Finding the perfect mini break

Finding the perfect mini break

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Is there anything more perfect than the feeling on a Friday, when you know you get to escape for the weekend, enjoying time away from home? I love a good mini break, whatever days of the week or wherever we choose to go. Last year I was really lucky to travel a lot, and a lot of the trips were very much short and sweet. But sometimes that really is all you need. You need a chance to get away from the stress of being at home, an opportunity to switch off and recharge, boosting yourself through life when you get back again. Mini breaks have become a very easy option for  a lot of us, with amazing deals all year round and a huge variety of places to go and things to do.

A mini break for me has to include a lot of food, beautiful scenery and very good company. It is not all about romantic breaks anymore, sometimes it is just about spending time with a loved one, whether that be your mum, grandma or best friend.

Last year my favourite mini break was in December, for a little Christmas trip with my grandparents to Palma. It was a short and sweet three nights in a beautiful hotel, with lots of food, lots of festive fun and just a really good rest. It was everything a mini break should be, and inspired me to write this post. In 2019 I really want to focus a lot more on travel, tips and the places I go, as last year I went away a lot without actually talking about it. I thought I would just put together a quick little mini break guide, with all my tips and tricks and some of my recommended destinations.

Search for packages in the sales (EasyJet sales &

So when booking a mini break, my first suggestion would always be to take a little time and search around to see what is on offer. I do think it is amazing sometimes the deals you can get, especially for a trip abroad. EasyJet always have some great offers, especially last minute, as well as I personally have used TUI a few times too, and have found it to be a really pleasant and easy experience. There are so many websites you can use to find a reasonably priced mini break, wherever you want to go. To book accommodation I personally always use as I love the fact that you can cancel up until the day before for free.

The Best UK Destinations

I love a good UK mini break, and do think a lot of the time we underestimate how many beautiful places there are in this country. Dartmouth has to be one of my favourite, however only out of season. It is such an easy and relaxing place to visit, with an abundance of restaurants, cute shops and picturesque places to walk around. My next favourite would be Edinburgh. From Bristol we can get there with a  cheap plane fare in under 50 minutes and it is such an amazing city to spend a night or two. There are endless shops and restaurants, a big theatre and cinema, as well as lots of things going on each and every day. There are also lots of other destinations that I see people sharing online, that I often can’t believe are here in the UK. Have ever spent some time in the Welsh countryside, down south in Ilfracombe, or even beautiful Chester where I love to spend time with my bestie who goes to uni there.


My Top Five Abroad Destinations

So, I thought I would make this point quick and just based on where I have been, and enjoyed a mini break with someone I love. Obviously, as previously mentioned, Palma is one of my favourites for a quick and enjoyable trip, and definitely a must on your bucket list if you have never been. My second favourite, but by far probably the most expensive is Paris. For the ultimate foodie, fun and cultured trip, Paris is a definite must. I absolutely adore this city and think it could possibly be my favourite place in the world.

Other destinations for a mini break for me would also include Madrid, for a beautiful shopping trip, Bilbao for the best tapas and Copenhagen for a fresh and beautiful trip. Copenhagen was one of mine and Finns first trips together and we both still rave about the time we spent there whenever we are trying to decide on where we want to visit next.

Spa Breaks

So one of my other favourite mini breaks is a spa night. Spa breaks is always my go to when I am looking for a very quick, relaxing trip, somewhere that is easy to drive to and has an amazing spa to indulge in. What I love about Spa Breaks is how you can decide on the region, and there are different tiers for the trip that you can choose. They also have some amazing sales and discounts, which are perfect for when you want a last minute, spa trip away.


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Advice I’m Glad I Didn’t Take

Advice I’m Glad I Didn’t Take

Images by Hana Dallimore Photography

How many pieces of advice in your lifetime have you had and chosen not to take? I’m thinking everything from boyfriends and career paths to dinner options on the menu and a new dress your best friend tells you to definitely take back. We all get a lot of advice nowadays, and in fact we are all very good at giving it out. Social media seems to have very much turned into a place where everyone has an opinion on everything and there is a lot of pressure to always do things in a very specific way. I feel like I have been given so much advice in life, and often it has been for the benefit of someone else, which I am luckily always very quick to pick up on. It becomes apparent easily who you can trust and who you can take advice from, for example, my family I always a definite listen to, but someone you have known five minutes probably isn’t. It isn’t just about who has experiences similar stages in life, but also those who have you true best interests at heart.

