How to wear boyfriend jeans

How to wear boyfriend jeans

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Boyfriend jeans have always been a style of denim that I absolutely adore, however have struggled a lot to make the trend work for me. I am one of those people who massively carries weight around my thighs and lower tummy, so often a straight legged trouser isn’t the best option. Having said that, when I bought a recent pair of grey boyfriend jeans just to give them a try, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the style and fit and landed up wearing them a lot for many different occasions. I think the grey personally really works for me as the slightly darker colour is a lot more flattering, and the colour tone goes perfectly well with the majority of my wardrobe. To discuss boyfriend jeans further, I thought I would share a few ways that I love to wear them/ think help to make them work for a variety of body shapes and style preferences.

Though it may appear effortless, the borrowed from the opposite sex look can be extremely challenging to style. Here a few tips I have learnt to make the trend work for the individual.

A feminine flare

The boyfriend jeans are known as being a very masculine, slouchy style of jean, so for me I think one of my favourites looks is when this is styled with a feminine flare for contrast. A slouchy pair of blue boyfriend jeans could be worn with a white, ruffled blouse, sleek sandals and light handbag to create the perfect look between the styles.

A tailored look

Again, to add contrast to the slouchy style of jeans, why not dress the look up with a much more tailored edge. This could include a very structured top, blazer, pointed heels and a sturdy handbag. The jeans will in turn dress the overall look down, with the tailored effect making the look suitable for many different occasions, such as a day wondering the shops in London, girls lunch or even drinks out on a date in the evening.

Hippy all the way

Another way of dressing the boyfriend jeans is with what would be referred to as ‘hippy items. I love the boyfriend jeans look with a really bouncy, patterned top, flat shoes and a fringed bag. This creates a very casual, effortlessly cool look that can be worn for a variety of different situations in life.

The London Trench

As with the tailored look, I love that London-esque look that you can create with a pair of boyfriend jeans. One of my favourite looks when we were transitioning into Spring was the jeans paired with a basic top, scarf, my trusty trench and jeans. I reached for this outfit time and time again, as it looked chic, as well as being practical and comfortable for anything I had going on.

Off duty supermodel

Kendall Jenner is the queen of pulling off a boyfriend jean look, and if you have the figure, why the hell not. I remember seeing her last year with a pair on, paired with a simple white crop top and strappy sandals, with her hair in a messy bun and sunglasses as big as her face. The look was perfect, and looked so swish walking around LA, probably going to buy a matcha latte.

Like a European

Let’s think Parisian. How would they wear their boyfriend jeans? Well, when I was in the city last year I saw a few different looks, and as you would imagine, they were beautiful. One of my favourites was the classic slouchy jean, with chunky trainers a basic top and a structured blazer. Then, I also saw a lot of women wearing the jeans with a good slinky heel, blouse and designer handbag on their arm. All the looks to me screamed European and were all beautiful in their own way.

To heel or not to heel

This is a big question when it comes to these jeans, so I can only go on how I choose to style them. As much as I love the relaxed look with flats and a jacket, the majority of the time I have to wear them with a slight heel to make myself feel more confident. I personally think that these jeans look a lot better with a slight heel, especially with a basic top and bag

Your travel buddy

Boyfriend jeans are one of my favourite airport attire looks, paired with a good basic top, cropped jumper and chunky trainers. The look is not only chic but comfortable, which is a win win for the endless walk through the airports.



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My favourite brands for my work wardrobe

My favourite brands for my work wardrobe

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

My favourite type of clothes has always been smart casual, something that looks chic whilst also being subtle and comfortable. I remember from the age of around 14 always choosing to wear a blazer with jeans, which is still a look I go to regularly now. So, with that being said, as I have got older dressing for work has been one of my favourite things. I absolutely adore the whole girl boss vibe, and always feel so empowered when I have a good work outfit on during the day. As I work from home, I often don’t get to wear this look as much as I would like, so when I do, I tend to go all out. In theory, I could wear my work clothes all day every day, but for some reason it can be pretty uncomfortable at home.

As much as I love choosing work clothes, I can find the task of buying them often pretty difficult. You want them to look well-made and high quality, however a lot of us often also want to avoid the very high price tag that comes with that.

