My New Study | Study & Wardrobe Reveal

My New Study | Study & Wardrobe Reveal

Last month I took the plunge and transformed my spare bedroom into a beautiful study and wardrobe room. As you may know, I work the majority of my time from home, so having a desk in my living room/ kitchen was just becoming incredibly unpractical. I also have an abundance of clothes, coats, shoes and bags and to out a long story short, I simply was bursting in my own bedroom with my wardrobe. I knew a few months ago that changing this room into a useful room was simply a must, but as with everything in life it took time and a few changes in my mind to finally decide on a style.

I am going to keep this post short, as let’s be honest, all anyone really cares about is the photos. I really just wanted to do this post to share my inspiration behind the design and of course have somewhere to link everything.

The Colour Scheme

My flat is very grey with a lot of pink tones. When I moved in my aim was ‘girly but grown up’ and I think I definitely achieved this. However, I knew when I started to think about my new study that I wanted something fresh and different to what I had ever done before. Pinterest and my Instagram feed has been full of navy over the last few months and it was a colour scheme I just couldn’t really resist. I knew that I wanted my furniture to be ash wood with tones of white, so a navy theme was always going to go perfectly. With regard to the desk area, I knew that having two navy walls would be way too much, so a softer colour palette was a must. Farrow and Ball ‘Pigeon’ was the only way to go and I am so glad I did. Pigeon against Hague Blue and the furnishings is just so easy on the eye and I adore the finished result.

The Desk

What I wanted from a desk was simple: deep enough to work from efficiently; storage for the crap I seem to accumulate; floating shelves to basically make look pretty; and really just somewhere I can enjoy sitting at for 12 hours a day. Finding a desk was such a challenge, and the shelves were never going to work with my stud walls that barely hold a photo frame. The answer, something custom. I worked with a local carpenter who also did my fitted wardrobe, to create the perfect desk and open storage system. This enabled me to get every detail perfect and ensure it was the most beautiful and utilised workspace ever.

The Open Storage

This was the part of my study that was definitely less prioritised than the desk, however essential in the space. Let’s be honest, the main reason behind it, ‘my overflow of handbags, shoes and coats’ space! I have come to admit that I am never going to have enough space for anything, so having a proper unit to keep everything organised was an essential part of the decoration. I wanted it all to tie together, so having it match with the desk was a must and the result is without a doubt even better than I had expected. I absolutely love it! An open storage system is definitely a very Scandi concept, but I really do think we are going to see a lot more of them popping up! I loved having everything on display and it definitely forces you to stay neat and tidy.

More to come

So, this is 2019, which means one thing, not everything happens overnight. The other side of the room that I intend to turn into a beautiful reading area is not yet complete. So, the second part of this study reveal is still to come! Stay tuned…

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Farrow and Ball – Pigeon

Farrow and Ball – Hague Blue

Farrow and Ball – Wevet 

Flower Vase – Oliver Bonas

Lamp – Heals

Prints – Desenio

Light Box – New Look Home

Fairy Light Star – Distinctly Living

Mini Plants – IKEA

Candle 1 – The White Company

Candle 2 – Jo Malone London

Hello Sign – Amazon

Clock – Oliver Bonas

Diffuser – ALDI UK

Storage Boxes – IKEA

Wicker Storage Basket – Oliver Bonas 


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Getting your home ready for Spring

Getting your home ready for Spring

This spring I am feeling ready to have a complete clear out of my home. Not in terms of interiors, but stuff. I just feel like I am constantly battling a pile of things in the house all the time, particularly at this time of year for me with all my Christmas and birthday gifts still very much lingering, looking for a place within my home. Luckily, I am someone who feels very inspired and motivated at this time of year, with the slightly warmer weather and much lighter evenings. Also, like many of us, to add to this I have also become completely obsessed with Mrs Hinch on Instagram… I don’t think my flat has ever been cleaned so much! So, I wanted to write everything down. I have been really clearing out and changing up things in my home, appropriate for the season.

