The Final Touches to My Guest Bedroom | 2018

The Final Touches to My Guest Bedroom | 2018

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

So my favourite season is finally in full swing and I am loving nothing more than choosing my Winter coat each morning and chilling on the sofa in the evening with a blanket and hot chocolate. This season is when I feel the most like me and when I also feel the most inspired. Strange really, as I technically am a Spring baby.

I have been working hard to get my guest bedroom together, as when I first moved in two years ago, it was obviously at the very bottom of my list. Due to expense, time management and lack of enthusiasm it has taken a while to get this room together and if I’m being honest there are still a few things I would love to add or change. However, it is now a very useable and liveable space, so really it is complete if you disregard the final details that an OCD person like me will focus on until they are done. I wanted to create a room that really represented my personality in terms of interiors and fashion. With the rest of the flat I opted for a much more grown up and refined look, with a lot of greys showcased throughout the rooms. This was quite a change for me, going from a hot pink bedroom in my grandparents’ house. I really started to miss the pink and knew this would be the perfect room for me to let my pink explosion out.

The look I had in mind was created using one image I stumbled across on Pinterest, using a black and white vintage look wallpaper, to soften the look of blush pink tones with copper. I have been obsessed with copper for years, and knew this really was the first chance to add as much as I wanted. It is also the perfect accompaniment to blush pink. For me, as much as this is a guest bedroom, it also needed to be used as a space for my excessive amount of stuff. So in theory it is a guest bedroom and wardrobe. The wallpaper is an exact copy of the hot pink one I had in my old home, however in black and white, with the rest of the room being furnished with white IKEA furniture. I see this much more as practical pieces rather than beautiful, however I do actually really love the Scandinavian and simple look that their furniture boasts. It is all just easy and stores everything I need it to.

The main thing I use in this room is my clothes rail to store all my coats. As you may be able to see, I have a lot of coats, and the collection just seems to keep growing and growing. My view is, in the Winter we all live in our coats and the majority of the time it is all that gets seen anyway. Therefore, you can justify spending the money on them, and just wear simple tops underneath.

Anyway, as you can imagine, this coat collection is extremely heavy, so when Ziito contacted me regarding their range of beautiful sturdy clothes rails, I jumped at the chance of working with them. My cheap white clothes rail just wasn’t quite cutting it anymore and a there was a breakage probably about once a week where the whole thing just toppled over.

Ziitto, a beautiful Danish brand, was founded in 2014 by three brothers. The company was built and grows on their shared values for sustainability, aesthetics and curiosity around materials. They work incredibly hard to encourage those discussing sustainability to actually go ahead and live it. They believe they can change human congestion by designing new ways of living and influencing politics through design thinking. All their designs are curated in their Fredericia workshop, where they follow every step from attaching everything, cutting their own pipes and applying the handmade oils to complete the products.

All the products come with a 10 year warranty, and Ziito encourage their customers to ask them to repair products of replace parts in order to make them last as long as possible. Also, if you ever get to a stage where you no longer want the product, Ziito would like to take it back in order to reuse the materials to reduce wastage. Ziito is not just a company, it is a community who work together, getting closer to their goal of making Denmark the leading country in sustainability and circular economy. It is these ideals that attracted me to the brand and how I knew that I would love to work with them.

I got to visit Copenhagen in 2016 with my boyfriend and we were both in awe of this beautiful city, and country. I have always been a keen admirer of their interiors and concepts, how they live their lives and overall how much happier everyone seems as part of a thriving community. This brand is a true reflection of everything I learnt during my time in the city and the product I was gifted did not disappoint. It works perfectly with the design of my room, giving me the chance to store twice as many coats as before, without the whole thing falling over. The design is sleek and well crafted, using strong and sturdy materials to offer a higher quality in the final piece. It really is the perfect addition to my room and storage piece for my endless collection.


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If you would like to know more, please head to their website here.

For the clothes rail featured in this post, head here.

This blog post was in collaboration with Zitto ApS, however all views and opinions are my own.