In the last two years I have tried and tested a few brands for my work wardrobe, collecting a few that have very much become my go to brands for certain items. Lately I have also become very consumed by the whole sustainable fashion issue we have, as well as the ethos behind them. This is something I really do want to start becoming more aware of and will admit that at the moment I am very naïve to the situation as I have not yet had the chance to do my research. So the brands featured here in this blog post are very much just the brands that I enjoy shopping with for my work clothes, and I cannot tell you if they are the correct brands we should all be trying to use in 2019.


My go to work wardrobe tends to be midi skirts and dresses. Personally, I just feel that trousers are so unflattering on me, therefore I decided a long time ago just not to bother. Sometimes I will tend to wear black jeans with a work top, although most of the time it will be a skirt/ dress option. For me, a good variety of midi skirts in your wardrobe is a must have, as they are so versatile and for work can be adapted for different situations and seasons. For example, most of my midi skirts have transitioned from Winter through to Summer as you can wear them with cami tops, shirts, jumpers, flats, sandals and boots. They can go with everything, especially if you get ones with a multiuse colour tone to them. I have always gone to H&M for my midi skirts, as I have always found the fit to be great, choice amazing and value for money, incredible.

Mint Velvet

I have always adored Mint Velvet, and it is a brand that I share my passion for with my grandma. We both adore the selection available, the quality of the products, and the price point. I absolutely love everything about this brand, and was so thrilled when they opened a outlet store in the Swindon Outlet Centre. I have gradually started collecting pieces from this brand, and the most common is midi dresses. They style and fit is effortlessly amazing every time and the dresses are so easy to dress up or down, meaning they don’t just have to be worn for work. Both the dresses I have, have had a lot of wear over the last few months, and I have noticed so many people comment on them as and when I have worn them… particularly in the gym changing room! With all this being said on the work wear front, I also must say that Mint Velvet is amazing for casual items too – their t-shirts are some of my favourites.


Now, I know I said this is about clothes on a budget, however I had to mention Gucci. I don’t own any Gucci clothes, and to be honest, don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy some. Nevertheless, in terms of my work wardrobe, I couldn’t be without my Gucci accessories, which is essentially my belts. In the last few years I have gradually started to collect more belts, meaning that I have collected different colour tones to go with different outfits. I am a firm believer in investing in accessories for your wardrobe, particularly when you want to look smart and on point for work. I would definitely recommend a Gucci belt if you are looking to invest in a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

Dune London

One important thing I have learnt is that comfortable work shoes is a must, particularly warm ones during the Winter. I discovered Dune London around seven years ago and have absolutely loved them ever since. I personally think that they are amazing value for money, the quality is superb and the styles they have available are extremely varied. I go to them for all my work shoes, Winter boots and always a good pair of block heeled sandals. The leathers are always soft, colours are always rich, and I don’t think I have ever worn a pair that have managed to hurt my feet. For work I have a few pairs of midi heels from them, Winter boots and some comfortable but stylish wedges for the Summer. They are definitely a go to if you are looking for work shoes.

Leave me a message below with your go to work wear brands!


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The everyday edition of the midi skirt

The everyday edition of the midi skirt

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography.

I think if I had to describe my style in few words, it would be a midi skirt and top/ jumper. I just absolutely adore them. I love how feminine they are, comfortable to wear, transition from season to season and how much of a variety there are on the market. I have always loved to wear them, particularly in recent years when I haven’t felt particularly comfortable in my body. I personally find them very flattering when worn in the correct way, and always feel comfortable with the look I have chosen. On the market, I think my favourite stores for midi skirts would have to be Zara, Mango and H&M. They all boast amazing patterns and colour combinations as well as a variety of materials and textures to help you choose the right look for you. With all this being said, I think midi skirts are great, however there are definitely different ones to suit different people. Hence why I wanted to discuss them today.

My favourite thing about the midi skirt: they work for every, single, occasion; throughout every, single, season.