Spring for me is probably my favourite time of year, apart from Christmas. I love the lighter days and evenings, the slightly warmer weather temperatures and the general excitement gathering for the impending Summer season.



In terms of interiors, I think we have all very much become a generation who love to change up our homes depending on how we feel and what is going on outside. Spring seems to be the time where we all want to adopt the lighter colours and textures, putting away the fluffy blankets and fur cushions, giving our homes a much-needed new lease of life after a long Winter. I am definitely one of these people, and luckily, with the general grey colour tone I have running through my home, I find it very easy to mix and match my style depending on the season. I am going to put together a little guide to the Spring trends we all seem to be lusting after on social media, as well as some easy ways to change up your home this Spring.

Flowers & Greenery

I absolutely love having fresh flowers in the house – in fact, I don’t think there is ever really a time where I don’t have flowers on the dining table. Not only does it add a beautiful amount of colour to the space constantly, but I personally think flowers make me feel very calm. They are something so beautiful, yet simple, that nowadays we often take for granted. I love taking care of a bunch of flowers, especially when they come out a little more in my home. This is why during the Spring season, I cannot get enough of Daffodils. I generally am not really a yellow or orange person when it comes to flowers, but there is something about daffodils that is different. They change so much when you bring them into your home, and to me they just scream Spring over and over again. I look at them and they make me happy, simple as that.

In terms of greenery, I think my new-found obsession for plants has come from Instagram and Pinterest. I absolutely love the contrast in colour and texture that plants offer, however for me there are two problems. Firstly, from experience, Nelson eats them. Secondly, if Nelson happens to not eat them, I kill them by failing to water them. I just cannot help myself – I have tried and tried, it just doesn’t work. Luckily, I have searched high and low and gradually have managed to collect some very good fakes. The most recent of which is a faux olive tree that I have placed in my living room. I absolutely love it – it adds colour and contrast to the room and does not look fake. Even with this though, Nelson has managed to rip off the majority of fake olives on the tree!

Soft Pastel Tones

If I’m being honest, this point applies to my home all year round, but that is just because soft tones are much more my style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bold statement room, wallpaper, coloured sofa or even bright feature, but it just isn’t something I would choose for my home. I absolutely love the soft pastel tones that seem to be happening at the moment, and the trend definitely inspired me to up my game, particularly in my living room. As my living room is also my kitchen and office, I can get very bored of the space, which is why I have always collected bits to change it up often to cure my boredom. Enter, the new pastel cushions. It is not secret by now that I buy most of my home items from Biggie Best, and these cushions are no exception. I wanted some soft pink toned cushions to add a little colour to my very grey sofa. I think they work perfectly, particularly with the new added greenery. They are very Spring and add the perfect touch of the season to my living space.

Spring Accessories

It takes a long time to make a house a home, no matter what your budget. It is the small and personal accessories that really bring it to life and truly make it feel like yours. I have gradually started to add minor details to my home over the last few years and can really say that it feels like my own little space now. In the Spring, I love to add a few seasonal accessories to celebrate the season and bring the florals inside. For me, in 2019, this includes a small faux flower garland on the front door. It may be fake, but blimey it looks real! I am really impressed, and it was such a bargain! My bedroom faces the front door, as well as the bathroom to the left of it, so I see the back of the front door a lot. To me, the entrance hall to the flat is really important, as it is the first area you see as you walk in, and as I said, for me it is a space that I see a lot through the day and night. The flowers on the door have really brightened up the space and added the perfect colour contrast.

Fresh Foliage

To add even more life to the flat, and a little more colour, I bought a huge bulk of eucalyptus and popped it in a giant pot on the floor. This for me is such a French thing to do and looks so beautiful in my home. Perfect for Spring!

Neutral Tones

One of the biggest trends of Spring interiors in 2018 was neutral tones. I very much believe that this has carried on through to this season. We all love our neutral colours in our home, even if just in one room. I have been adding a few bits here and there, in particular storage boxes and baskets. They are all neutral in tone, and I must say, very practical! I can’t believe how much more storage I have got since starting to buy more of these. The overall look is very Scandi, which I absolutely adore, and just think it makes my home look and feel a lot neater and organised.