Organising Your Wardrobe

Organising Your Wardrobe

Images by Hana Dallimore Photography

When moving into the flat, I knew that it would take a very long time to get everything together properly. Years. Which is fine, but it can become quite frustrating when you have a picture in your head of how everything is going to turn out and it is just a long waiting game to get the job done. My wardrobe was something that came last when getting everything together, firstly because I couldn’t decide for the life of me on what I actually wanted. The rest of my bedroom was easy to create, but I just couldn’t work out how to make the large piece of furniture work in the room. Where the wardrobe needed to go, there is also a slant in the roof, which meant that there was only room for one wardrobe, as opposed to two together, which would never have given me enough space. It is probably pretty obvious from this blog that I need a lot of wardrobe space 😉

I really needed a space that fitted into the wall perfectly and was just as much functional as it was pretty. Wardrobes can be quite a personal thing, as we all have different clothes and accessories and a reasoning behind the storage space within them. Hence why I chose to explore the fitted wardrobe option.

Fitted wardrobes are a very bespoke service, which is often reflected in the outrageous price. I wasn’t prepared to choose one of those ridiculous companies you see in TV adverts as I knew it would be a really difficult process and way more money than it should be. So instead, I did a bit of research using social media to find someone local. In fact, it wasn’t that hard as I already had been following them! So, we discussed the options, I basically told him everything that I wanted from the wardrobe and then left it all to him. The result is AMAZING!

So, the finished product, a beautiful subtle 4 door wardrobe, with an oak interior, matte white with beautiful grey rose handles. In the slant of the wall, there was originally going to be doors, but when starting to put it together, we both agreed that it would look so much better as open shelves. The oak inside, with the white around it adds the perfect contrast to the finished product and completes the look. I just cannot put into words how much I love it and how much it has transformed my room. It has also forced me to completely reorganise my wardrobe, throwing out stuff I never wear, putting together new outfits and actually for the first time having everything in one place. So instead of just showing you my wardrobe and talking about it, I thought I would put together my own little guide on how to organise your wardrobe and have a good clear out!

Remove Everything

The only way to start, which to be fair was easy for me as it was already out, is to remove absolutely everything from your wardrobe and chests, usually on to the bed and work with one item at a time. This includes every piece of clothing that you own, so if you have other items in storage for the next season, make sure they are there to be sorted too. Separate everything into three piles. Keep, Charity and Bin. Yes, the room is going to look such a mess, but it will be worth it in the end.

Be Ruthless

Having a clear out will only work if you actually clear everything out. You have to be as ruthless as you can and be honest with yourself. So many times I have looked at something and thought to myself ‘I will wear it in a few months when I am thin again’. Let’s be truthful, has anyone ever managed to fit into something that they have once looked at and said this? Don’t bother keeping anything you can’t fit into, something that needs altering, something that is even slightly broken and something that you only bought in the moment and have no idea why.


Only use thin hangers, usually that are grippy in texture. This will help you to fit so much more in your wardrobe and if they are grippy your clothes will never fall of them.

Also, when you put everything in the wardrobe hand the hangers backwards. Then, when it comes to your next clear out, everything that hasn’t been turned around has to go!

Colour Matching

This may be a little OCD, but I find that when I have a clear out and reorganise my wardrobe, I always have to put everything back in colour order. By that I mean, on each rail I start from black on the left, going through the colours to white on the right. It seems to extra, but it honestly makes getting ready and choosing outfits so much easier. I am always in a rush when getting ready so this really is a life saver.

Seasonal Rotation

Obviously, when having a clear out, the easiest thing to do is separate your clothes seasonally. There is no point keeping clothes in the wardrobe that you are not using, so come this time of year, you need to bag up all your holiday pieces, Summer dresses and accessories and pop them into storage. This will open up so much room for your Winter clothes, which more so than Summer need it as they tend to be a lot bulkier.

Find a new home for the coats

I love Winter fashion, therefore I own a lot of Winter coats. Something I learnt a few years ago when my wardrobe was getting very full is that coats need a home of their own. I now keep all my coats in the spare room on a clothes rail, so they are separate and not taking up a silly amount of space with my clothes.