Texture: Cotton, Sheer, Pleats

First things first, let’s discuss the different types of midi skirts out there. Remember, this is just the rules and guidelines that work for me and my body shape. So, I have a very hourglass figure, with a lot of shape to my hips. Therefore, I cannot wear any midi skirt with pleats or a straight cut skirt such as the latest silk trend, as they do not leave room for the curve in my figure. However, if your hips do go straight down, these styles will work for you, and look amazing! So, for me, I am much more of a cotton-based midi skirt lover, or the cheaper mesh material that you get often from high street stores. For me they allow for the shape of my hips and legs, and therefore look great with anything it is paired with. I also find that the opaque style that is really in now, where you have an underskirt and beautiful lace or mesh over the top also looks beautiful. It is such a feminine finish and look perfectly elegant at any time of day.

Patterns & Florals


My biggest piece of advice with regard to midi skirts is very much to just focus on what works for you and your body shape, rather than what is in style and everyone is wearing on Instagram. I have bought and given away many midi skirts now because they looked good on someone else and looked horrendous on me, the biggest reason being the design didn’t suit me. There are so many different prints and floral combinations on offer now, however that doesn’t mean that they all suit everyone. For me, I stay very much away from abstract patterns and stripes, as well as coral toned florals as they all wash me out and come across as very unflattering.

The Denim Look

I think one of my best versions of the midi skirt, for me and in general, has to be the denim midi. It is a completely timeless piece, that can be worn all year around, in many different ways, and amazingly through generations. All the women in my family have a midi denim skirt in their wardrobe, and we all absolutely love them. They are an effortless way of looking chic in the morning, paired with a t-shirt or camisole, sandals or boots, perfect for any occasion.

Shoes & Accessories

Obviously, this point is very dependent on the time of year and the occasion, but in general I find it very easy to create an outfit with a midi skirt. In fact, it excites me. I find that every look created is feminine and stylish, whilst remaining comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. So, the rules are simple really.

Casual evening look: midi skirt, t-shirt, over shoulder bag & heeled sandals.

Dress up evening look: midi skirt, camisole, clutch bag, pointed heels.

Casual day time: midi skirt, t-shirt, denim/ leather jacket, large tote, trainers/ flats.

Dressy day time: midi skirt, camisole, heeled sandals & oversized clutch/ bag.


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Shoes – Dune

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Belt – Gucci



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How to Nail a Job Interview

How to Nail a Job Interview

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

I have had this urge recently to really start introducing a work section to my blog. Not in terms of a job itself, but in terms of career choices, personal and work balance in life and changing your path. So today I thought I would start with how to nail a job interview. This isn’t so much going to be aimed at a specific career, but just the simple tricks I have learnt to help you feel less anxious about an interview and give yourself the best possible opportunity of being considered for the job. Most of the advice I am giving is based on what I learnt during my business A-level, as well as the interview process. Subsequently, I have also been on a few interviews and luckily managed to get the jobs. However, I think a lot of my advice also stems from running my own business and what I would look for if I decided to interview and take someone on.

I like to think of an interview that can be broken up into sections by your potential employer, giving you the opportunity to prepare for the questions and give the best possible answers.

A positive attitude

The most important part of helping your nerves or anxiety with regard to an interview is by simply pushing yourself to have a positive attitude. If you go in expecting the worst and generally feeling negative about the situation, the likelihood is that this will be picked up by your interviewer. Start by taking a deep breath every time you think about the interview and ensure that you prepare as much as possible. If you are prepared you will feel a lot more at ease about the situation, and it will be much easier to feel happy and positive.

Dress Code

First things first, your appearance really does matter. I am not saying that you cannot be yourself and let your clothes reflect your personality, but you do have to be the most professional version of yourself. Wear the smartest look in your wardrobe, obviously dependant on the job you are applying for. Keep your face makeup and hair clean and fresh looking, as well as your nails trim. Remember, that you don’t want to look overdone, but at the same time you need to look respectful. For example, if you are applying for a job in hospitality or retail, you are more likely to adopt the smart casual look, whereas a job in marketing or medicine, you would probably be more prone to wear a smart dress or suit.