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Pink Stool – The Range

Lantern – Biggie Best

Console Table – Biggie Best

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Packing Tips 101 | 2019

Packing Tips 101 | 2019

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So, it is probably no secret by now that I love to travel – last year I was lucky enough to visit eight different places, really feeding my hunger to see more of the world. I just love everything about exploring new cultures, experiencing the place and enjoying everything it has to offer. With that, I have become quite the pro packer. I have very much learnt from my mistakes over the years, and am now able to throw everything together quickly, reassured that I always have everything I need. Packing can be quite a stressful process, especially if you are going somewhere new. I mean I can’t even imagine how stressful it must be if you have children – having to pack for you and them! Anyway, that problem for me is something way in the future.

I thought I would put together a little guide on my best tips on how to pack effectively, as well as the little touches to make life a lot easier on the other side. Packing before you go in an organised manner will mean that when you get to your destination, you can have a stress-free time knowing everything is planned and ready to go.

My first point is on outfits. Not just to plan your outfits – which I do – but also to create and pack items that can be worn together. Every time I go away, I lay the outfits out on my bed, always trying them on first, taking a picture so I remember what I had planned. However, what I mean by items together is choosing outfits that can be mixed and matched together to make some solid looks. For example, when I last went away, a few weeks ago for my birthday, I chose a red jumper, midi skirt and some basic items as my staple pieces. This way I could mix everything together depending on my mood and what we were getting up to. So, on the travel day I wore jeans and my red jumper, then on an evening I wore my red jumper with a red toned skirt. Then the next day, I wore the same skirt, with the same boots, but with a basic black top. I used to pack a lot of items to create outfits, however with the weight limits I got sick of taking so much stuff. By doing it this way you take up less space and it is much less stressful putting outfits together on holiday.

Following on from that point, we then have accessories. I have got really strict with myself in the last few months, ensuring I am only taking accessories that are absolutely necessary. Making sure I am careful with my outfits and mixing everything together as I mentioned, it is automatically easier to take less accessories. For my birthday trip I had a lot of red toned outfits, so all I needed was a red handbag, a little gold jewellery and a tan belt. These could be worn with every single outfit in my suitcase and automatically took up less weight and space than before. I used to take around four handbags per trip to go with different outfits and it was ridiculous. For a trip, I always make sure I have a smaller over shoulder bag, which in this case was my red bag, and then I take a large handbag on the plane. This is essential for me as hand luggage and then is so useful if I need a big bag whilst I am away, especially for a pool/ beach holiday.

My summer holiday rule is always to use my beach/ pool bag as my hand carry-on bag. Two birds with one stone as they say!

My wash bag rule is simple. NO FULL-SIZE PRODUCTS. I have a large collection now of little Superdrug bottles that I bought empty that I fill up every time I go. They fit neatly into my wash bag, take up less space, and automatically ease so much off the weight limit. It is so unnecessary to take giant bottles and products, especially for a mini break. I don’t really buy the travel size products they have in store as they are so overpriced and doing it myself really requires little effort. The one thing I always buy at the airport is a mini pack of water wipes. I use these to take the top layer of my makeup off every night, but they are also amazing to have with you on the plane.

My next piece of advice is hand luggage. Now this one differs from person to person; however, I have a few set rules for myself with hand luggage. The first is, I rarely take a little suitcase. It is just stressful and annoying, and really if you are strategic with your big case, you don’t need the extra space. I always take a big handbag, making sure I don’t over fill it, as sometimes you do have to carry it for a while. I also take one that will definitely fit under the seat in front of you, otherwise it is so irritating having to go up and get everything out of the locker when you want it. A few key things for your hand luggage include: headphones; laptop/tablet; snacks; book; wallet for your travel documents; water (bought after security).

What are your best packing tips?