Polaroids/ Images

Okay, so I don’t do this very often, but a technique that I have used and loved in the past is taking polaroid’s when organising my wardrobe. In an ideal world, and if film was not so expensive, I would probably have an image of everything in my wardrobe, but unfortunately for me I can’t afford a system like the one seen in Clueless.

So, using polaroid’s, sometimes I take images of specific outfits that I love, or items in my wardrobe that I am likely to forget. For me, this works quite well with shoes, as I keep them all in a box so you can’t see them easily.  This way I can see all the shoes I own and make sure that I actually manage to wear them all as opposed to just one pair over and over again.

Investing in a storage bed

One of the best things I own in the flat has to be my bed. Not just because I love sleep and it is incredibly comfortable, but also it has all the storage in the world inside. I mean, the downside for me is that I tried to be all ‘girl power’ and build the bed myself…which resulted in a failure of the mechanics so it is really hard to open and someone has to stand and keep it open whilst I arrange the things inside. So apart from this, the storage bed is great! Having a storage bed can make life a lot easier when it comes to seasonal rotation.

The ‘sentimental’ items

We all have those few items in our wardrobe that we have not worn in years and never plan to, but simply can’t get rid of because of some sentimental reason. Usually the reason for me is that I spend £50 on it, so if I get rid of it I have wasted £50. If you are not wearing something and never see a use for it in the future, you cannot keep on to it just for a sentimental reason. Start looking at your wardrobe as something much more functional than personal.

Create a holiday box

I have got a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that purely only ever come out when I am away. So why do I just keep them there taking up space? I heard a blogger talking about this on Instagram and it instantly set something off in my mind. Just have a space where you keep everything separate and you can easily go to when putting your holiday wardrobe together. This doesn’t have to be a holiday box. It could just be a separate drawer, a rail in your wardrobe or even just under you bed.

Spend money on perfect storage solutions

So even if you have the perfect wardrobe and chests, you are still going to need additional storage systems to keep everything organised. For example, in the bottom of my wardrobe I have bought some medium sized boxes, so now I can separate my shoes in categories, accessories and gym wear. In my chests I also now have some smaller IKEA trays, which have made storing my makeup and jewellery so much easier. I can also now find my gym socks all the time! YAY!


One of my favourite apps is Depop. It is incredibly easy to have a clear out and sell on your things knowing they are going to a good home. I love using Depop in particular because it feels very safe to use it, with all the protection laws in place and a lot of support from the app itself. I have never had a problem selling or buying on the app and would thoroughly recommend it if you need to sell on a few things.

Perfect the art of folding

Learning how to fold your clothes, accessories and underwear properly can majorly transform your wardrobe/ drawers. It will amaze you at how many more items you will be able to store, and how much of a better condition they stay in. Click the link here for an amazing visual lesson on how to fold.

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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

4 Years of Lady Hunter

4 Years of Lady Hunter

Four years ago today, I wrote my first ever blog post. I’m pretty sure it was some sort of extremely cheesy introduction, probably incredibly boring with me just going on and on about how I needed to find a hobby and all the things I wanted to share on here. I can kind of forgive myself, as I hope you can too, as it was just the childish 16-year-old me writing on something in a way that I had never done so before. Before blogging, I had always felt like I was missing something – something to keep me occupied and somewhere to express all the thoughts and creative energy going on in my mind. I came up with the idea of starting a blog after I was sharing lots of photos on Instagram and really enjoying the thought process, taking and editing photos, as well as the engagement that I got from it. To be completely honest, I had never read a blog before and hadn’t even heard of the YouTube sensation, Zoella. I mean, I literally must have been living under a rock or something. I was never really someone who was constantly glued to their phone, so I guess that is why I didn’t really know that this huge blogging bubble industry really existed.

I still remember now running into my grandparent’s bedroom and screaming to my grandma ‘I’M GOING TO START A BLOG, I’M GOING TO START A BLOG!’ I was always coming up with new and extravagant ideas, so by this point she was probably just thinking it was another phase that I would not stop talking about. Well, four years later, I am still here and I think it probably is a shock to both of us!