Being Yourself/ Being Professional

The biggest thing about impressing during an interview is by being able to hold the conversation and keep your interviewer engaged with you. It isn’t just about having the grades for the job, nor the experience. It is also about showing that you are a friendly fun person, and someone that can fit into a team swiftly in order to make the transition easy for you and the rest of your potential colleagues. Don’t be afraid to share details about yourself and be very open minded when answering questions, whilst also keeping it professional. For example, relate an answer to when you chose to help a friend move to a new house, but never discuss getting drunk with said friend.

Asking Question

The biggest thing I like to do during an interview is ask questions myself. Ultimately, the interview isn’t just for the interviewer to see if you are right for the job, but also for you to see if the job is really right for you. Never forget to ask the essentials such as hours, pay, holiday, sick pay, place of work etc… as well as anything else you think is relevant. Also, I like to ask the interviewer questions too, such as how long they have worked for the company etc… Usually, this person is going to be your boss or someone you look up to within the role, so it is important to make sure you have a good relationship with them from the get-go. As many of us are aware, there is nothing worse than working a job where you cannot get on with your superior.


My last biggest point is to always be honest in an interview, as if you lie or exaggerate the truth, it is going to catch up with you eventually. If they ask if you are good with a computer, and you say you are when you struggle, it is only going to make your life hard when it comes to working the job.


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Get the London look

Get the London look

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

When in London I feel totally inspired by the style. It really is like nowhere else in the UK. Everywhere you turn there is another beautiful outfit to admire, as well as a designer handbag catching my eye. In my eyes, it is very much on par with Paris, Palma and pretty much everywhere in Italy. I don’t necessarily like London, I am just very much a country girl who loves living in a slightly small town in my flat with the cat. I am definitely not one for that big city life, however I can very much appreciate that it is a magical place, and as I said, I will go for the day just to admire what people are wearing. Small doses! So today I wanted to talk about what makes up this style and why it is so different to pretty much everywhere else in the UK.

Ironically, ‘Made in Chelsea’ for me is the show that totally pin points the London style. The show is very true to what the city is actually like, in the richer parts obviously, but the fashion can be seen throughout the city. In the show you can see the style transformed from day to night, following the stars fashion looks throughout different occasions and places in the world.

Firstly, the biggest point to make is that I personally feel that the London style has completely transformed in the last five years, with a much more relaxed and casual vibe being adopted. However, obviously it isn’t quite as simple as a matching tracksuit being sported through Covent Garden. Trainers have really started to come into play now, as there are now so many different options available. Paired with jeans, a structured top and a trench, this for me is a statement day time London look. Cool and chic, whilst also giving off a very effortlessly put together effect. Even more so with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull flung over the shoulder. This is a look I have seen time and time again when wondering the streets of the big smoke, and naturally it is a look that I have very much started to implement myself.

The designer handbag has always been a staple piece of many Londoners looks, but in recent years they seem to have been worn in a very different way. When I think of a designer handbag look in London, I instantly think 90’s glamourous granny with pearls, wearing a straight cut dress and a very bold handbag on the crease of her arm. This for me is what I aspire to be like when I hit my 80s. Now, designer handbags seem to be bought and worn by a much younger generation, worn in a more relaxed way than before. You may see someone with a causal-jeans look with the Gucci Marmot over their shoulder, then you can see someone in their Sweaty Betty gym wear, leaving yoga, holding a smoothie and a Classic Flap Chanel on their arm. They are no longer a special occasion accessory or ‘to match an outfit’ item, they are a staple piece with any look worn on a day to day basis.

Lastly, the evening look. What I love about London is that you can really dress up in the evening. Wherever you go, it is normal to dress exactly how you want and be as glam as you desire. Here in Bristol, that just really isn’t the case. I love the simple looks worn in the evening in London, most of which seem to come from our trusty friend, Zara. Silk and lace are very much the new texture of 2019, with sexy camisoles, midi skirts and rock stud heels to complete the look. All put together with an oversized coat, or soft leather biker jacket. I absolutely adore this style and really enjoy how individual pieces from an evening look are then transformed into a wearable day piece. The style in my words would be described simply as ‘effortless’ and ‘chic’. A few of my favourite Londoners for their looks include Millie Macintosh, Vogue Matthews and Victoria McGrath.


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The new way to wear denim.

The new way to wear denim.