Each stage in our life is an obstacle that we must overcome, as each experience is something new that we all have to learn to deal with on our own. It doesn’t matter how many people advise you on how to get through something, ultimately we all have to make our own choices and go with our gut instinct.

I don’t want to write this to tell others how to live their lives, but I want to write it to possible help people who may be going through similar experiences and need something to turn to in order to inspire their decisions on how to handle something. I thought I would simple separate it into the major experiences I have had in my life, so it can be picked apart in order to help others. I don’t claim to be amazing at everything in life, but I have definitely overcome some big obstacles and come out of everything a much stronger and wiser person.

Education, University & Career Paths

Honestly for me, my education and decision not to go to university is one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to get through in order to make sure I was doing the right thing for me. Through school I felt like I was always being pushed to do things that weren’t necessarily right for me, such as choosing subjects or extra activities. I always felt like teachers had more of their own interest at heart rather than mine, choosing me to do things just because I was organised and had pretty handwriting. So that was school – constantly feeling pushed into doing things that were never going to benefit me.

The next was university. My two years of sixth form were very much a battle with teachers pushing me to go to university when I had said 100 times that I didn’t want to go. I personally think university is great if you are very passionate about one subject and have a clear path in mind of where you want to get to. However, I don’t agree with going if you are just going for the life with no actual idea of where you want to be at the end. I had no idea at that stage in my life what I wanted to do, and I also had no interest whatsoever in the party/ student lifestyle. I had countless arguments in the end with people in school telling me I should be going, even on the very last day when getting my results. Instead of congratulating me on getting my A-levels, they still wanted to sit me down and discuss the next step and what I was going to do. As you can imagine, I was pretty angry at that point, and just walked out. Walking out, and choosing to ignore them all through those two years, was the best decision I made. University would have been an awful choice for me and I would be probably really unhappy in life. I chose in the end to work, recover properly from my surgery, and live a life I know I have enjoyed a lot more.

When it comes to education and work I honestly do believe that the most important thing in life is for us all to wake up every day and go to work knowing that  we love what we do. I want to live a life looking forward to waking up on a Monday morning and feeling excited about what I get to do every day.

Health Problems & Surgery

So, this part of my life is pretty much in the past now, however I learnt a lot from my previous health experiences and when I look back I am so grateful that I chose to do everything my way. So, if you didn’t know, when I was 15 I got told that I had a half functioning heart and that I needed open heart surgery to sort of fix the problem. As you can imagine, at a very young age with everything else going on in life, this was hard news to process. I got through it and I did it all my way. I decided that I wasn’t going to press pause on my education, and wanted to finish sixth form and my last two years of school with my friends at the same age as everyone else. So that is exactly what I did. Yes, it may not have been ideal having such a big thing hanging over me, but it was without a doubt the best decision. I also decided that I wanted a year off from everything after finishing sixth form, as I had spent quite a few years studying and doing exams. I just wanted to work, travel a little and spend lots of time with everyone I love.

So, I landed up having the operation almost four years after finding out, which was not the ideal situation in the eyes of my doctors, however was very doable. Something like this, that affects you a lot mentally, is something we all have to do in our own way. I wanted to wait, so I did, but I imagine some people would rather just get it all done and over with straight away.

Being Online & Social Media

So I remember when I first started my blogging journey I was still only 16 and felt quite vulnerable putting so much of myself online. In fact, not just me, but a lot of people were worried about the fact that I was going to be sharing personal parts of myself online with people I don’t know. This totally makes sense. However, in the last five years, I have gained so many opportunities from blogging and my Instagram. I have always worked hard trying to keep a lot of my life private and off the internet, whilst also remaining personal and open with my experiences. I definitely took peoples advice on this one, however I didn’t listen to those who told me not to do it at all. For that, I am extremely grateful. From the blog I have found a career path that I am loving, I have had so many great collaborations and opportunities, and I have got to meet and make friends with so many people that I otherwise would never have spoken to. Yes, it may have had its ups and downs, but blogging is an experience I would never change for the world and I am so glad that I listened to myself and went ahead and did it anyway.

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Being Personal & Private Online

Being Personal & Private Online

Images by Hana Dallimore Photography

So today I wanted to discuss something that has been a big battle in my mind recently. I absolutely love this online world and social media; however, I do seem to have taken a natural step back in the last three months. I have spent the last five years building up my social media channels and being very present online, but I have always made an active effort to keep my personal life off this platform. When I am feeling stressed in life, a little dull, or even very busy, social media for me is the first thing that goes without so much as a thought. Which, I guess, really is the way it should be.