“I am very excited to be writing my first ever blog. So, let me introduce myself. I am Abigail Hunter. I have been debating about whether to start a blog for a while, as i just love capturing all aspects of life and sharing it with people over social networking sites… my favourite being the amazing Instagram! I am a very passionate baker, even though I struggle to find the time with all these dreaded exams, however they will shortly be over and I will have a lot of time to bake and blog! I cannot stress enough how much I cannot wait to leave school and never have to wear my horrible uniform again. It is dreadful. This leads me nicely on to my next major love, fashion. As my best friend would probably tell you, I am very much in love with fashion, especially when it comes to shopping. I live with my grand-parents in Bristol, which means that I am able to take full advantage of grand-parent perks, such as clothes! It is truly fantastic.

Lady Hunter, May 9th 2014

OMG – I CANNOT READ THAT quote WITH A STRAIGHT FACE! So so so so cringe!

I say this a lot, but I am going to say it again anyway, blogging has become such a big part of me as a person, to the point where it has just become more than a part of my life. I think about the blog at all times of the day and night, whatever I am doing. It is like a baby, that I have to nurture, protect and drive to do well. Yes, sometimes it can be incredibly overwhelming, but that never seems to out scale how much enjoyment I get out of it. I don’t do this to make loads of money by becoming a successful blogger, or even to please and entertain others, it is very much something for me that just so happens to be read by others. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a hobby that I love, that can follow me through all the important stages in my life, as well as how I have used it to create a career for myself. I am not a full time blogger – but I do work in social media, and the jobs were opened up to me as a result of blogging. So in a weird way, all those hours of photographing, editing, writing and marketing the hell out of everything on social media really has paid off. It has saved me going to university for a degree and getting into lots of debt, as well as messing around for a few years working in a minimum wage job, not knowing at all what I actually want to do with my life.

I think my favourite thing about Lady Hunter is how it has already followed my life through some pretty tough and amazing times. I have got my life when I was a teenager at school, my proms, family holidays, choosing not to go to university, living a bit more in the real world, falling in love, becoming a cat mummy and going through major surgery. A lot has happened to me in the past four years, and I am so different to the girl who sat writing her first blog post on this date four years ago. It makes me feel so happy to know that I have that transition and time in my life documented somewhere that I know I can always come back to and hopefully it can follow me through with the next stage of my journey – travelling, buying a home, getting married and maybe even having a baby. I mean how incredible would it be to have all that on here?

I just wanted to put together a little post to reflect on the amazing four years Lady Hunter has had, getting the opportunity to work with some incredible brands, meet so many people through this online world and be able to share my experiences in a way that others can relate to what I have been through, and essentially help each other along the way. It also feels quite good to know that I have proved everyone wrong who has ever been nasty about me blogging, or just generally take the piss. It never really bothered me because I was enjoying it, but it is still quite a nice feeling to know that I have proved people wrong and carried on despite what they thought.

<3 <3 <3

This industry has become such a huge part of the world we live in, where companies actually get more traffic and customers out of working with bloggers than they do with original marketing strategies. I feel proud to be doing something that so many others creators do so beautifully, with their really being room for everyone to shine and appeal to different audiences. The blog itself has grown massively since I started, and I do always joke that it is like I only started properly last year. At the beginning of last year, I was going through a pretty tough time in my life and really used the blog to help me get through. I started to use photographers for my photos, I was writing much more detailed and thought out posts and in general started to get a lot more engagement. In the years before that, the blog wasn’t my priority and I didn’t have the time to do what I do now. Last year was when my motivational level for blogging really shot through the roof, and I was proud of the content I was creating. Over a year later, I hope that I am still producing just as good content, perhaps even better?

My 5 Favourite Blog Posts

In the last year I have got so many posts that I am so proud of, but these are probably the top five for photos and content!

Things I Need to Change

How I’ve Become More Confident

Become a Cocktail Expert with Fentimans

My Office Reveal

My Everyday Fashion Tips Ft. Joy Clothing

Do you have a favourite of mine?