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So today I wanted to get my fashion voice on, discussing one of the newest trends, which is denim. Denim has been around and loved for many years now, however in the most recent SS19 campaigns, it is apparent that denim has been taken to a new level. Not just what is on the high street, but also how we choose to wear it. For me, this first became apparent when I visited M&S to view the latest range from Holly’s Must Haves which was all focused-on denim, hence why it was named the ‘denim edit’. Subsequently, I purchased one of the pieces from that collection (full price FYI), and I have had the opportunity to really explore how I like to wear denim, particularly from this one piece.

“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” – Yves Saint Laurent.

Denim now goes so much further than just blue jeans, but don’t get me wrong, I am still a sucker for blue jeans. In fact, I don’t think I ever really leave the house on a casual day not wearing jeans, unless I am in my gym kit. Denim just oozes style, whilst also remaining casual and comfortable. My go to is always a pair of jeans with a jumper on a casual day, as well as jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer when I want something a little more chic. They are so versatile, and the texture and material itself can be changed up incredibly well depending on the look you are going for. So how best to we achieve these looks?

My biggest rule of denim… match your look to your colour tone.

Nowadays there are so many different variations of denim, and I feel like me all very much have our own style and colours that we prefer to wear that suit us and the other clothes in our wardrobe. For me, the three colours in my denim collection are very light blue denim, dark navy denim or black. However, this season I have branched out a little and bought myself a brighter blue denim dress. In general, I find that most tones of denim suit me, and it is more the style that don’t. All my jeans are either skinny or boot cut, simply as they are the only ones that work. I would love to be able to pull off a mom jean look, but quite frankly they just make my legs look short and stumpy! Therefore, I use what does suit me. It is all about experimenting with the different colours and styles, mixing it up with other pieces, just to see what works.

How to nail the all-denim outfit.

Who saw Kendall Jenner pulling off an all-denim outfit with kitten heels, playing basketball in LA last summer? She looked effortlessly chic and it was very much a lot of the inspiration behind this blog post. So how do us more down to earth souls pull off such an outfit? Well, firstly, you must commit to the correct colour tone for you and stick with it. Each item should be the same in order to pull off that look. Secondly, everything in the outfit must follow the same vibe. For example, denim jeans and a baggy denim shirt is very casual, so you could wear it with a casual black crop underneath, hippy belt and some backless mules to create that relaxed effect. If you are going for a double denim suit style co-ord, you would then wear a heel, more structured top underneath and heaver jewellery to again match with the more formal look.

Embroidered Denim.

For years I refused to catch on to this trend, however last year I caved in and filled my wardrobe with it. I absolutely love the looks you can create with these styles, as well as the huge variety there is now on offer on the high street. My favourite last year was New Look. They had such an amazing range of embroidered denim jeans and skirts, as well as branching into denim effect tops/ shirts. Last year, my go to look was a pair of blue skinny jeans with red floral embroidery, with a striped blue shirt and tan sandals. The best advice for pulling off these looks is to ensure that the pattern doesn’t clash with anything else you are wearing, which as we probably all know, is very easy to do.

Jackets – Trench, Bomber, Crop or Puff.

The biggest part of nailing a denim look is the outwear you choose to pair with it. For me, jeans always look amazing with a jacket that sits on the hip line, particularly something that adds a bit of texture to the outfit. This rule applies for me to light coloured denim. Then, for darker denim and black, I always choose a longer coat, usually a tan or a brighter colour such as red. This look always works for me. Obviously, this is very dependent on my style, but the principle could be applied to anyone’s.

Best places to buy denim.

When it comes to buying denim, I think the main thing to remember is that we are all different, and the types of denim we all enjoy wearing is different. Hence why we all shop in different places to buy denim. My three favourites include Marks and Spencer, Stradivarius and Fat Face. I have been shopping from these brands for years and love the three of them for the different types of denim they have on offer. Fat Face for me has been my longest standing favourite, where I buy my everyday jeans. The style and the fit are always perfect, and the colour tones are perfect with my colouring. Stradivarius is one of my newer favourites, particularly for light wash skinny jeans. They are so stretchy and comfy! Marks and Spencer are also one of my favourites, purely because the fit on all of them is perfect.


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