for a princess like me and I know I am going to be able to create some incredible makeup looks!

AVEDA Damage Remedy Hair Repair – If you want one beauty item for your collection this year, my advice would be to invest in a hair product. I am an AVEDA girl through and through and have always adored their treatments. You simply have to use it overnight once a fortnight and expect healthy deeply conditioned hair that looks utterly beautiful every day. They are not the cheapest products, hence why they are on my Christmas list, but they really are worth every penny.

Rosie Dressing Gown

Ever since Rosie Huntington-Whitely released her continuous range with Marks and Spencer’s I have been obsessed. Every piece is always amazing quality and each design is so beautiful created. I have always had something from her collection on my list, and 2018 is no exception. I love this grey dressing gown, that is much more like an oversized indoor cardigan. I love easy pieces of clothing like this, that don’t make me too hot too quickly and look relatively chic.

Britax Water Jug

I am relatively good at drinking my water but have two flaws. Firstly, I use too many plastic bottles that I buy on the go, and secondly I am still convinced that we shouldn’t be drinking water straight from the tap. So, on my list this year, which is what could possibly be the most boring present ever, is a water filter jug! This way I can ensure I am drinking clean and fresh water all day at home, as well as being able to fill up my water bottle before leaving in the morning.

Coffee Table Books

For me, 2018 has been a huge year of interiors. I am following so many Instagram interior accounts and am just becoming more and more obsessed with the industry. A big part of this is coffee table books. Everyone has them and I just think they really finish a room. They look pretty and they are also really nice to be able to flick through and enjoy at your own pace. I have found a few just on Amazon this year that I added to my Christmas list, as the perfect addition to my new coffee table and forever changing living room.

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