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Jeans – Zara

Trainers – Mint Velvet

Scarf – Accessorize

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Suitcase – Ted Baker


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Adding Colour to a White Home

Adding Colour to a White Home

It amazes me how much interior change through the years. Even from my grandmas’ style, to my mum and now to me. I am a little OCD when it comes to my home, and I like everything to be in order. I would describe my style has very modern, light and fresh with hints of comfort and warmth, as well as traditional features. My dream is to have a home with a big kitchen, with a huge AGA being the centrepiece. However, for now that is not possible, so I have had to learn to use what I have. In terms of furnishings I knew straight away that I wanted to use white and light-coloured furniture, as the walls had already been painted grey. Not only is this because I prefer this colour, but also I love how you can change it up and adapt it more easily based on how you are feeling at a certain time. It is also very easy to adapt depending on the season, as you always have a neutral base to work with. That is why I wanted to put a post together about adding colour to a very white home, and how you can easily mix everything up often to add variety. Also, a very white home can often look a little sterile, which let’s be honest, is not cosy.

I have become obsessed with colourful accessories and changing up my home depending on how I am feeling and the time of year. Having the white base makes life so much easier to do that.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are the first way to add colour to your home. They are probably the most expensive out of all these tips I am bringing you today. However, with the rise of interior sections on the high street, it is becoming a lot easier. Soft furnishings for me include rugs and throws, artwork and ornaments. For example, my new dining table is very white, with white chairs and a ghost chair. To add texture, I opted for an exposed light wood bench on the other side of the kitchen, topped with a fur rug. This is a mink pink coloured throw, which I got for Christmas after finding it in a little village market. I love it, and think it is the perfect pop of colour for the table setting. Another example is the pink chair area by my TV, where I have also put a large print, the famous Prada print we all know so well from Gossip Girl. Before I even had the flat, I knew that was one thing that had to be somewhere. I love that it is level to the chair, and you can admire it from the sofa, whilst also adding the perfect block colour with the grey and pink.

Changeable Décor

Another great way of adding colour to a home is by using changeable décor. For me this includes magazines, books, retail bags and flowers. These are things that can all be changed every few weeks but are great at adding a pop of colour and texture to a space. In my hallway I always try to keep one or two retail bags, usually Jo Malone on the shelf. It looks so feminine, adds texture and also means that they get a second lease of life. Magazines are a must around the house, on the dining table, coffee table or on the step in my room. I always go for colourful fashion magazines, and the glossy finish always looks great around my home. Flowers are the next stage. I have always loved flowers and it is definitely a tradition I inherited from my grandma. I always try to have fresh flowers in the kitchen and in my bedroom. I usually buy mine from Aldi as they are great quality, last ages and of course a very good price. They just make me happy every time I look at them, and I love how I can choose different ones every few weeks to change up the look of the house. However, I am now a lot more limited in my choice as I have my little Nelson the cat. Obviously, there are a lot of flowers that are poisonous for cats, so goodbye lilies and tulips!

Small Hints of Colour

I am all a bit the little hints of colour. My bedside tables had to be white, and I love that style that a lot of influencers on Instagram have from IKEA. I totally copied everyone and went for the same, with some pretty boxes on the bottom. However, to change it up a little and add that small hint of colour, I chose some bright turquoise and gold knobs. They are punchy in colour, but because they are small it is the perfect balance between the white and neutral toned table and being bright and happy. Other things that work perfectly include ornaments, jars in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom.


Plants are an amazing way to add colour to a home, whilst also giving the space a leap of life… literally! Although, I have to admit, I am not the best person at keeping them alive! One of my best friends bought me a plant for Christmas last year (2017), and by some kind of miracle it is still alive. Apparently, she bought me one that doesn’t need to be looked after a lot! I love the plant itself and think that it adds the perfect amount of colour to the space. Fake plants can also be a great way forward, as long as they are not too obviously fake. The little plastic ones by my desk are some of my favourites for that deep green colour against the copper, as well as my hanging plant in the hallway. They really add the perfect pop of colour around my home.