Thank you so much to everyone who supports what I do, loves being a part of this journey and constantly motivated me every day to carry on doing what I love! xo

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Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photogaphy | Location: Anna Cake Couture, Clifton, Bristol

Decorating the Guest Bedroom

Decorating the Guest Bedroom

Decorating the flat has been a very long and draining process. Obviously, as I did suddenly realise how much I enjoy interior design it has been really fun, however I am at the point now where I am just so ready to be done and completely enjoy my home. The final room in the flat to decorate was the guest bedroom, which for around 18 months really has been used as my messy storage room where everything goes that I don’t know what else to do with it. I have spent a really long time thinking about how I would like to decorate the room, I have changed my mind multiple times, but now I have finally got to a stage where I know exactly what I want and have even got the process going. The main thing I had to do was really clear out all the stuff, as it had all just been piling up for such a long time. This took months, however it was quite nice as it occupied me whilst I was house bound for about three months.

I want my guest bedroom to be a very useable and beautiful space, where I feel relaxed and organised whenever I am using it. I also want it to be an area where my guests feel like they can chill out and really enjoy themselves.

The only thing I knew from over a year ago that I wanted was the wallpaper that I had put up, as it is actually the black and white version of the one I had in my pink bedroom back in my grandparent’s house. I absolutely adored that paper, in fact I still do, but I didn’t want to go for the same thing again as sometimes I feel you just need a change. Saying that, when I do eventually buy my nice big house, my office is going to be exactly where that hot pink wallpaper will go! To many people, the paper I chose is probably a little old fashioned, or not something you would expect a 20-year-old to choose, but I just absolutely love it. It has a real vintage look to it, which is ever so chic and is going to make the room so homely.

On one of my many scrolls through Pinterest, adding all my favourite design ideas to my boards, I came across a room with wallpaper of the same colour tone to mine. I guess you could say it was also very old fashioned, but they had made the space so beautiful with a perfect contrast of modern and old. When I saw this, I instantly knew that was how I wanted to decorate the room with a few additions to express my own style. The main feature of that room, is the colour of the wallpaper with the blush pink tones. I may have gone a little overboard with the pink, but it is without a doubt my favourite colour. To accessorise, the only option for me would be copper. The combination of these colours works perfectly and I am so happy that I chose to go with this. It is a very feminine room, as is most of the flat, so I’ve figured that before I land up living with a boy, I need to get the pink and flowers out of my system! With the colour code in order, I could eventually start buying all the minor details and thinking about where everything would go.

Interior design isn’t about it just being pretty on Instagram. It is about creating a space where you feel relaxed and where you have expressed your personality, with the look of it being a complete representation of you.

My guest bedroom is technically also being used as an additional wardrobe and dressing space for me. It amazes me at how many clothes, accessories and shoes I own, but I guess I am just going to have to admit that I am completely obsessed. The thing with me though is that I do actually wear pretty much everything I own, so I can kind of justify it. I haven’t yet got round to having my fitted wardrobe done in my bedroom, which is another reason why I need to use this space for my clothes. The wardrobe really will create so much more storage space for my things. So naturally I needed somewhere to keep it all in the mean time. This means that part of the second bedroom features clothes rails and storage drawers. I want to keep this really simple, just with white rails and trusty old IKEA drawers, as it will give the room a real Scandi feel whilst also being practical.

The IKEA drawers that everyone seems to have really are a god sent. They are so easy to use, go with everything and in terms of practicality, they are so incredible. I am completely obsessed!

In terms of style, I want to keep this room very mixed with a balance of old fashioned and modern, whilst also intertwining my favourite Scandi style. I want it to look clean and fresh, with a unique design and beautiful space to be used. The Scandi style is mainly coming from the IKEA drawers, however I think small accessories can really accentuate this look throughout the room. I am thinking copper baskets, a puff and some beautiful hanging plants to add some subtle warm tones. This is the part of the room that I am finding very easy to build up, as there are so many amazing things available to buy on the high street nowadays! I have got some stunning things to reveal when the room is done from brands such as Primark, New Look and Urban Outfitters!