We all spend hours a day now online, browsing the Internet, sharing our lives on social media and snooping into everyone else’s. So much so that a lot of us have become completely consumed by it. I am all for sharing pretty pictures and good experiences in life, however I do think we all need to get better at knowing when to stop.

Obviously, this is all just very much a personal opinion, but this is my space to be honest so I am going to seize it. I do very much think that it is each to their own when it comes to social media – I mean we live in a free country after all. I love getting the chance to see a little more into people’s lives, and I love how Facebook especially connects us with those we have lost contact with our family who live far away. So how do we get this balance right of sharing our lives, whilst also keeping a lot of ourselves private.

You don’t need to share everything

I think the first thing to think if you are concerned about what you choose to share online, is to ask yourself do you really need to share what you are about to post before pressing publish? Social media is a great place to have a nosy into other people’s lives and we all seem to love consuming this content, however it can very much have a negative effect on our mental health. So many precious moments in our lives are much too important to share with the rest of the world and I do think that sometimes the importance of them can be ruined if published online. I love sharing experiences online, all my passions in life and the things I love to write about, but for me that is it. I don’t have much interest in sharing much about my personal life, my loved ones and my intimate experiences.

Keep your content varied

In terms of blogging and being an influencer, I think the best way of keeping your private life private is by being organised and keeping all your content varied. I tend to find that when I don’t have any images to share from photographers, events or blog posts, that is when I start taking images on my own just of day to day activities. These images are always much more personal, in my home, generally with the ones I love. Looking back, I sometimes regret posting these and am ashamed to say that sometimes it is just to keep my engagement levels up. I rarely delete these, but they tend not to fit in with my regular theme.

Attention seeking vs helping others

Okay, possible unpopular opinion here, but a big thing I find a lot being on social media is that sometimes it is hard to differentiate people between reaching out and trying to help others, and then just plain attention seeking. This may be a very bold statement, but it is just what I think to myself with a few people online when they share very personal information about themselves. I just personally think that if you want to help people based on your experiences that is fine, but there is a way to do that. Your content needs to be informative and helpful, rather than just talking about you. I just personally think some things are best sorted out behind closed doors.

Social media isn’t the be all and end all

Obviously, I love social media and the powerful effect it can have, but I do think it also comes with a lot of negatives. I have found that I have experiences a lot of emotions from who I follow online, in many different ways. The first being insecurity and incompetence compared to those who just seem to have a picture perfect life at all times. I follow a lot of people who seem to have a lovely home, nice handbags and what looks like a lot of money in their bank accounts. Whether this is the case or not, that is what it looks like, and I have found it can really get to me as my life isn’t like that. Secondly, people sharing about mental illness and depression. This was much more when I was younger, but I followed people who spent all their time sharing about their anxiety and depression. So much so, that I genuinely started to believe that I had it too. I most certainly didn’t. I just think everything needs to be in moderation, and we all need to remember that the images and words we choose to share really can impact someone else’s life, not always for the better.

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How to be a more noble you.

How to be a more noble you.

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

Coming at you with one of those inspirational, be a better you posts. I love writing these, as they totally inspire me and always make me feel better for sharing something positive online. This year has already proven to be relatively negative, with all the bad things going on in the world. I swear, if I have to talk about Brexit again I am going to lose my mind. Yes, I know it is important to know what is happening in our world, but it can become very depressing if we don’t also focus on the positives. There are so many amazing things happening every single day, and there are so many amazing people doing small things each day to make our world a better place. If you have a job that doesn’t allow you to do amazing things each day, it is then our responsibility to ensure we have the traits of someone who can do good.

I consider myself to be a very lucky person. I am happy in life, surrounded by people I love, working towards dreams I am passionate about and most importantly, I am healthy. Therefore, I want to make sure that I am always helping people less fortunate than me. Even if it is a small contribution each day.



Being a more noble you doesn’t mean big gestures of kindness each and every day, but it does mean having a good attitude towards life, where you are always willing to put yourself out for someone else. I have worked in hospitality for around four years, and as you can imagine, I have had my fair share of rude and arrogant customers come through the door. Unlike 18 year old me, I have become much better at handling these situations, however it does still baffle me that people think they can act a certain way just because they are paying for me to make them a coffee. You are paying for your coffee, not the right to talk to me like a machine. As you can imagine, this has played a big impact in how I want to treat people in life. Hence, why this post is really important to me.