My last piece of advice for adding colour is using metals. My favourite lamp in my home is the copper lamp on my desk, as well as the gold ones in my bedroom. They are amazing at adding colour and texture, whilst also being minimal and fitting into the space perfectly. The copper in my overhanging lounge light also works perfectly to add a contrast of colour, as well as my shiny kettle and toaster in the kitchen. I also believe in mixing metals, as I think the variety really helps with the colours in the home.

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Ghost Chair – Amazon

Rug – Local Market in Tetbury (similar) 

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Prada Print – Desenio

Plant – Gift (similar) 

Side Unit – IKEA

Print – Vinegar Hill

Lamp – Biggie Best

Books – Amazon 

Side Table – IKEA

Knobs – French Grey

Lamps – ASDA Home

Candle – Jo Malone

Hallway Table – Biggie Best

Vase – Next Home

Fake Plant – IKEA


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My Home this Christmas | 2018

My Home this Christmas | 2018

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

The amount of thought and time that goes into my annual Christmas decorations is a little ridiculous, and it is definitely only the beginning. I mean I don’t even have a whole house yet, nor an extremely large budget. I just cannot help myself and the excitement of getting it all sorted just completely takes over by the time November 1st kicks in. This date however is not to get the decorations up, but to make my endless to do lists, buy the things I need and most importantly decide on colours schemes. I do take it all very seriously, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be Christmas without all our individual quirks. Mine is to decorate the house, yours may be to buy and wrap all your presents before the beginning of December, for example.

I just cannot get enough of this time of year, and since being in my flat, it has been a real opportunity to let all this excitement out and be very creative. I don’t get to do this during the rest of the year, so it is such a breath of fresh air come December.  

The first year I was in the flat I went for a very traditional red and gold theme, followed by a ‘frosty white’ theme in 2017. This year I wanted to stay with the white, however with an injection of a little more colour. This is why I opted for white with flashes of copper. As much as I want the whole look to be modern and exciting, I also want it all to represent the traditional Christmases that I had growing up. You can easily get this balance right, as long as you are careful with the decorations you choose and the tones within the colour scheme. I always buy a real tree, because for me it wouldn’t be Christmas without one, despite how annoying those pine needles are. The deep green colour alone from this really bulks out any other colours added to the tree, or even the room. 

In terms of the rest of the house, this year I decided to do a little more. The first addition to my Christmas collection is the beautiful iron star with green foliage which was a gift to myself from The White Company. My grandma got one of these last year and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It is so simple, yet strikingly beautiful and is the perfect companion to the rest of the room. This year, The White Company also released a heart shape, as well as both shapes in a miniature size. I also got the mini heart to go at the top of my tree. They are both such great quality, and in my opinion, amazing value for money.

The second addition for me, and another reasonable piece, is the mini light up Christmas tree that I have proudly placed by my TV stand. Cox and Cox had some amazing sales on during Black Friday weekend, so I decided to treat myself to the tree and some copper baubles. I was astounded at how beautiful the little tree was when it arrived and I love how evenly and beautifully placed the lights are. They are battery powered, which also means that it will be a good piece to have through the years! 

Finally, to mix things up a little this year, I decided to buy a mini tree for my bedroom. As much as I shouldn’t be saying this, I spend a lot more time in my room than I should. Sometimes if I am working from home, I will get up at 8 and just work from bed for a lot of the day, or in the evening I will have a bath and then indulge in some Friends in bed. I wanted my room to feel festive, so I decided a tree was the way to go. What is also great is that my bedroom door is opposite the front door, so when I get home, I can see the tree straight away. It has made my room and even the hallway feel extremely festive. For this tree I did opt for the traditional red and gold theme, which just looks unbelievably cosy, especially in the evening with fairy lights on. 

So that is everything… I hope you love how it all came together as much as I do! Please comment your blog URLs below so I can have a read and a nosy at your decorations!

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Christmas Trees – I always get my trees from Waitrose UK. They always last through the whole season, are so beautifully healthy and the staff are always so helpful when it comes to choosing and getting it home.