The most exciting part for me was choosing some prints for the feature wall above the bed. I wanted them all to tie in with the colour scheme, as well as also representing the fact that it is a space for guests to relax and for me to enjoy fashion. Therefore, they are all pink toned, with black and white. All together they work beautifully together (I have a few more than in the images here), and are really going to bring the room together in terms of contrast and texture. I chose the prints from Desenio, as I have seen them splashed around Instagram so much recently. They have such a variety to choose from and they really do look beautiful ready to go in their frames.

Everything is so nearly there now, but I really wanted to share the thought behind creating this room and the basics which are going to bring it all together. If anyone has any interior pieces to recommend for this space, please let me know!

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Floor Lamp – Made

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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

Keeping on top at home

Keeping on top at home

A big thing I have learnt since living in the flat is how difficult it is to stay on top of everything, baring in mind, it is just me! Well me and a naughty little kitten. I think a lot of people reading this who have been in charge of a house hold for a while will be laughing a lot at me, but I honestly can’t believe how many things there are to do… I get seriously stressed. I am a very OCD kind of person, so I probably do get very stressed more than a lot of people. I wanted to put together a little post about this, mainly for people more on my wave length who have just moved out or are just about to. I am by no means an expert at keeping on track in my house, but I have very gradually started to keep on track with everything and am really starting to enjoy the so say house work that little bit more. I think if or when I ever live with someone again it will be a whole new learning curve, however for now that really isn’t a worry as I am enjoying having my own space way too much.

I seriously underestimated how much there is to do in order to stay on track in the home. It makes me seriously stressed when everything is a mess and there are 101 things to do in no time at all.

For me, this isn’t just about the boring things like cleaning and washing, but also about keeping up in terms of decoration. As the flat was empty when I moved in and I only had one bedroom’s amount of stuff, I had to buy so much. In the end I just bought most things from Ikea, with the intention of gradually replacing things as time went on with home furnishings that I wanted more. In an ideal world this wouldn’t happen, but nowadays everything is so expensive that most of us simply don’t have the choice. The longer I have lived here, the more I have been stressed, as I am just so ready in my head to get the flat finished to a standard that I am completely in love with.

The Boring Jobs

Obviously this is probably the less exciting part of this blog post, however I do actually really enjoy reading or watching about peoples tips and tricks when it comes to house work. Maybe I am just getting a little boring in my old age 😉 Anyway, I felt like I had to include it as it is a big part of being independent and keeping on track in the home. So first things first, cooking and food preparation. This isn’t just if you are on a diet or trying to be healthy, it is generally just an easy way of keeping your mind on track as it is one less thing to think about in the week. I find it is so much easier to get food preparation done at the weekend, knowing I am then set for the week. Obviously this consists of making loads of yummy dishes and freezing them. I am a big fan of the whole Bolognese, chilli and curries. However, a lot of the time I also make sure I have chicken frozen for an easy, healthy dinner of protein and lots of veggies.

After food and cooking, it is then about keeping the house or flat up together. My pet hate is cleaning. I find it so boring and will do everything in my power to avoid having to do it. Although, I am also then the person who cannot stand living in a dirty or dusty home. The only way forward is to do small bits at a time. Whenever I have a spare 20 minutes I will try and dust a room at a time, that way it is gradually getting done but I don’t have to spend the whole day doing it. Hovering is the thing that I enjoy doing, so I find it quite satisfying to run the hoover round once or twice a week. The last boring job for me is washing. I absolutely bloody hate it. However, it is something that has to be done. My best tip for washing is to just put a load on every other morning or so, that way it is done by the time you get home. Then, at the weekend I sort everything out (I pile all the clean washing up in the spare room) and try to get everything ironed before it piles up again.

Small Tip:

When doing your food shop list, always make a trip to the bathroom to see if anything is running low. The amount of times I have been caught with no shower gel or toothpaste is just a joke!