Always put yourself out to help someone.

The first step in being a more noble you is helping people without even having to think about it. If you see someone struggling with shopping bags in the car park, why not offer to help? If you see someone looking for 5p in the coffee queue, is it really going to hurt to give them that 5p? It is small acts of kindness that add up to a lot. If you do these things without even having to think first, you are an extremely kind and selfless person. It costs nothing to be a good person, it is just all about making an active effort to be a better well rounded person. P.s. always make sure you smile at strangers you walk by in the street!

Never let someone you are looking at struggle.

Carrying on from always putting yourself out for others, I like to use the phrase ‘never let someone you are looking at struggle’. If you can see someone struggling right in front of your eyes, is it really right to carry on with what you are doing and just let them be? A few weeks ago when I was food shopping I saw this poor mum drop a jar of baby food on the floor. She had so many bags with her and a little baby in the pushchair and there was all this glass and food on the floor. I was at the other end of the aisle, and I couldn’t believe how many people walked past, looking at her struggling to clear it up and just carried on going. Obviously, I went up and asked if she needed a hand, but she did insist that she was okay. Most of the time someone will say that they are alright, but what I couldn’t believe was how many people walked past her, having seen that she was struggling. Honestly, I thought it was quite disgusting. There are always exceptions, but if you can, always offer to help someone.


Make more conscious decisions.


So, even though I say that we should all do kind things without thinking, there are going to be some situations where we do need to think before helping. Using the lady in the supermarket again, it did cross my mind whether I should go and ask her if she needs help. A lot of people are very proud and want to do things themselves, which is fine, it just means that we need to consider the situation before offering to help. Always notice your surroundings, if someone else is already going to help and if the person in need is going to be okay or not. Each situation does require a little thought.

Don’t hide away from things you dislike in life.

One of the biggest challenges I find when you want to be kind is that sometimes you have to overcome something you are afraid of in order to do so. An example would be, if your other half wanted to do something that you don’t really find fun but you do it anyway because it would make them happy. If you are willing to do something, for the sake of someone else’s happiness, you are definitely on track to becoming a very selfless person. It really does irritate me when someone simply refuses to do something because it wouldn’t be their first choice.

Try one new thing every few months that helps someone else.

I guess in theory, we don’t always have the chance every day to do a good deed and help someone in need. However, we can make an effort every few months to try something new that is going to benefit someone else. Whether it be volunteering, giving blood or even donating to charity. Just something that is going to benefit the wellbeing of someone else and you can do without really having to take much time out of your life. Even if you try one new thing a year, you are on the way to becoming a more noble you.

Do you think you are the most selfless version of yourself that you can be?

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Christmas Gift Guide | 2018

Christmas Gift Guide | 2018

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

That time of year is here, and even though I am now in my 20s, my family still get my annual Christmas wish list. I like to think of it as just as much of a favour to them, rather than just a way of me getting the things I want. I spend a lot of time at Christmas trying to think about what people actually want and usually getting it wrong, so why not take this stress away from them and offer a few suggestions? I love the act of giving at Christmas, and probably enjoy spoiling the ones I love a lot more than I do receiving gifts, however I can’t deny that I feel so incredibly giddy on Christmas morning at the prospect of opening the gifts under the tree. I am just a big kid at Christmas, and have always loved knowing what I am getting before opening the presents! When I was about 8 I remember searching the house high and low trying to find my Christmas presents. Obviously, I did find them and it was the hardest secret I had to keep!

Having a good Christmas list means that you can avoid having to pretend to like something, knowing that it is going to sit in your home taking up space for years on end. If you are going to get gifts, they might as well be something you really want and can actually use/ eat!

This year I started my Christmas list pretty early, mainly as a way of stopping myself spending money I don’t have, knowing that there was the possibility someone could get it for me. There seems to have been so much on the market this year, particularly in the beauty and fashion industry, meaning that my list starting building up pretty quickly. I love to have a range of different things on there all with different price points, to make it much easier for everyone. I wanted to share with you guys a few of the things that I have on my list this year, with perhaps a reason why, hopefully inspiring your lists and triggering your minds with things you may have forgotten.