Copper Baubles – Cox and Cox 

 Copper Tree – Cox and Cox

Star – The White Company


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The Final Touches to My Guest Bedroom | 2018

The Final Touches to My Guest Bedroom | 2018

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So my favourite season is finally in full swing and I am loving nothing more than choosing my Winter coat each morning and chilling on the sofa in the evening with a blanket and hot chocolate. This season is when I feel the most like me and when I also feel the most inspired. Strange really, as I technically am a Spring baby.

I have been working hard to get my guest bedroom together, as when I first moved in two years ago, it was obviously at the very bottom of my list. Due to expense, time management and lack of enthusiasm it has taken a while to get this room together and if I’m being honest there are still a few things I would love to add or change. However, it is now a very useable and liveable space, so really it is complete if you disregard the final details that an OCD person like me will focus on until they are done. I wanted to create a room that really represented my personality in terms of interiors and fashion. With the rest of the flat I opted for a much more grown up and refined look, with a lot of greys showcased throughout the rooms. This was quite a change for me, going from a hot pink bedroom in my grandparents’ house. I really started to miss the pink and knew this would be the perfect room for me to let my pink explosion out.

The look I had in mind was created using one image I stumbled across on Pinterest, using a black and white vintage look wallpaper, to soften the look of blush pink tones with copper. I have been obsessed with copper for years, and knew this really was the first chance to add as much as I wanted. It is also the perfect accompaniment to blush pink. For me, as much as this is a guest bedroom, it also needed to be used as a space for my excessive amount of stuff. So in theory it is a guest bedroom and wardrobe. The wallpaper is an exact copy of the hot pink one I had in my old home, however in black and white, with the rest of the room being furnished with white IKEA furniture. I see this much more as practical pieces rather than beautiful, however I do actually really love the Scandinavian and simple look that their furniture boasts. It is all just easy and stores everything I need it to.

The main thing I use in this room is my clothes rail to store all my coats. As you may be able to see, I have a lot of coats, and the collection just seems to keep growing and growing. My view is, in the Winter we all live in our coats and the majority of the time it is all that gets seen anyway. Therefore, you can justify spending the money on them, and just wear simple tops underneath.

Anyway, as you can imagine, this coat collection is extremely heavy, so when Ziito contacted me regarding their range of beautiful sturdy clothes rails, I jumped at the chance of working with them. My cheap white clothes rail just wasn’t quite cutting it anymore and a there was a breakage probably about once a week where the whole thing just toppled over.

Ziitto, a beautiful Danish brand, was founded in 2014 by three brothers. The company was built and grows on their shared values for sustainability, aesthetics and curiosity around materials. They work incredibly hard to encourage those discussing sustainability to actually go ahead and live it. They believe they can change human congestion by designing new ways of living and influencing politics through design thinking. All their designs are curated in their Fredericia workshop, where they follow every step from attaching everything, cutting their own pipes and applying the handmade oils to complete the products.

All the products come with a 10 year warranty, and Ziito encourage their customers to ask them to repair products of replace parts in order to make them last as long as possible. Also, if you ever get to a stage where you no longer want the product, Ziito would like to take it back in order to reuse the materials to reduce wastage. Ziito is not just a company, it is a community who work together, getting closer to their goal of making Denmark the leading country in sustainability and circular economy. It is these ideals that attracted me to the brand and how I knew that I would love to work with them.

I got to visit Copenhagen in 2016 with my boyfriend and we were both in awe of this beautiful city, and country. I have always been a keen admirer of their interiors and concepts, how they live their lives and overall how much happier everyone seems as part of a thriving community. This brand is a true reflection of everything I learnt during my time in the city and the product I was gifted did not disappoint. It works perfectly with the design of my room, giving me the chance to store twice as many coats as before, without the whole thing falling over. The design is sleek and well crafted, using strong and sturdy materials to offer a higher quality in the final piece. It really is the perfect addition to my room and storage piece for my endless collection.


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If you would like to know more, please head to their website here.

For the clothes rail featured in this post, head here.

This blog post was in collaboration with Zitto ApS, however all views and opinions are my own.