Kitchen Essentials

A tip for someone moving out. Let’s be honest, when going from a fully kitted out house or kitchen to somewhere pretty empty, it is hard to feel at home without all the crap. However, that doesn’t mean at all that you need to go out and buy everything just because your parents had it in their house. Something I learnt in the past year is that it is really easy to fill up you kitchen cupboards with stuff you just don’t need. The best way forward, is to buy things in terms of herbs and spices as you go. Eventually, after creating a certain amount of recipes, you will have accumulated all the things you need, so then cooking becomes much easier. Don’t just go and buy them all in one go, as the reality is that you may not use half of them and they do have a use by date.

Remember that just because the packet says it has expired, the likelihood is that it is absolutely fine. When it comes to fresh food like milk and dairy, I would be a bit more careful, but with most other products, trust your own judgement rather than the shops trying to cover themselves.


So when I first moved in, my go to for furniture was the trusty old Ikea. I cannot help but love a trip to Ikea and I must have been 20 times since moving into the flat. It is a one stop shop for everything when furnishing the home and everything is good quality without breaking the bank. Eventually, I have started to replace items which I knew I didn’t want to keep, however it does take a long time as it is all very expensive. So here are my step by step tips for furnishing your new home – of which this can be applied even if you already have a furnished home.

Pinterest. The first step when wanting to decorate your new home is to get pinning! Decide on the look you want to go for and be inspired by small pieces in each image. For example, I knew that with my side tables from Ikea, I could make them look better and more like me by simply changing the knobs.

Start by deciding what means the most to you. For me, my bed was the priority. I wanted a really beautiful bed with an extremely comfortable mattress. Therefore, the Ikea bed had a new home in the spare bedroom which was bare until then. So you need to write a list in order of what you want to change and gradually do it as you have more money coming in.

Soft furnishings are key. I have found that a lot of the furniture I don’t like I can cope with, as I have used small soft furnishings and ornaments to make them look better and fit my style more. Cushions, throws, candles and pictures are the way forward to creating your dream home on a budget.

Faux items. A big thing for me is that I have tried really hard to always find cheaper alternatives when I find an item I love. If you really look properly, using social media and reading blogs, there is always an alternative item. I have this dream of having 2 Louis Ghost chairs at my dining table, however I have now decided that the fake ones on amazon look identical and probably serve just as good a purpose as the ridiculously priced ones.

Small Tip:

Aldi is your new best friend. Not just for food, which by the way they are great for, but for home furnishings they are the best. I have bought so many kitchen bits from Aldi, as well as soft furnishings and candles.


A big part of my home now is Nelson, the beautiful little black kitten. My boyfriend and I got him in December last year, as we had both wanted a pet for a really long time. As I live in my own he obviously lives with me and has become a big part of my life. Before getting him, I had held off for a really long time as I was travelling a lot, working unsociable hours and generally just wasn’t ready for the responsibility. Since getting him, I can understand where I was coming from, however I have really made it work for me. I cannot put into words how much happiness he brings me everyday and I have slowly started to actually enjoy the responsibility of him. I am a very maternal person, so having something to look after is just something that makes me happy. I guess I am including him in this blog post, as having him has become a big part of my home and looking after him does often tie in with looking after my home. The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone moving out and wanting a pet is just to wait a few months and really get used to living somewhere else and in a new place. Pets are a huge responsibility and a decision that should never be taken lightly.

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Bedroom Reveal

Bedroom Reveal

After a year, if not more, I am finally getting around to sharing my bedroom reveal with you guys. There are a lot of factors as to why this has happened, which obviously I am going to share! When moving into the flat, my priority was very quickly the kitchen and the living room. This was mainly because as I had moved out of my grandparent’s house, this was the first time I actually did have my own kitchen and living room to use and to decorate. They all came together relatively quickly, however this did mean that my bedroom was very forgotten for a while. To begin with I kitted everything out my IKEA furniture, just so that it was usable and I could properly plan what I wanted it to look like.  In my old bedroom, I had it decorated a few years ago, just as I moved to Bristol and I absolutely adored the way it turned out. If you have been reading this blog for a while, or even follow my Instagram, you will have seen the hot pink, shabby chic bedroom that I used to live in. To be completely honest, it took a lot of will power to not just completely replicate my pink bedroom. However, I did come to the conclusion that I wanted the bedroom to fit in with the theme of the rest of the flat which is very grey and neutral, with subtle pops of colour. It is just slightly more mature and definitely a little more gender neutral!