Red Handbag

I am pretty sure that this one was on my list last year, but I landed up buying one of my own which turned out to be a fake so it went back. Hence, why I now want another. I have loved the Michael Kors box over shoulder bags since they first came out, so when they brought a beautiful deep berry red out for the season it instantly went on my list. I have this bag in nude and love it so much as it is so easy to throw on with anything and can take a lot of stuff. The dark red will look beautiful with the majority of my Autumn Winter outfits and even as part of an evening look. If you are looking for a new smaller bag this season, I cannot recommend these enough!

P.s. I know I have got this because my grandma asked me to order it for her to make sure we got it before it went out of stock! They also do gift wrap, so it comes in a beautiful box that looks so festive under the tree!

Le Creuset Pot

So ever since having the flat, and to be honest probably before too, I have dreamt of owning my own large casserole dish from Le Creuset. I think anyone who enjoys cooking has this beautiful brand on their wish list, however it can take a life time to build a collection as they are quite expensive. But, as with a lot of expensive items, they last a lifetime and are some of the best quality products for your kitchen that you can buy. For the last two years I have been trying to fill my Le Creuset hole with the Sainsburys dupes, which to be fair are quite good, however I have a feeling still not quite the real thing. This year I added my dream one to my list, and my boyfriend kindly said that could be my one present! Fair dos! I am obsessed with the matte black range, so chose the large oval dish, as you can use it on the hob or in the oven. This brand is perfect if you are looking for something special for the kitchen. Also, McArthur Glen outlet centres have one in pretty much all of them, and you definitely can find a good bargain.

For my beauty bag…

Benefit Bronze, Blush and Highlight Palette – A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the Benefit beauty counter in Bristol, to view their amazing Christmas gift selection. They are such good value for money and I love the combination of products that you get in each. I added this palette to my list instantly, as they are products I already use every day and they are so reasonably priced.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, Stoned Rose – I recently broke my Charlotte Tilbury virginity and bought a lipstick in shade Pillowtalk. I absolutely love it! One of my favourite bloggers recently shared her favourite shade on Instastories, which is Stoned Rose. I knew instantly that this was a colour I needed in my life and it is so perfect for my skin tone. I also adore the packaging that all the Charlotte Tilbury products come in.

Urban Decay, Naked Cherry – I am a huge fan of these eye palettes and own everyone on the market. They are so easy to use and always create a flawless eye look. The minute I saw this latest edition to the collection, I knew I had to have it in my makeup bag. The colours are perfect for a princess like me and I know I am going to be able to create some incredible makeup looks!

AVEDA Damage Remedy Hair Repair – If you want one beauty item for your collection this year, my advice would be to invest in a hair product. I am an AVEDA girl through and through and have always adored their treatments. You simply have to use it overnight once a fortnight and expect healthy deeply conditioned hair that looks utterly beautiful every day. They are not the cheapest products, hence why they are on my Christmas list, but they really are worth every penny.

Rosie Dressing Gown

Ever since Rosie Huntington-Whitely released her continuous range with Marks and Spencer’s I have been obsessed. Every piece is always amazing quality and each design is so beautiful created. I have always had something from her collection on my list, and 2018 is no exception. I love this grey dressing gown, that is much more like an oversized indoor cardigan. I love easy pieces of clothing like this, that don’t make me too hot too quickly and look relatively chic.

Britax Water Jug

I am relatively good at drinking my water but have two flaws. Firstly, I use too many plastic bottles that I buy on the go, and secondly I am still convinced that we shouldn’t be drinking water straight from the tap. So, on my list this year, which is what could possibly be the most boring present ever, is a water filter jug! This way I can ensure I am drinking clean and fresh water all day at home, as well as being able to fill up my water bottle before leaving in the morning.

Coffee Table Books

For me, 2018 has been a huge year of interiors. I am following so many Instagram interior accounts and am just becoming more and more obsessed with the industry. A big part of this is coffee table books. Everyone has them and I just think they really finish a room. They look pretty and they are also really nice to be able to flick through and enjoy at your own pace. I have found a few just on Amazon this year that I added to my Christmas list, as the perfect addition to my new coffee table and forever changing living room.

