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With four years experience online, running my own blog and social media platforms, I have found a love for this online world. I love creating and uploading content, reviewing its results and engaging with others online.

This is why I chose to start helping small companies with their social media, assisting them in the development process and using this powerful tool to gain customers and build brand awareness. Social media has massively taken over the marketing world, enabling companies to reach a huge audience through one simple post. A company cannot thrive in the 21st century without being present on these platforms.

I have had a look at all the work you have created, and what can I say, it’s amazing! Thank you for your hard work, you are a star!


Social Media Services

Having successfully run my own social media platforms, I have become quite the nerd when it comes to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each has the potential to build your business, whilst all offering a different experience. My social media services include:

  • Managing your chosen social media accounts.
  • Creating, uploading and reviewing the content.
  • Basic photography for business social media use.
  • Creating marketing tools, aimed at drawing attention to your social media to be used within your business.
  • Managing social events, for example influencer visits.

My services are completely bespoke to my client, and I enjoy working on a one-on-one basis to create the content for you that is right for you and your business. From little contribution, to running everything on your behalf, I am able to provide you with the services needed for your business to thrive. Please contact me for a quote.

Thank you so much. Working with you has given me more time and expanded my visibility and engagement. I love working with you and you are so talented at what you do.


I have ran and loved writing my personal blog for over four years, talking about everything I am passionate about, from beauty to fashion, food to lifestyle and everything in between.

Having gained the skills necessary to complete a successful blog post, I am able to provide this service to my clients. Blogging has become a huge part of the online world, and they are a very powerful tool to be used for a business. They allow you to connect with your customer, providing the information necessary for your services. They also allow you to develop a more personal relationships with said customer, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction rate. I am able to offer this service in different tiers, dependent on what your business needs are. This ranges from individual to monthly posts, as well as complete research to finish product, or just a simple article. Please get in contact for a quote.

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