Designing this bedroom was so important for me, as my bedroom has always been my little escape place. Whether I have the rest of the house or not, a bedroom to me has always been my area where I can be if I am upset, need to get lots of work done or even just in need of a little rest! Especially with my operation at the end of the year, I wanted a space to come home and recover where I felt comfortable.

Designing a room from scratch is obviously a very fun thing to do, as you can completely devote you own style and character to the interior and make it exactly as you like, however the prospect upon thinking about doing it can actually be quite daunting. When it came to actually starting to plan everything properly and start buying things it was much more difficult than I had imaged, purely because I just wanted it to be so perfect. Instead of getting stressed I started with the number one thing that is important to me, which is without a doubt the bed.

When shopping around, I instantly came across the one I have and knew it was the one from the minute I set my eyes on it. After choosing the bed, everything else was much easier to organise, as I had a base to work from. The bed I had in mind was almost identical to the one I have, as I wanted something very simple and the exact colour, which is officially known as Persian Grey. If you saw my office reveal, you will notice that my chair actually is from the same range as the bed. The bed is a king size, with storage space inside. I absolutely love it and think it really is the perfect centre piece for the bedroom. As the bed is grey, I then knew that I had to have a wallpaper to compliment the bed. The wallpaper company I used for my pink one, I already knew they would have my dream one for a grey bedroom. They did not disappoint! I chose the beautiful grey floral design, with large flowers and very particular details. They grey is a lot darker to the colour of the bed, which is more on the blue spectrum. I think the contrast between the two works perfectly and whenever I catch a glance at it I just can’t help myself from smiling. These two parts of the room were where the colour came from, so I wanted the rest of the room to be very subtle.

The side tables were very easy as I knew I just wanted something very simple. I hate side tables with loads of storage space, purely because I just accumulate way too much junk over the years. I wanted a simple design, with a small drawer for the things I need and a shelf with space to display things. The ones I chose were only from IKEA, however I absolutely adore them. They are everything I was looking for and I think the simple design works perfectly with my bed. Instead of the black knobs that come with the side tables, I treated myself to two beautiful turquoise ones from Anthropologie. I knew that they would add the pop of colour the room needed and create the illusion of very expensive side tables! I also love how I can change them whenever I fancy, if I am after a change in colour or texture. After looking at the room coming together, I noticed that it did need another pop of colour. Hence, why I chose these cushions. I absolutely fell in love with the large square pillows, which were another buy from Anthropologie. I chose them firstly because of the grey, although I then knew the mint coloured tassels were the ideal ending to finish the room. They work beautifully with the side table colour and bring everything together.

The small details of the room really bring everything together, even from just the small candles, a touch of fairy lights and pretty coasters on the tables. To me, I have always found these small things to be my favourite part of a bedroom, the things that make me feel at home and extremely cosy. They range in price, but are never ridiculous. Most of the time they are impulse buys, but things I never live to regret. Every night I have the candles going and fairy lights on, which really makes my home feel like a home and brings all the interior really together. The sparkle you get from the details really bounces off from the grey, in a very delicate way.

The rest of my room is still a little work in progress, and hasn’t been designed for the look of it, it is much more for practicality. I have tried to give everything a very Scandinavian theme, as I need a lot of room and storage for my inevitable amount of clothes! At the moment I have just got a lot of IKEA furniture to fill the space, and am in the process of designing a very large fitted wardrobe to finish off the room. That part of the design is not really a part that I was going to share on the blog at the moment, as I wanted it to be a part of a different series on the blog. The main part of the room, however, is complete and I am so happy with how it has turned out. It is very much a show home design, with the features of being cosy and practical.

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