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How To Be Organised This Christmas

How To Be Organised This Christmas

Imagery by Hana Dallimore Photography

And so it begins…! December is here and I cannot even put into words how excited I am for Christmas this year. For me, I think this year has gone by so much more quickly than any other in my life and to be honest I cannot quite believe that Christmas is already here. Last year I was quite ill over Christmas, so that is definitely making me feel happier this year as it is going to be an amazing time having two Christmases in one. I am hoping for a very low key time this year, just my grandparents, Nelson and I at home devouring lots of food and enjoying some lovely gifts. Just the way this time of year should be spent. Christmas for me is all about having a rest and quality time with family, so that is exactly on how I intent to spend mine. With this in mind I am also hoping to be seriously organised this year with everything from presents to decorations, the food shop and even what I am going to wear! I want to do everything possible to make sure it is stress free, which ultimately will just make it a lot easier to actually enjoy the festivities.

For too many years I have left everything to the last minute and it has really ruined what should be a magical lead up to the big day. The main thing I want to get organised is my gifts, as not having those can be a real challenge towards Christmas day. I do not want to be shopping with the crowds on Christmas eve!

I think it isn’t until you have a home that you realise how stressful Christmas can be, particularly for someone like me who loves it and wants it all to be perfect. Each year that I have been in the flat I have really put a lot of thought into decorations, trying to have a different theme each year. Obviously, along with lots of work and effort there is also a big cost that comes at this time of year which can be very stressful. I wanted to put a little post together dedicated to easing your stress levels this season, helping you with your budget and most importantly making sure you have the most amazing year yet.

Getting those gifts organised…

For the first year ever, I think I have managed to get 99% of my gifts bought before December even hit, as well as a fair chunk wrapped. I cannot put into words how good this makes me feel, and I am definitely enjoying the festive season a lot more! The best thing I did, mid-November, was create a spreadsheet of everyone I had to buy for and a tick list. Having this in front of me really encouraged me to get buying and be really organised. There really is nothing worse than landing up buying all your gifts in one go when everyone else is in the shops, and with online delivery, you need to get in there early to make sure it is delivered in time. Amazon has been one of my best friends this season, as well as Not On The High Don’t be afraid to just ask people what they want, as it will save you a lot of time and stressing over whether they like their gift.

Decorating your home this Christmas…

So I go a little overboard when it comes to decorating the flat, just because I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas. I want it to look like a grotto, and it has to make me excited whenever I am at home. The first year I was in the flat I went for a very traditional red and gold theme, then last year for contrast I chose ‘frosty white’. I loved both, so this year I am going to try and incorporate the white with a bit of tradition. The fake snow is going to be making another appearance, as well as lots more fairly lights, foliage around the flat and the addition of copper to my white tree. Luckily, I still have a lot of the decorations from last year, so I haven’t had to buy a lot, however it is becoming incredibly easier to decorate your home on a smaller budget. Some of my favourite places for more reasonable decorations include Wilko’s, Sainsburys and Amazon.

A little every day…

My best piece of advice this year is to do something each day. Throughout the last two weeks of November, I made sure I was working on my gift list each day, and I was wrapping two or three a night. It has made me so much more excited for the Christmas, as pretty much everything it also done!

Keep your diary organised…

December itself can be crazy. I mean, personally I have had the busiest year of my life this year. I decided to go back through my 2018 diary and I just couldn’t believe how much I have done this year. But for most of us, December is always the worst. I mean, for me, I have been out every evening for the last three nights and we are still only on the 2nd of the month. There is no escaping the busy calendar at this time of year unless you say no to everything, but really that isn’t the Christmas spirit! So the only way to keep on top of it and manage your stress levels is to keep your all-important diary organised. Even if you don’t use a diary during the rest of the month, starting to use it just at this time of year will keep you sane. This way you have full control of what you are doing and you can make much better decisions about what to say yes and no to based on what is already in the diary.

Enjoy every moment…

Ultimately, Christmas is a time to be enjoyed. There is always going to be a lot to organise, and it can be stressful when there is so much pressure, however there comes a point when we really just have to let it go. We never remember the lead up or getting everything ready in detail; but what we do remember is the time spent with loved ones, the food and just each special moment during the day. My best memories of Christmas are always having breakfast with my grandparents whilst wearing my festive PJs, collapsing on the sofa after devouring my favourite meal of the year, and watching the Downton Abbey Christmas special with a Baileys as the day comes to an end. These are the things I remember fondly from my past, and they are the things I plan on remembering with every Christmas to come.


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Coat – Zara

Trainers – New Look

Jeans – Zara

Bag – Gucci


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